• Why would anyone grow food in the desert

    Ok, say like we can grow food nearly everywhere the desert would be the last place ill go to grow food. Its far from cities so transport is an issue. Next we have gm crops which would give us the desirable characteristics we want and create their own pesticides. So whyy would it be a bad idea to bury it in a desert. Stop being so over dramatic. Honestly, the only life there are cactuses and other spiky plants and a few animals. Like hell they are going to dig 50 meters in the ground for fun and if they die for radiation, it doesnt bother anyone. Ur saying its a bad idea but have you got anything better??? The first one said throw it to the sun. Ha, u dont even know how the sun works.

  • Launching it to space??? U mad bro.

    Why are u even concerned with where its buried. You are all over dramatic. Theres a reason for how we do things. Ur not even scientist and probably dont even know how you get cancer from radiation. Why are all of you looking at the disadvantages. Nuclear power creates no CO2. And i assure u, nuclear waste isnt even in one of the top list of global concerns. In fact the uk just admits we hide the waste in the old coal mines. Where are the old coal mines. I dont know so how are terrorist going to even find them seeing how many mines they had back then.

  • Can a real scientist de-clusterfuck this debate?

    A bunch of morons on the internet cannot POSSIBLY be the first people to ever consider this idea.
    There's a reason we store nuclear waste the way we store it, someone ask a person who is in CHARGE of nuclear storage why we do not simply drop it all In a deep ass hole and pour lead concrete down after it.

  • Yes, of course!

    Just bury it super deep beneath the surface of the earth in special, known desert areas blocked off from the public. It's cost efficient and effective. Nonody would bury nuclear materials nea a fault line - that would be beyond dumb. Nobody is going to bury nuclear waste in New York City or Los Angeles. Nobody is going to bury nuclear waste a foot dew in the dirt. It's commen sense.

  • Most who oppose do not speak with an understanding of the true impact of burying.

    I agree, makes no sense to bury near a seismic fault line, so let's not and drop that concern from the list.

    Will it contaminate water and plants? Not if it's buried in the barren desert where there is already no plant life or water table to be concerned with.

    If we bury it deep, then even if the canisters open, there would be no impact on humans above. Every year the average office worker at a nuclear plant who is within 100 feet of the reactor receives less radiation than what you would get from a dental xray. Mind you the reactor is operating. Once the reactor is shutdown, and taken out of service.

    There are many more simple facts that would suggest the fears around burial are not substantiated.

  • Our earth has naturally occurring toxic materials like uranium.

    Bury it very deep down in known areas that can hold it. Let nature take its course let it go through its natural progression. There should be no reason we can't do this in a safe and responsible way. Much like we do currently with disposal wells, technology has changed over the year's and we are making greater safety strides.

  • In safe areas.

    Burying nuclear waste deep underground is far safer than any other way of getting rid of it. In case it in lead? Why not do that underground. Dump it in a volcano? So the next time it erupts it showers the landscape with nuclear waste. Launch it into space? What if the rocket fails or explodes on the way up, which would send nuclear waste miles. Although it's not exactly likely, it's a risk that can't be took.

  • Just take extra precautions!

    Bury DEEP underground in a really desolate area and even maybe seal it off once buried in encased lead or something to be extra safe. We NEED to be careful though just so we don't harm the environment, half of this waste product we don't have a clue what will happen long term so just be more than safe! So in other words I think its one reliable recourse as long as we're careful.

  • The Only Way

    It is an alternative that does not affect human health and appears like the only way that we can dispose of our nuclear waste. Nuclear energy is something we should use because of the many benefits, like minimal land usage and low carbon emissions. Therefore, the best way to get rid of the waste produced is to bury it.

  • Burry it REALLY deep

    If we drill down into the bedrock several miles (around the depth of the kola borehole, which was about 40,000 feet deep) and encase it in lead-lined concrete, there's little chance that it will ever leak out, and if it does, it's way too deep to disturb the water table or leak anywhere close to the ground.

  • Hi big bois

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  • Nuclear waste is recyclable

    Instead of burying the waste it can be recycled. It is what a large amount of other countries do and it is beneficial. An article on this says "You could power the entire US electricity grid off of the energy in nuclear waste for almost 100 years" (Touran 1). Https://whatisnuclear. Com/recycling. Html

  • Put In Space

    We could put it in space.. But don't bury it. No matter how deep or how scarce population, plant life, or animal life is, it'll always be there. We can never get rid of it and it will always be causing cancer and mayhem. Just send it to space and it will travel far far away. Or send it into the sun.

  • Too many possibilities for contamination

    If radioactive waste is buried in or near a seismic active area, the risk is fatal. Such as being buried near a tectonic plate or a fault line. In addition, it can leech radioactive material to ground water, or in Australia's case, the Artesian basin. When uranium is mined, it is in the form of yellowcake and has to be refine, therefore once it is used, the material is refined or in a concentrate in comparison to its initial state. Radioactive material should be used for medicinal uses only for obvious reasons. i.e. should not be used for military applications or energy purposes. Military applications can not only destroy the world as we know it, but can fall into enemy hands and there are alternative energy sources that can be used.

  • Never bury nuclear waste in the ground

    Because even if we bury it that deep, the radioactivity would go through the ground and keep affecting us. Or maybe, few years later, people want to grow crops there, they won't be able to grow crops. And even if they can grow crops, and we eat it, we may get cancer.

  • No spells no!!!!!!

    What does HLW, MLW and LLW mean?
    HLW means “high level waste” MLW means “medium level waste” LLW means “low level waste”

    (2) Why don't we send our nuclear waste into space?
    It is incredibly expensive and if something goes wrong upon launch it can have catastrophic effects. YAY

    (3)Why don’t we dump our nuclear waste at sea?
    It would be extremely hard to recover the waste in case it was needed. Also, establishing an effective international structure to develop, regulate and monitor such a sub seabed repository would be extremely difficult. Also, the London COnvention prohibits this activity as illegal.

    (4)why don't we bury nuclear waste? There are transport and containment problems, if we bury the nuclear waste underground then there is a possibility that the storage container could break and leak the dangerous radioactive material into the ground which would harm the habitat. Eventually the radiation could come out of the ground and could infect our food, giving us cancer. We would have to surround the area in lead to keep all the radiation in, plus that ground would have to be sealed off to prevent catastrophic problems.It will stay there forever, due to half life. If people find out where the radioactive material is they can dig it up and create nuclear bombs

    (5) what do we do about storing nuclear waste?
    We store it with deep geological burying or with dry cask storage. Deep geological burying involves going below 300 metres underground building a repository where the nuclear waste is stored and sealed. Dry cask storage is the use of large cylinders of concrete or steel that are used to hold 10 or more metric tonnes of radioactive waste.

    (6)What is reprocessing?
    Reprocessing is a series of chemical operations that separates plutonium and uranium from other nuclear waste contained in the used (or “spent”) fuel from nuclear power reactors. The separated plutonium can be used to fuel reactors, but also to make nuclear weapons.

  • No we should not bury nuclear waste as the world is undergoing many wars and natural disasters. People are suffering at a epic scale never

    It may leak out and endanger life
    Alternative is to send it into outer space where it will leak and cause the aliens mutate into to Bob the minion bobbin bobbin bobbin izhjsgljwcv hi hip-hop, kh,iconoclastic Bush'shdkudbk :/ oh hashish Shenzhen disgusts Heisenberg Shoshone :/ chunk Shinjuku hiking high Bob

  • Bad Idea... :p

    He radiation will eventually come out and with the help of new technologies and affective fertilizers we can grow crops about almost anywhere... Crops are food that will one way or the other go into our body... Which is TERRIBLE.... It's like we're purposely trying to get cancer! So... It's a no from my side... :P

  • Terrible idea! Worst Idea I've ever heard

    I hate this Idea who would think that it is smart to bury radioactive waste into the ground that we live on. It will be there forever and will make the world that we live on more dangerous then it already is. This is ridiculous and a true waste of time to even talk about

  • It's completely ridiculous to bury nuclear waste underground.

    It will be radioactive for thousands of year and it will release radioactive gases. If someone finds out where it is then they can use it to make nuclear bombs which we don't want to happen. It's is better to shoot them out in space because it's safe and that it's not likely that it will cause damage to anything as it is likely to bury it underground and damage your environment and yourselves

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