• He's still a human

    Even though Charlie Sheen has become very outrageous over the last few years, I still think we should care about him overall when it comes to him being a human. Of course, I would like to see him clean up; but then again, some people think he does his best work when he UTI.

  • Yes, we should care about Charlie Sheen.

    I personally feel that we should care about Charlie Sheen, Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, and other celebrities who are headed down darker paths. Celebrities like Charlie Sheen often become the butt of jokes with their wild lifestyles and crazy behavior, but we must remember that they are real people, and part of being human is caring for our fellow man. None of us should take delight in seeing someone headed for ruin.

  • Not even a little bit

    His "oh no he's gone crazy look at these internet shows he's doing" gimmick was the most forced attempt at getting headlines I've ever seen and people ate it up. I've never understood the appeal, he's absolutely insufferable and the problem isn't just that he's fake, it's that he's inauthentic about being fake. He knows nobody believes that's how he really acts and he doesn't care.

  • No, we should care about no celebrity.

    Charlie Sheen is a funny guy in some venues, but he is just a celebrity,meaning someone who makes money from being odd and obvious. We should not as the public care about the personal lives or problems of these people as we really do not know them or their motivations.

  • Charlie Sheen's Life Should Be Personal

    I do not believe we should care about Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen has many problems within his life that he and his family need to address personally. It is not the worlds business and people should not try to get into other peoples business. While he is a celebrity, I see it as his job, just like everyone else has a job. It doesn't give people the right to exploit him.

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