Should we bring Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail back?

  • Msn bring it back!

    MSN was the best place, espically going through through the teenage years and the addition of MSN plus which just made your name look so 'cool' back in those days. Also it was easier to do video chat with all of you mates at the same time. Plus, you could send nudges :')

  • Msn is fun

    With MSN you could play with the other person you were chatting with. Skype is only video chat and that's boring. I say that they should bring MSN BACK!!! There is not a better place to video chat than MSN, I miss it a lot, Skype stops working when you are video chatting.

  • Its was low usage

    MSN was stable and it (unlike my experience with skype) worked, the application used very little CPU processing power and allowed me to enjoy video calling and the occasional gimmicky game with friends, it also had its very own nifty internet troubleshooter which was better than the bog standard ones installed on the pc. MSN was, is and always will be miles better than skype.

  • Msn was unlimited with possibility's

    You could do so much with MSN that you just can't do with Skype. Yes Skype can voice chat and go on webcam with people, but MSN could do that too. Not to mention you could play games together with your friends, nudge eachother ( which you could disable if it annoyed you) you could paint to eachother which was a great way to play games too, you could send unlimited emotion icons to eachother because you were able to make your own icons, you could personalise your page, you could make a short video of yourself as a profile picture, you could simply change your font and colour even do that to your statuses which you could change in a rainbow way if you wanted and it had a better and easier way of storing your Chat Log history, so you could look back at it at any year or time you wanted....Instead of skype only being able to hold a few months.....It was just very unlimited and i loved MSN for it. I think for Skype to just force people to go to Skype they should of atleast merged alot of these things from MSN. Its Skype who will loss out in the long run.....

  • MSN Was Great

    Simple, Quick, And fun, something which skype doesnt offer, i spent my childhood on MSN, and had the best time of my life there, I have now ventured into the adult world, where facebook and twitter is the place to be, but i still miss good old MSN, Come Back !!!

  • Dependent of it

    I have used MSN for several years and it's done a great job. I love photography and sharing funny pictures from the internet and Windows Live Messenger's photo sharing function was beyond superior to every other messenger. I loved how you could customize and organize it (E-Mail notifications of several accounts!!!) but that's secondary. Most of all as a hobby photographer who has to share 50-100 pictures at once I'm dependent of it and really need it back.
    Me and my partner strongly refuse to use Skype, it's only trouble, horrible for IMing (changing font size on WLM was so easy as well!!) and the supposedly great Video Chat quality doesn't make up for it at all (besides the fact that you had much more control about the window-size of the video call on WLM and such.. And the quality was absolutely great enough for us!)
    I'm horribly disappointed with Microsoft and i really do hope they will bring back WLM in the future!!!!

  • Msn.. A way of truly communicating with people!

    What I miss most about msn is that when you signed in, it was to actually talk to people! I miss the fact that the only thing you knew about a person could only be summed up in a line below your name. Facebook and social networking sites has turned online communication into "Sharing" photos and videos and all of your ideas via a status.. But we aren't talking or engaging with each other anymore!

  • Old but much better

    Outlook is total rubbish, Hotmail is much easier to use and everything works well. The tosh they replaced it with (Outlook) is so slow I could make a drink before it will start to think about opening an email. I can only send 2 emails a day and as for adding attachments don't bother you would be quicker TAKING it to the recipient.

  • I really despise skype.

    I really don't think they should have done this, for one, people who have laggy PCs absolutely hate skype, like myself. And MSN was simple to use, it was quick and straight forwards. While skype is everywhere, laggy and not very attractive if you ask me! I really miss my dear MSN.

  • Hotmail and Windows Live

    Bring Hotmail and Windows live back!!! I don't want to upgrade Windows Live Messenger to Skype! I do not like outlook, I miss the Hotmail Themes, this was a disaster that Microsoft started this "Outlook", Bring us back hotmail and windows live service or else... I will shut down my microsoft account and i will switch to Gmail or Yahoo Mail!!!

  • Sorry but Skype is better

    You can ONLY chat in WIndows Live Messenger, and Hotmail is NOT down, it's name has just been replaced by Outlook. I know that in Messenger you can also play games with friends, and my favourite one was Uno. But there were a little amount of games. I know you guys may disagree with me, but its the truth.

  • Lovable but redundant

    Messenger and Hotmail are nostalgic, and I used them like every other kid back in the day but fact is that they are redundant now. MSN's only function was to chat; Facebook incorporates this and many more with better functionality. Maybe if MSN transitioned in to mobile technology it would have a shot but it did not, and Whatsapp has largely thwarted it. And on the PC domain, Skype has improved chat greatly due to improved video calling, and again, better functionality. MSN was cute with its customisation and colours but that was about it. As nostalgic as it is, it's no longer necessary. In fact, "bring it back" doesn't make sense. MSN still exists, but nobody uses it, proving my point.

    As for Hotmail, Gmail has dwarfed basically every other email service in multiple ways. There is nothing Hotmail has on Gmail.

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