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Black History is American History

  Black History Month is a poor excuse for a dedication to African American people in history. If the African American people in history made differences in America, it should be considered AMERICAN history and shouldn't just be taught in the shortest month of the year as a tribute to their skin color.
channin101 says2015-02-11T22:34:13.480
Well you are wrong. I am not trying to be rude but it was not about the color of our skin. They tried to make a difference so that we could be just as free as every one else. Kids need to know there ancestors and how they became free today.
pinkster2015 says2015-09-14T11:18:09.480
I completely agree with channin101
livelifefully122 says2016-03-15T21:01:22.210
livelifefully122 says2016-03-15T21:03:09.070
Hey it's not like it is useful or anything so why bother?
livelifefully122 says2016-03-15T21:03:23.283
Hey it's not like it is useful or anything so why bother celebrating it?
gman8336 says2016-05-21T00:22:12.410
Most of us agree but that IS the whole problem. Blacks and other minorities were purposefully excluded from what was taught as American History and we were taught instead a version of history, altered for one race. People and events even during the past century are still not taught in our schools and Universities today.
AceingIt says2018-03-15T01:15:51.487
The problem though is that African American History was erased. Black History Month First started with the intent to show the public the hidden stories and struggles within African Americans. Not to mention, the history of African American is still very uncommon in textbooks; it's just MLK, Malcolm X, Obama, and the Civil Rights Movement; undermining a lot of important contributions to America merely because of a person's skin color.
addy1223 says2018-03-27T21:19:04.737
But the BLACK people made a difference all around the world so why would we call it american history month
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