Should we cause any more pollution to the world?

Asked by: Eliter
  • Yes, we need more factories with smokestacks.

    Pollution may be bad for the planet, but it creates jobs. Humans lives are more important than the well-being of the planet and so jobs are more important. We should pollute as much as is necessary in order to create jobs. Human beings will become extinct one day, so the earth will have plenty of time to recover.

  • Yes, the earth needs to learn a lesson.

    For centuries, the earth has tormented mankind. It has murdered countless victims with earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and many other natural disasters. In the summer, it allows the temperature to become too high, causing heatstroke. In the winter, it has allowed the temperature to fall too low, causing many people to die of hypothermia.
    However, we have the ability to punish the earth and correct its poor behavior. As Rachel Carson says in her book Silent Spring, "Only within the moment of time represented by the present century has one species, man, acquired significant power to alter the nature of his world." We can alter earth's nature by emitting copious amounts of pollution. Only then, after punishment, will the earth learn to respect us.

  • We need oil

    Oil is the most important thing in the world so who cares if we have to pollute to get it. We should have more factories, and more oil drilling to help the economy and create jobs. Also there's no proof that polluting the water is bad so we shouldn't care if the water gets polluted we should put human lives first before animals.

  • Pollution is caused by us, So we should fix it. . . Not ignore it and shove it under the rug.

    Sure pollution has brought jobs, Profits, And advanced our technology but at what cost? Our planet is dying. Gandhi once said, "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, But not every man’s greed. " We have drained earth and still want more. Now we are looking towards other planets. Pollution has destroyed several habitats and caused the species to go instinct. Of all the creatures on earth, Humans are the only species that if are gone, The earth will be fine. We are a parasite to mother earth. What we take we should return equally.

  • Pollution is never ok !!!!

    If you say yes to pollution you are generations to come of us and every living thing . The Earth has done nothing ! It is us who are doing it and we deserve what we get because we make pollution . Pollution equals disaster we are never coming back from this terrible world if we do so .

  • Pollution is very bad

    I know we need factories for supplies. Pollution is bad it is bad for humans nature and animals. Every thing we do mostly causes pollution when we drive cars we are cause more pollution for the air. Pollution is created by the most destructive thing ever,humans.Only we can stop it.Pollution causes diseases and causes extinction. We need to join together and stop it. We need to save this world otherwise there will be nobody to save us. Every thing we know will be gone and we wont have PANDAS WILL WE LIVE WITH ALL THESE CARS AND FACTORIES? Check out my youtube channel pandachow

  • No! No! No!

    Because it causes death to animals, and it can make them get sick. Also it can get us sick. We also have enough polluting that we don't need anymore!! So, no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no! NO!

  • No more Pollution....

    Humans need to relise that, the world is dying because of pollution, and its not right , Kills over 100 million a year..... Every day someone dies because of pollution, Animals die because of pollution, Yes it helps with jobs, Plz Stop all of the pollution in our world !

  • We should not pollute

    It is the worst thing ever because I hate is and it kill animals like plants ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1 ! ! ! ! 1111 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

  • DON'T pollute you will kill everything

    So as humans we don't care about our environment (okay maybe all lot of people do) but we just pollute pollute pollute not only we destroy earth, not only we kill millions of species, we are just killing us humans. So Humans learn your lesson and DON'T pollute. So bye

  • No pollution anymore

    For a world to be present, humans need to be there. If there is pollution that is nearly killing almost every human being, why is there need for a world? We shouldn't harm our planet anymore. If we don't stop pollution We will die. It will cause evniormental problems, harm to ecosystems. Harm to food chains and water cycles, basically harm to everything we are living for. So we need to Stop pollution!

  • No it just leads to death

    More waste and more pollution will lead to death there is no way to get around it.
    Making moves to lower pollution is the only way to continue living on this planet.
    There is also the fact we are using oil very quickly and can easily run out so it would be important to make some new tech.

  • Increasing pollution will make people die.

    Global warming is one of effects of pollution of the earth. It is changing the earth and some creatures are extinct. If human being continues using the sources that destroy the earth like Preon gas, it can bring a big disaster in the future. Environment is close to the lives of human being ,yet people are making pollution endlessly. We should be aware of the importance of environment.

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Don't do this! Cut these! We've got to save the dolphins