• As long as we use the death penalty we should use the guillotine

    The guillotine is the fastest method causing death in about 13 seconds and in less than 2 the person falls into a coma so they don't feel anything.

    It would also be cheap to construct a guillotine and use it. There's virtually no chance of it failing like lethal injection or electrocution sometimes do.

    And if the inmate wants they can donate their organs.

  • The guillotine is better

    It can kill people faster and it is cooler because it's death by decapitation. And then your head is putting a nice basket. And they Guillotine works by using gravity for the heavy blade in some strong person holding up the bleeding letting go of it then gravity does its job.

  • We should bring it back!

    No more repeat and high risk offenders should be in our cities, neighborhoods and country. We should bring it back to get rid of these people and not live in fear of a child molester. Once a murderer kills someone, especially multiple people, they prove that they can not be rehabilitated!

  • Vive le Guillotine

    Quick, painless, and it sends a message. If you are afraid they will feel a bit of pain when the blade comes down, or the dread is worse than the actual killing blow, you can get them drunk off their ass first before executing them.

    Later put their head on a pike as a warning to would be offenders.

  • Problem w/ death penalty is it isn’t enforced enough.

    The drugs themselves are causing more appeals. If you’re worried about clean up, replace metal blade w/ iodine laser. Beam acts as blade and also cauterizes the wounds as well. Instant death w/ none of the mess! Doesn’t matter if you have bad veins or ANY type of medical condition. There are no drugs to interact with. Too bad it’s a little TOO painless.

  • Off with their heads!!!!!!!!!!!

    For pedophiles , high risk sex offenders, & others who have been deemed so beyond rehabilitation they can't function in normal society. I believe the judicial system is WAY to soft on slime bags like these, one chop, & that's the end!!!!! They won't be repeat offenders any more. THERE'S JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quick and painless

    I think we should bring it back because it is a quick death that wont cause much pain because the severing of the head is very quick and the person dies instantly. I am not saying that capital punishment is good, im just saying that we use the guillotine to do it

  • Please bring back

    It's fast. It's painless. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than what we use today. It may be messier, but with technology we have available to us today, we can clean the mess up faster. This method is more effective when it comes to killing and not having people suffer because the anesthesia did not work....

  • Bring back the guillotine!

    It's the perfect tool - a swift blade through soft skin. Effective, fast, glorious! Next step we ca bring back the firing squad like Texas is trying to do. I also like the idea of using modern technology to improve it's efficiency and sanitation tenfold, including vacuums and an automatic cremation system.

  • It may not be pretty but, it's effective!

    Even though the head is still a live for 10 seconds at least it's faster than lethal injection and less painful than the electric chair which fries you! I support hanging, firing squads, gas chambers and the guillotine for their effectiveness in diverging death swifter than the hippie ass lethal injection.

  • We should not bring back the guillotine

    No, I do not think that it is a good idea to bring back the guillotine since it is cruel and unusual punishment. There is a reason why the guillotine is now banned and it has done virtually nothing to curb crime when it was implemented and using lethal injection is the only humane way to kill someone.

  • No, governments should not be murdering people, it is wrong and prone to accidents.

    If citizens cannot needlessly murder people, why can the government? Even if someone is accused of a heinous crime, there are many cases in which someone was wrongly accused. This is especially the case for minorities, because juries are often bigoted and biased against people different from them. In some cases the falsely accused are executed. Guillotines are an especially gruesome and savage way of executions.

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