• Protect The Wetlands!

    The wetlands are so very important and need to be preserved. .. . .. .. . . . . . . . They protect endangered animals and rare animals they are very important you should not build over them that is horrible!!! ! ! ! ! ! !!! -By Ashley 5th Grade Student

  • Yes, I think we should care more about wetlands protection.

    I think overall wetlands protection is something we need to care about greatly, I think preserving important wetlands housing endangered species and such is something that the Government should be very mindful of, I don't support keeping every wetland around but I do support keeping those that can provide a meaningful benefit.

  • Yes, we should.

    We should definitely care more about wetlands protections. We can't just run around, continuing to mess up the world's ecosystem. The wetlands are very important and, without them, several flora and fauna could begin to die off. This is a result of global warming, which needs to be addressed everywhere.

  • Nature must find a way

    To say that any ecosystem is not important is a foolish statement. There needs to be a balance in the world and that is impossible to achieve if not all requirements are met. Wetlands are a part of this balance, and the preservation of them only serves to make our world more healthy.

  • Yes we should

    Yes, we do need to care a whole lot about wetlands protection, since the wetlands are taking a whole lot of dangerous chemicals out of our ecosystems and absorbing them. Without these wetlans all of this stuff would go down to our streams and lakes and would be bad for us.

  • Yes, society should care more about the wetlands

    The wetlands are a great natural resource for many areas of the united states. The ecosystem supports many different kinds of fish and wildlife, including a great deal of rare species. People also live in the wetlands, and use these areas to support their families and make a living. The wetlands are a valuable resource and we should care about protecting them.

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