• People Simply Do Not Trust The Government No More

    I personally think that cyber attacks are a big threat. The problem is people do not want the government overstepping their boundaries to invade our private lives. If Government wants to do something about this threat, then I suggest they actually let people know what's going on. Stop writing laws that are so confusing, that only the person who wrote them can understand them. Then post it online so people can see for themselves.

  • Yes, we must care about CISPA

    The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is absolutely something that United States public needs pay attention and care about. Although there is a need to identify cyber threats, this act has the potential to invade our internet privacy. I do not want the government spying on my internet usage!

  • We need our freedoms.

    Absolutely! Everybody should care about CISPA! It is an absurd and unjustified infringement on our rights and privacy. The government is trying to exhaust us with all of these similar bills and is hoping that we'll just give up eventually. We can't let them win that fight. We need to care.

  • Let me see your papers!!!!!

    It is with out doubt, incredibly ignorant to even contemplate this question beyond the context of an individuals right to privacy and the 4th Amendment.You know, Search and Seizure, Due Process, know...all that "Bothersome" stuff they have to follow before ripping you from your life.But hey, let's just pretend that doesn't matter, that way they don't have to be accountable and you don't have to care.......Besides, it worked so well in Germany.And get to go on a train ride. Oh Yeah!

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