• We should care.

    We should care about pregnant teens. Pregnant teens will need all the help they can get. They are already at a disadvantage in life, and any support given to them will help them and their child in the future. Turning our backs on pregnant teens will only cause more issues for them.

  • We should care about pregnant teens.

    We as a society should care about pregnant teens because their children or lack thereof will create the foundation of the very future that we have as a human race. If we do not care, then there will not be a chance for appropriate guidance or help concerning important matters such as having children when young.

  • They are old enough

    They are old enough to know that having a baby is a HUGE responsibility. Teenagers think that having sex is ok, but wait until they are pregnant. Everything is not going to be ok, but they are teens. They are not kids. They should be able to know that it is their problem that they made these poor decisions

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