• Build that dang 'ol wall!

    While not all Mexicans or other South Americans are criminals, We do need a wall to keep the ones with bad motives out, I. E the Cartel. This has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with national security. A wall would take a while (and a lot of money) to build, Maybe a few years, But it'd be worth it to keep our great country safe.

  • I support a wall being built on our southern border.

    Many leftist believe a wall would not do anything and be a waste of money is false. Border walls in the modern era is proven to be extremely effective. Good examples include Hungary, Israel, And Uzbekistan. Another leftist point is that many illegals just hope on a plane and over stay their visa's accept those mainly are not Latin Americans they are mostly Europeans and Asians.

  • Do you care?

    That Mexicans are coming here to kill White people? And no, I'm not racist and neither is our President. I not only like them, But I have them in my family. Now what?

    I also grew up in Southern CA in foster care where it's mostly Mexican so yeah, They aren't always good people.

  • Build the wall.

    While the USA continues to allow a small handed orange tumour to promote racism, Sexism and a culture of hate then all residents of the USA should be banned from leaving and polluting other countries with their miserable small mindedness. Build the wall and extend it around the rest of the USA.

  • Secure our border!

    The point of the wall is to make sure that no one can come in illegally. Notice how I said illegally. That's because I am not saying we should not allow immigration as a whole. Most illegal immigrants that come in from the southern border are either drug dealers, Murderers, Or rapists. Not all Mexicans are rapists, Just the ones that come illegally which when you think about it, Yeah, It makes sense that kind of person would come illegally. For those of you saying "Ever heard of a ladder or plane? " This wall will have armed men around it and barbed wire. As for the planes there's such a thing as TSA. Economically speaking if we had a wall the rate at which immigrants enter our country will lower which in turn will create less demand. Immigration is not a right, It is a privilege.

  • Build the wall

    In recent months we have seen countless people murdered by illegal aliens. People saying that walls don't work are out of their minds. Obviously they've never been inside a building before. Another point to this is that if the Democrats just vote for the funding, The government shutdown will end then and there.

  • Drugs, Human trafficking, Child sex trafficking, Rape and murder

    I don't think the true story come from the media? I lived in Houston, Tx El Paso, Tx and 5 year in Yuma, Az I have personally spoke to border patrol agents about what goes on in our southern borders. Take for example the WALL in the southern border San Diego before the wall and after the wall no comparison. They say walls don't work? (Media) Israel had 20, 000 illegal immigrants crossing their borders before the wall. After the WALL they stopped 99. 9% of the illegal immigrants. They say the Berlin wall didn't work? I'n 28 years 5000 crossed mostly smuggled in vehicles, About 176 per year? I'd say that was pretty good!
    Just today the border patrol officer in talking to the President said just today they apprehended 136 people 41 of people from countries all over the world. The deserts runs for hundreds of miles without any security at night. The cartels have figured out just when and where to move the illegal immigrants. How do you count illegal immigrants of you don't know they have crossed the border? YouTube has millions of videos showing my headline mentioned activities. I believe a huge amount of the population is ignorant of the border crisis and the killing that go on! People don't really care if it doesn't affect their own personal life. It is a very different story if your a border community or a rancher with miles of land to care for. I can't tell how many time I watch videos where ranchers were complaining about things stolden, Dead bodies, Trash and human waste left on there land. I might add takes up a lot of their time.

  • Yes Build it

    If we can just give $150 billion to Iran why can't we divert 5 billion to a wall to prevent the criminals crossing the border and allow us to have the people who abide by the law can get a path to citizenship.
    Billions are lost every year that we could be using to fix problems like fixing the water supply in Flint.

  • A wall should be built but it is not THE solution

    Unfortunately, This has become a black and white issue and it shouldn't be. One side sceams BUILD THE WALL and the other side says NEVER. Neither are entirely right.

    First let me preface this by saying I don't believe the wall should be built for deterring terrorists. I don't think its super likely, And with proper systems in place, We would optimistically catch them if they tried. On to why I think it should be built.

    The wall plays an important part of deterring illegal immigration. Not the WHOLE solution, But a part of it. I don't care what side of the isle you are on, Illegal immigration is illegal, Period. Our current systems in place aren't built to handle mass influxes of undocumented people using resources. I'm not against immigration, I'm against illegal immigration. The other thing we need to do is make a better functioning system for people who want to enter this country so that they don't feel as if they need to cross illegally in order to get in. Some people have to wait years before they even get reviewed. This includes the translators that help us in Iraq in exchange for protection and asylum. 5 years later their families have already been killed and they are no closer to getting the asylum they deserve.

    This isn't a black and white issue, There are grey areas. Just be a functioning human being with empathy.

  • Deterrence is needed

    Do you have locks on your doors? Do you lock your car? Are you OK with anyone coming into your community with any screening or vetting process? Should you answer yes to any or all the questions then perhaps you do support building a wall. Will it solve all the problems on the border? Of course not. It will decrease traffic and deter possible illegal entry and reduce some of the problems.

  • Most people oppose a wall

    Some barrier might be feasable and constructive, A wall lke what the berlin wall is a tyrranny whether it be israel or east berlin communism or zionism a wall is the weapon of fascist states to deprive people of their human rights, Communists wanted to keep the people from leaving isreal wanted to deprive palestininas of land that is rightfully theirs

  • It is illogical

    Not all immigrants are coming from Mexico. The ones that do come over legally, Overstay and become illegal. They also come over on boats or planes and for those, You don't need to cross land borders. The wall will also cost lots of money and it would take a while to build.

  • You. All. Are. Dumb.

    Mmmm well theres a couple things called A ladder or a tunnel or a plain. So um your a little dumb to spend that much money on a mf wall when you can go to the home depot and buy a ladder for 30$ there is no proof of terrorist coming in from the southern borders. But you all do you and waste or money its all good!

  • Do NOT build a wall

    The United States of America is a country that is made of people from different races joined together. However, If you block people from seeing each other or to find shelter, It is cutting off their basic human rights. Also, The cost of the wall is so expensive that everyone might pay more taxes. Some people say that there are terrorists, But because of less than 1% percent that is terrorists, Doesn't mean that the rest of the 99% also are harmful to other people

  • Do NOT build a wall.

    We should not build a wall, Because we simply need to improve border security and let fewer people in. That's what border security was hired to do, Right? It would also be expensive. According to fox news, It would cost about 20 BILLION! That's equal to NASA's budget! Maintenance would be almost 1 billion a year, So in the end, It will only be a black hole for money.

  • I’m a conservative but

    The wall would not work well 30% of people trying to come in to the us by land of sea so 60 % of them would still get in to the us. So trump find an other way. Plus it costs way to much money over nasas yearly budget. Thats a lot

  • History would repeat itself

    What Trump wants is another Berlin Wall: if anybody attempts to climb over it or get to the other side in any way, They’ll be gunned down. Not all people coming from Mexico are criminals. A wall is not going to keep out everybody, People will find a way. The whole reason for the shutdown is so Trump can get funding for his wall.

  • Ineffective and Expensive

    While a wall might seem like a good, Old-fashioned solution to the problem of illegal immigration, It is ineffective as people can easily just use ladders to climb over the wall. Second, A vast majority of illegal immigrants come legally and overstay their visa's. Finally, The wall being proposed will cost at least 5 billion dollars, Plus maintenance, Which includes repairs, Rebuilding parts after sabotage. 5+ billion are better spent on healthcare, Not on an ineffective wall. I would like to acknowledge that I am not for open borders, But I simply believe that the solution to illegal immigration is not a wall

  • No wall needed!

    What if there is a USA emergency and we are forced to move and get out then the wall would be a huge obstacle. What if the emergency was a life or death situation then what. Everyone who did or didn't agree to the wall would be dead so pick wisely.

  • The money could be more effectively used to stop immigrants.

    The vast majority of drug trafficking happens at major immigration points along the border. Imagine if we could have enough drug dogs to search every vehicle that crosses and have enough staffers to search every car for human trafficking. 5. 6 billion would be a great start. It would turn off a lot of drug dealers. A chainlink fence that we can't man would be a huge waste of resources. Anybody can jump a fence.

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