• Dinosaurs are Amazing!

    There would be no "danger" in bringing dinosaurs back to life. If we have the technology to bring them back than we would most certainly have the technology to let them speak and socialize with us. We could even replace cranes with the Brachiosaurus dinosaur. Imagine the money savings! This sentence is only to fill space, it said I needed 50 words and I only had 49.

  • Yes we should!

    Imagine the tourism and economical boost you could gain!

    Not to mention learning more about the past.

    I don't care how big and strong dinosaurs are...They are no match for an M1 Abrams tank...Mans brain beats animal brawn.

    Imagine if we could domesticate those big long necked dinosaurs!? We could tie big carriages to their backs and ride them for tourism.

    Theres also the food...Who wouldn't want to eat a meal 65 million years in the making!

  • Why shouldn't we?

    Jurassic Park has clearly gone to your head if you think we shouldn't. We would obviously be able to contain them properly. I mean come on, if we can put robot on mars and control it from earth I'm pretty sure we can make a thick concrete wall. There is always another theory for how dinosaurs lived, but no way to narrow it down. Cloning authentic dinosaurs could easily triple our understanding of prehistoric life, or even modern biology and evolution. I also believe that apparently 57% of debaters have their heads planted firmly within their rectums.

  • Please for me for the world I love dinosaurs please don't take that away from me :(

    Please I wish all the dinosaurs returned and they all got released out into the wild the meat eaters and the vege eaters please please pleaseee that would make me very happy they didn't deserve to die they deserved to live the veges eaters would the humans do there jobs easier how many things have we lost and how many people did we lose all the dinosaurs could change everything save peoples lives, Help people with hard jobs people couldn't do. Come on they would help the people the kids the familys and would help me please trust me they will help a lot please everyone on www.Debate.Org please click yes please for me for the

  • I love dinosaurs!

    If we could keep a way to keep them under control, if there were any major world crisises, the dinosaurs cold help! Plus, I'm sure we could keep one way of making them safe and friendly, or human friendly! I mean, all the things scientists can do these days, making a dinosaur, A SAFE ONE, would be amazing, and give them so much credit, also palaeontologists could figure out a lot of things on how to keep them in control, and also I believe that if they went under water, deep, they would find some frozen dinosaurs, with DNA in them! Just like they did with the Mammoth, another great!

  • They are just animals

    I am positive that we are way more neurologically advanced than dinosaurs so we should have no problem outsmarting them. Alongside that I am sure the military would be secure about it and only keep a controlled population of the giant reptiles on a deserted island somewhere so if anything goes out of control we simply blow up the island.

  • Yes we should

    If we plan it right we can bring them back with no danger... Or not make carnivores... We can make them both but have cameras around a island so we don't endanger people put cameras befor dinos are moved there so tat why we don't endanger people and we can feed them with shiping food or live cows goats pigs to the island

  • Islands, research and dreams come true.

    I think it is possible to be able to keep a live dinosaur on our planet. Research shows that some parts of the earth are very much similar to the climate of 65 million years ago. We have plenty of islands in this world and there is no reason why we can't share it. Although I would suggest that the island/islands that are populated with dinosaurs are STRICTLY FOR RESEARCH ONLY! That way the dinosaurs can live without having to fear human kind. Imagine how much more we could learn about the appearance, behaviour and lifestyle of these creatures (my dreams would come true). Lastly imagine the looks on children's faces and how fascinated they would become of the dinosaurs. Many junior paleontologists would have their dreams come true, to see and touch a REAL LIVE DINOSAUR (awesome)!

  • Would be a much needed change for humanity to bring a spices from the dead instead of driving it there.

    At present the question isn't should we but can we. The answer is no. We have no way to bring them back even if all our resources were put to use for it. Dinos died out roughly 65~66 MILLION years ago,
    DNA under any natural ( short of a space time warp ) can not be preserved over 6 ~ 7 million years ( and this is the maximum upper limit ) giving that DNA more time will fully disintegrate it. Rendering it fully incapable of carrying any sort of information ( note that a few segments / bits or pieces are not even close to what we'd need to even think of cloning. We'd need the whole genome. ) However does this mean IMPOSSIBLE, no far from it. In the 15th century most of the things we have / use now were considered impossible yet are here now. So in X time we may have a dus ex machina to clone / recombine a dino. So should we. Removing the "we can't even if we wanted to" from the equation we are left with some questions what next ( many asked / used as proof against. Right here on this page.) They are killing machines / will kill all / most of humanity ?
    Nope. Any normal military rifle is enough to kill any dino ( unless you made a "Cyber-Rex" then you might need a tank" No room left on earth. That's actually do to our EXTREMELY POOR use of the land / resources we do have. In fact should we ever use our technology to it's fullest. The whole of Humanity could live on a piece of land the size of Texas ( using only that land ) with population density less then that in NYC / Tokyo / Beijing / London / Paris and have NO POVERTY. But we are far too busy with such things as "this is mine that's yours" Financing / upgrading / creating new ever better ways of killing EACH OTHER. And living in and maintaining / upholding a social / political system woefully uncapable (I know "uncapable" is not a "real" word. Did not use "incapable" for a reason. ) Much if not all the problems mentioned and much more that are not. Stem from basic indoctrination we and our kids go thru ( The one true invisible friend can ONLY be the I.P.U. All those who befriend the Flying Spaghetti Monster most surly be put to death. Or vise versa ) Of course saying only our metaphysical beliefs are to blame for the bulk of the sheer inadequacies of the systems we made for ourselves is wrong. And are outlined as an example. To be learned from and abstractly compared to other such bases / beliefs / systems we have / use now. When we have resolved fixed these flaws we find ourselves with. Something like increasing the diversification of our ecosystem would simply be a no brainer :)

  • I Think They Should Only Bring Some Dinosaurs Back To Life

    Hmm.. I don't know exactly if they should bring dinosaurs back to life. Only some dinosaur should be brung back to life. Dinosaur should only be risen for research purposes. They should not bring any bad dinosaur back to life. We all saw how that worked out in Jurassic park. If they are ever to bring bad dinosaur like tyrannosaurus back to life, it should be somewhere far away like on an island. But some dinosaurs could be able to swim to the mainland. They should obviously not bring dinosaurs like mosasaurus, ictheosaurus, or plesiosaurus because they could swim to the mainland. They should bring back dinosaurs such as Triceratops and Stegosaurus but they could still be dangerous because of protection. If there were to be Triceratops and Brachiosaurus running around, they wouldn't be enough space for earth to hold them because humans have took up almost half of the world. But If those dinosaurs like Triceratops and Stegosaurus were brought back to life, I would be absolutely amazed. The funny thing is, my favorite dinosaur is Velociraptor but If those were to be lurking the streets, many people would die.

  • No, we should not bring dinosaurs back.

    First, how would we even be able to bring them back? You can't clone them. Second, why would we want to? They were huge, destructive and some of them eat man. This isn't the time of Fred Flintstone where they were used for travel or as pets. That was cartoon. We still have some forms of dinosaurs in lizards and turtles. They are enough for me.

  • Katy Perry is right when she says "Not Like The Movies...

    Who even started this debate? You have got to be kidding me, the fact you are even considering this. Obviously you haven't gotten the facts; dinosaurs are cold-blooded for a reason. They are heartless killing machines. Bring these back into reality and say bye to humanity. In the future dinosaurs would probably start theories on why humans died. IT WILL NOT BE LIKE THE MOVIE; bring history (dinosaurs) into the world and WE will be history.

  • Should we bring dinosaurs back?

    I do not think that we should bring dinosaurs back to life.
    Firstly they were huge, destructive and some of them eat meat that means us, humans. Dinosaurs are cold-blooded for a reason. They are heartless killing machines. Bring these back into reality and say bye to humanity as we know it. If dinosaurs existed today, they would kill hundreds of us a day.
    Dinosaurs may be awesome looking but it is not appropriate for the ecosystem and our lives.
    Secondly, it would be a waste of money, space and a hazard to humans. They would take up precious land space. If it is possible to bring dinosaurs back to life this would be very costly, all for an outcome that we don’t even know if it would work. Why waste millions or even billions of dollars on something that will just kill all of humanity.
    And thirdly, what would be the point. Yes, it would be amazing to know that T-rex still existed on Earth, but if we do bring them back to life, what would we do with them? You know what we would do with them, we would keep them locked up in a zoo. These animals are beasts and it would be cruel and unjust to bring them back to life just for our pleasure and then lock them up. It is just like a locking up a lion in a small cage. What do you feel when you see this.

    Had a pic here of a locked up lion.

    If you have feelings or a heart you will feel sad, angry, and cruel and like this is unjust and unfair.
    Dinosaurs were destined to be extinct by nature, and we can't just bring them back.
    Bring back a beast from millions of years ago just so it can be locked up. Know how is that fair. Most dinosaurs are more than 20 times the size of a human being, so we can't just let them roam free somewhere. So yes, the idea of it is awesome, but practically we nor the dinosaurs would benefit from it.

  • Dinosaurs=Threat and destruction

    Dinosaurs were chosen to be extinct by nature, and we can't just bring them back. But it's impossible because there is no DNA and inheritance will not be possible. We all agree that Jurassic Park is an awesome movie, which is kind of educational too about dinosaurs, but their size and way of life can NEVER be adjusted with humans and animals. Velociraptors are highly capable of doing anything as we have seen and will just eat anything that moves, and even a T-Rex!!! Our life would be in danger and it was God's will to make those creature extinct so that we all live peacefully. If dinosaurs existed today, they would kill hundreds of us a day. And by the way, who was the idiot that started this debate? Whoever who you are, wake up! Dinosaurs may be awesome looking but it is not appropriate for the ecosystem and our lives. And it is impossible to clone them. Even the scientists may know that this will be the most hazardous and dangerous thing ever!!!

  • Well, Definitely..... NOT!

    I mean, dinosaurs would be cool to see, but if we tried to put them in captivity, they would just break the walls! And who is gonna pay for all of it?!?!? Some crazy billionaire? I DON'T THINK SO!!! Forget fences, we'd need walls of titanium to hold in these creatures! THIS ISN'T JURRASIC PARK PEOPLE!!!!

  • I don't wanna die!!!!!!!!!

    Dinosaurs were massive. If we brought them back they would destroy everyone and everything in their path. We would not be able to restrain them in any way whatsoever. And, the T-Rex would just eat us all. Also, the velociraptors would hunt us down. AN Aptosaurus would just crush everything!!!! Bringing back dinosaurs is a bad idea.

  • Neva gonna happen

    Have you even seen what happens in dinosaur movies?Most people die and how much do you think that would be?Uh lets check.0.5 billion.If you were really that stupid I recommend you having a conversation with a panda because they are known for there dumbness but it is also sad that they are being hunted.But that's not the point,the point is that if you revive a T-Rex it ends up disastrous

  • So many suppositions

    I agree for the most part but lots of these arguments are severely invalid. Dinosaurs doesn't necessarily mean giant carnivorous monsters. We could contain them and breed small extinct dinosaurs and if ambitious enough we could perhaps even use them as a food source. Remember movies are not necessarily correct

  • There are no Benefits of Dinosaurs coming back to life.

    I believe that whether dinosaurs come back or not, it doesn't change anything. Anyway, since their whole habitat has changed, they won't be able to adapt to the environment so quickly. Also, they will soon be extinct because before the dinosaurs know it, they've eaten every animal and plant in the whole world that there isn't enough time to produce more food for them which concludes that it is not at all beneficial.

  • Waste of money, space and a hazard to humans.

    I believe dinosaurs should not be brought back to life. They could cause a major threat to humans and would take up precious land space. If it is possible to bring dinosaurs back to life this would be very costly, all for an outcome that may not even be certain.

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