• Modern WTE Technology is environmentally better than landfills

    Modern WTE plants are highly regulated by the EPA for emissions and have been shown to have emissions far below the EPA standards. Landfill methane is far more damaging than WTE CO2. WTE plants have no toxic leachate, No odors, No aquifer contamination, And require little land compared to landfills.

  • Yes, burning is probably better.

    As a culture, we in the United States consume way too much in the way of goods and packaged foods, so there is way too much trash. There is no good solution for what to do with that trash, but in terms of the environment it is probably true that burning it is better in the long run.

  • Yes, burning would be better than burying.

    I think it would be better for the environment if we burned our trash instead of burying it. There should be systems for crushing or compacting full loads of trash, which should then be taken to large incinerators and burned. With modern filters and sensors we should be able to remove any harmful impurities before they are released into our air. This is better than burying trash and having it pollute our water and land.

  • Less waste in the end.

    Yes, we should burn our trash, rather than bury it, because that is the fastest way to make the least amount of waste as possible. With that, we can get rid of a good deal of the waste. To allow it to biodegrade takes a lot of time, not to mention the plastics will never break down.

  • We shouldn't burn it

    If we burn it it will release toxins that can harm people and animals. And if we burn it we will waste energy on building factories. If we bury it it will still give electricity. And it won't damage any forest and harm any animals. And if we bury it be better off for us and the people that have problem.

  • No, we should not burn trash

    We should not burn trash cause if we didn't recycle it there would be no things cause almost everything is built of something that was use like glass or wood and other things and if we buried it the insects would bite it and they would eventually choke and die

  • Why would we?

    Doing this is wrong and it hurts the environment around us. It also will eventually pollute us too! All of us should just find a different solution. Most of us say yes, but that is the wrong thing to do. So, if you still want the population of the world the live, you shouldn't burn trash!!!

  • Burning Bad For The Environment

    When considering environmental concerns I believe it is best to bury our trash, rather than burn it. Burning it sounds simple enough but that does emit smoke, ash, and chemicals into the atmosphere. While burning on a small scale may work fine, it wouldn't work for the entirety of the race because we would probably smoke out a good portion of the planet.

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