Should We Cancel The Developement Of The Gifted Program?

  • Waste of government resources

    We keep adding more and more programs to the gifted program and it consumes a lot of government resources that would be more useful elsewhere. There are many other ways this money can be spent to better the country. In San Diego alone the budget for gifted and talented education is $9. 6 million per year. This means that on average each person pays $6. 76 a year for the gifted program and will increase with further development. This money could be used better by using it to fund everyone’s education instead of just 6% of all the students. Sure this helps these gifted student’s parents are happy that their kids can use this program but the other 94% of parents would most definitely not be happy that their tax money isn’t going towards their own children.

  • Expand gifted programs!

    The gifted program should not just be left to stand, But expanded. Not to mass-produce doctors or engineers or rocket scientists, Bur for humanitarian reasons. Gifted people are people too, And many of them have very special intellectual, Emotional, And even physical needs. These needs are rarely acknowledged, Let alone met, In regular schools.

  • The gifted program is required.

    There is no way we should get rid of the gifted program. It's not fair. I know these kids are in the gifted program for a reason. They learn faster, Retain information and work hard. We can't hold them back because other kids can't or won't do the work. Also, The child might love to learn. Keep them in the shower normal class and watch them become bored. See them become disengaged, Become lost in school and confused because they got bored. You've just wasted a potentially great mind.

  • When it means supporting people who could one day find the cure to cancer- there isn't anything which is a 'waste'.

    There are many people who are pushed up a year level because of their above-average achievements. Some of these people encounter the dilemma of learning little at the grade they're at, But finding the grade above them pretty hard as well. In situations like these and for those schools without the 'grade elevation', Enrichment programs as well as gifted programs are perfect. It is very important to support these people as there are very little of them, And most of these could one day become important to society. Help them flourish, Don't pull the plug because of 'wastes of resources'. One could argue that there is no limit to the resources we should put into educating the next generation to lead the world.

  • The gifted program

    I think the gifted program shouldn't be shut down because if we have normally smart people we could get them to be a doctor or mad scientist. These very smart children could cure cancer of discover mysteries we shall not waist this opportunity because we don't know what the future brings us.

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