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What the heck!!!!!

  Yes we should keep black history month because it is the only time when black people really get to learn their history, and if they take it away it would just be like it was back then and there would be even more racism. P.S i am in fifth grade. I am mexican. I am 10 yers old and that is my opinion.
TheDecisionist says2015-03-03T15:45:42.670
If you look closer, you'd realize " why isn't there a white history month, but there is a 'history month' for about every other race"? The answer is, even though the month was meant for good at the time, it lost its luster, and now its use. We all should've slowly integrated blacks' history into Americas' history, along with the other history months, but we still haven't.
badreams says2015-07-17T01:19:21.650
The decisionist: Well said, you really hit the nail on the head. I believe that we have become accustomed to setting all black heroes aside till one particular month. What we really need is to be able to integrate everything into one another. Meaning instead of one entire month of black history month we can talk about it whenever day in and day out. Truly black history month is coming off as more and more racist each year. The problem is the school systems are all junk and no true leaders are stepping up to the plate to put everything together. I believe the hardest time is going to be the actual integration because then people will be mad that its black history month along with every other day of black history throughout the year. One last thing I've noticed is black history month is always surrounded by slavery and we keep bringing up this wretched past over and over again. Anyone who is of a mature age can relate when I say nothing good ever comes from bringing up the bad things in the past.
fghm says2016-02-18T22:08:10.367
fghm says2016-02-18T22:31:45.683
I pooped my pants
fghm says2016-02-18T22:31:59.037
I pooped my pants .
livelifefully122 says2016-03-15T20:59:41.027
gdirulez says2016-11-13T16:18:59.017
Really? The only month? What happens during the other months? Do history books involving black history get removed from the entire country?
navarro28 says2018-02-21T16:54:23.283
I am 13 years old and i am mexican and think black history month isnt needed because black history is american
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