• Only If They Don't Mind

    I say it because frankly, I figure it would annoy them as much as it annoys me to be called "white". It makes me feel like someone is thinking of me as white, as if it's a social group. Rather, I would prefer to be called caucasian. That makes me feel like it's my race, not my social group.

    Of course if someone wanted to be called black, I'd call them black. I'm not that politically correct.

  • I am the color of my skin

    It doesn't bother me at all i cant see why people would get mad its nothing racist about it "African American" your ancestors came from africa rather it was 300 years 500 years ago it doesn't matter i do not feel left out about it because its still letting you know that your are part of america, to those that say anything about feeling left out a little name brand shouldnt be the reason, this has nothing to do with people getting treated better the name africa american is the least problem when it comes to equality.

  • It annoys me to no end.

    Just because of my skin colour, everyone calls me African American. I know nothing about Africa, more than school has taught me. And my family has not been directly from Africa for a good 200 years or so. I'd rather be called Native American, American, German, or simply human compared to all this political correctness. 'Course the first person to call me Negro or another term like it will be getting an unholy beating.

  • Personally I'm not black

    . But I think that calling them African Americans is a clumsy attempt to promote equality that just makes them feel even more different . How can we have equality when people think equality means treating a minority better than everyone else why can't we just be equal ? I think that as long as we treat others greater than others ( excepting a minority into post secondary just because they are minority ) is a form of racism racism is treating them differently not worse differently and that means its racist so that is why we should stop fumbling over calling them by " formal " names how can we be equal if we aren't addressing the problem

  • I hate being called African American

    I understand that I am black, but I hate being called AFRICAN American. I understand my ancestors came from Africa but I'm American and that's that. I just want other peoples opinion. And if you asked me I rather be called negro. I can't wrap my head around simple things like this I mean what do you call a Black person that was born in Europe or Italy? I'm sure you wouldn't call them African American. I just want to know what other people think.

  • There's no reason to not say black.

    I am a white person, so I'll be the first to say that it's not up to me or anyone else other than black people to decide what they want to be called, but the thing is "black" isn't an offensive term like the n word or something like that. Also, what do we call white people, European Americans? No, that's dumb and you sound really stuck up if you say either that or African American. Plus, so many people are mixed anyway it doesn't even matter that much, and there's a lot of "black" people who aren't from Africa anyways. Unless you just emigrated from Africa and are quite literally an African-American, then everyone is black. If you're born in the US then there's no geography involved. Black refers to your skin color just like white does, and shouldn't be offensive.

  • This is wrong because not all black people are from Africa and it is racist.

    There are black people who live in different places all over the world and yes they were actually born there. Black people born in America are Americans. Calling black people who live in America African Americans is insulting because it makes them feel like they are not Americans. Same goes for calling a black man or woman African when they live in London. Black people who are born in different countries should not be called Africans, they should be called Italians, French, British, Australian, etc. Calling and lumping black men and women into the term African American and African is wrong because it isolates and oppresses them. Yes, black ancestors came from Africa but this has nothing to do with calling black people African American or Africans. It is scientifically proven HUMANS originated from Africa.

  • This is wrong because not all black people are from Africa.

    There are black men and women in different places all over the world and yes some are actually born there-duh. Black people who are born in America are Americans. Calling and lumping black people into a term -African American makes them feel like they are not Americans. Same goes for calling a black man or woman who live in London Africans. Calling black people Africans who are born in different countries are Italians, are French, are Australian, etc. It is insulting, again, to call them Africans. Scientifically HUMANS originated in Africa-this has nothing to do with calling black people Africans

  • African American? Who is that?

    Black people come from many different places, not exclusively Africa but from parts of Asia, the Americas and even Australasia. Also there are many white or Caucasian peoples in the African continent, from North Africa and from European settlers since the C15th so to call a black person African American is pointless and segregates rather than integrates. If you have black skin what is wrong with being simply Black or Black whatever, African/Asian/European/American etc etc. If you are a lighter shade you are Brown. We once had Negro/Caucasian and Asian. Simple and reflective of Fact not politics and prejudice. End of the day we all originated somewhere in the African continent thousands of years ago, get over it. Be what your actual country is, America, Canada, Ireland, Korean whatever regardless of the packaging you come in, you are a HUMAN BEING

  • You should ask...But for me it's NO

    I say ask because you should not assume someone's identity just as you can't assume someone's nationality. I do believe that somewhere, I have some African ancestry. I have been told by some Africans I appear to have Ghanian features. Yet, I do not know anything about Ghana other than what I can read online.I cannot communicate in any local dialects nor do I know any customs. I am a Black American mixed with White, Native American and Hispanic individuals which best describes who I am . But because others need to put me in their box so I can fulfill expectations of who I am, everyone sees me as Black or Latina.

  • Not Unless They Are From Africa

    One of my best friends is from Africa originally and eventually he obtained American citizenship. He was proud to call himself an African American - as he was both African and American.

    He was absolutely horrified that people who aren't from Africa would dare to call themselves African. In fact, the normally soft-spoken gentleman got angry when a young black man insisted they were both African American and shouted "You have never even been to Africa! How dare you call yourself African anything?'

    So not only is the term a misnomer, but it is actually insulting to Africans. The problem is there aren't that many Africans in America, let alone those who will speak up to say something about it, so most people have no idea it is offensive.

  • From what i see a lot, it is insulting and does more harm than good.

    You are either black or white..Maybe tan lol but if people call blacks african americans then what are we? Columbians, english americans? Why the fancy names when we can just say black or white.. Some people may find "black" insulting but its just a color. Just like white. When people describe a crime that someone witnessed, the cop asks what the criminal looked like. If the person was white we would just say white. We wouldnt say... Ohhh he kind of looked German..Maybe Irish. Lol like what?? I feel like thats how the black people feel when someone calls them African American.

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Heterodox says2014-06-23T09:32:23.757
I didn't vote, because what I think should not be applied to everyone. I have no problem being called white, I am "white". I call "black" people black. I usually call "native Americans" Indians and I call Indians, from India, Indians too. I usually call Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc. orientals.