Should we buy GMO (Genetically Modified organisms)?

  • All food is a GMO

    Seriously, 90% of all food we eat is a GMO. You think red apples are natural? Or corn? We have been specially breeding crops for thousands of years for better yields, and resistance to environment/parasites. Just because something is man made doesn't make it bad, the most toxic substance on earth is not man made it's produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum naturally. Don't freak out about GMOs, without them we wouldn't have near enough food. We have bigger things to worry about than GMOs.

  • It's bad for your health!

    We are taking in all of the injected hormones (which is NOT good for you). Also we are eating organisms that most likely have illnesses and diseases. You can get a disease just by eating them! This can effect your health in only a bad way even though farmers spend less time letting them grow. That is not any good for you!

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