• Law Breakers. Disrespect, Opportunist. Go home.

    People all over the world with much to offer want to come here legally. Liberals want to reward lawbreakers who feel entitled while the low to no income citizens in this country can only dream of receiving the benefits received by illegals. I was a life long Democrat but no more. They have turned their backs on what this country has been and want to drag it down. The USA didn’t get to be the greatest country on earth by listening to bleeding hearts who know nothing about keeping this country safe. Americans are murdered robbed and assaulted not to mention the billions of dollars being spent on illegals by the American tax payers. I could go on and on but the middle class has no voice and you are branded a racist because you love your country and don’t want law breakers to benefit and take money out of poor American citizens pockets. I like the majority of American citizens We are fed up with elected officials who take Hundreds of billions of our tax dollars yearly and spend it on housing, , Food, Medical, Education and all the rest. It’s insanity and unsustainable. Medicare social security and services for the elderly and disadvantaged citizens suffer because ultra liberal mentality toward illegals. Allowance given to illegals in this country is unprecedented. The average American would be living a very good life with money in the bank and all bills paid in full if those billions of dollars spent on illegals were spent on American citizens. But all we are good for is to fund the lives of illegals who shouldn’t be here illegally anyway. Like most Americans, We don’t have a problem with legal immigration but to break our laws and get rewarded that’s a problem. Enough said.

  • Put an electrified fence along arm Mexico border

    I would prefer to have electrified fencing areas, One on the border with a100 yd strip and then another electric fence within the United States. This strip would be occupied by our military which after all is their job and Trained Guard dogs. That would keep the alien parents from slipping their children Over our border Invading our sovereign country.
    These are invaders who mean to change our language, Our communities, Our society, Our way of life And are criminals who
    need to be prosecuted and not allowed to live among the citizens of our great country.

  • Electric fence is good idea

    Electric fence in more remote areas is cheaper. Animals avoid them (just ask the cattle ranchers). We should also use satellite capabilities to detect illegal crossings (we do this now and can detect body heat from space). And as always, Ask border patrol what they need to do their jobs


    Terrorists from all over the world who are planning on attacking the us also come in from mexico and then from there they spread out from texas to idaho and people need to focus on the national security of america and the electric fence on the wall in my oppinion would be more effective to our national security

  • Absolutely Prevent Breakthroughs

    Since funding is limited, Of course they are unable to build an impenetrable wall. Perhaps if they add a high voltage to this wall it might prevent criminals from trying to cut or climb the wall. If they do they will get an very shocking welcoming. Make the voltage high enough to hurt more than a tazer. Not so much to disable them.

  • Electric fences work

    Keeping illegals out of America who don't want to come in the right way is necessary, And while a walk would work, An electric wall wiggle work even better. I don't care about those who could die, Because as far as I am concerned they wanted to take my freedom for themselves.

  • Castle Doctrine: Kill Trespassers

    Post signs, And shoot and kill trespassers. Use electric fence. Use video surveillance to demonstrate that lethal force was used properly on trespassers. As others have said, I wish no one would have to die, But once one or two die, No one else will cross. Problem is thus solved.

  • Electric Fences work!

    People learn at a very early age not to stick something into a electric outlet in their home and learn to respect electric power. Electric fences don’t harm animals because they pulsate the power as not to harm the animals and the voltage/amperage or power is controlled and regulated at a low rate. It will sting and they quickly learn to stay away.
    The same principle is used in a police taser but the taser is a much higher voltage/amperage to disable the suspect.
    This type of technology can also be used on the border in combination with a wall and will be a very effective barrier.
    I am not against people trying to seek a better life but they need to do it legally! Without borders we are not a country.
    I support our president and if you love our country then secure our border and protect it.

  • Indeed, A 3 fence system.

    Install a 3 fence system. The 1st fence near Mexico would stand 12-15 feet. The inner fence would be electrified and stands 12-15 ft. And the 3rd fence near the U. S. Would stand 8-10 ft with gates for easy access to the inner fencing area. They should be spaced by 10 ft each. Ground sensors could be placed in between them, With of course camera towers and movement sensors every 20-40 feet.

  • Electric fence idea

    I was wondering about a possible electric fence everywhere too so i googled it and found this. For it not to be considered inhumane we would need hundreds and thousands of “caution, Deadly electric fence” signs posted everywhrre in both English and Spanish and even then it would get backlash. Also how would we ensure that animals go get injured or killed by the electric fence on a daily basis?

  • What would happen if a child touched it? Who's going to pay for it?

    If it's a lethal fence and a child doesn't know what it is, what is going to happen? If it happened on the Mexican side, that could be enough to cause a war. Furthermore, who is going to pay for it? Most of our citizens do not pay their taxes. That would mean our nation's law abiding citizens would go broke.

  • Building an electric fence on the America Mexico border is a bad idea.

    Building an electric fence on the America Mexico border is a bad idea. When you build a fence, it is just a physical barrier to an extremely large problem. In order to control the immigration problem in America, you should provide a relatively easy and legal path for people to become citizens.

  • An electric fence would be a waste of money.

    An electric fence would be a huge waste of money. People could still find ways around it. It would require costly upkeep as well. One of the most simple ways around e problem would be to simply enter America as a guest or on a temp visa and just not leave. There are also tunnels and sewers.

  • Wouldn't it end up being unhealthy for the environment by killing animals and set the weeds on fire leading to a huge fire

    If it would turn electric it would do more danger than how it is now like for instance you couldn't give hugs to those with one of the most poor coteries on the planet but also if it were electric it could set a tree in mexico or in america growing branches threw the border fence on fire or kill kids or electrocute them so close to death Mexico, America and Canada are attached together for the rest of eternity and only mexico can't speak English but we should all get along and bring this fence down and the Canadian border down and become one big country and no more Mexico no more America and no more Canada and make a brand new name and then we would be the only country to form into one big country and only Brazil would be attached to us but not the same country.

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