• Useful road use

    Much part of a road receives a lot of sunlight and can stay hours not receiving a car to use it. The solar panels won't generate much energy, But if one could recover 1 % of what is wasted of sunlight all the days the roads stays with no traffic, It would be useful somehow.

  • Best idea ever

    Build are roads out of one of the most fragile materials avaliable which are expensive as hell and need constant maintance from the same streeses regular roads experience? What a amazing idea im sure this won't backfire or be impractacle in any reguard wow im so amazed you are clearly a bright individual.

  • It wouldn’t work

    By putting solar panels on roads they’d get damaged by the cars quickly. Cars are extremely heavy and would damage the panels quickly. Why not put them on buildings?
    Also solar panels are extremely expensive, And let’s say there was enough money, But the cars and trucks would crush the solar panels instantly anyway.

  • No I mean why?

    Solar panels are made of glass or other similar materials if I'm correct and heavy 2-ton cars over time will break that glass and cause the toxic materials in them to leak out.

    And I mean why on a road? With all of the cars on it, It'd significantly reduce its performance and efficiency.

    And I mean even the cost of such a project would be so much! Solar panels aren't cheap from what I have heard and if they are I still don't think it'd be a good idea due to the reasons that I have already stated.

  • Dame da ne

    It is completely useless. Cars tread on them making them not only less functional, But also less reliable as being the medium for road. With the same resources, Couldn't you just shove them on the buildings instead on the roads where both the power and the road will be damaged?

  • Too expensive man. . .

    DO you know how much it costs to get a 25Kw solar panel? It costs $74K. Imagine what it would cost to build all of our roads with solar panels? EVen if we could afford it, Wouldn't the cars and trucks wear down the panels plus during the wintertime, Solar panels can be damaged when water leaks inside. We need to consider the drawbacks.

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Krystan says2020-08-25T08:21:00.097
I have heard from above comment that we have to pay a lot of money for the solar panel, It seems to be a modern look but It may not be popular for some reasons. Such as money or process. But I hope that in the future, We completely gain the best modern things in life, And the world might be so futuristic.

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