• Black history month is for all

    All white people have a traditoin now black people have to have a tradition noot just white people

    i hate green beans i like carots and my daddy is the tooth fairy tooth fairy and i go ohh ohh oh wanna see my pen i put is in my nose

  • We must respect this month and honor all the black people in this world that ended slavery!!!

    For those people that said no, you have no respect. If you are black and you said no, you should be ashamed because other people like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks have helped end slavery and discrimination for black people and if that didn't happen you would still be a slave and probably made fun of because of your color. There. Said it in u guys face so honor those brave blacks in history because you are just talking SHIT.

  • You celebrate everybody else

    China,Mexico,even Gays is celebrated,so why not blacks and they always get the short end of the stick.Black people was stolen from Africa and made slaves in the United Snakes of America,and are disrespected more than anyone.Then people wonder why they act like they do.So do not take their month away.

  • Yes, Keep Black History Month!

    Why I think it should stay because it’s a time when black people get to learn about their race in a whole new way and to show people who stood up for others that couldn’t it’s a whole new experience to other people and maybe teaches young black people new things.

  • Because people need to know where they come from.

    Because they want to feel like they belong with society and want to feel freedom as they were with society they want to feel if they can be friends with other people that are not color or Mexicans they just want society to accept them in to their own community

  • Yes we should celebrate black history month

    African Americans helped save our country for an example Martin Luther king jr has created all of the races together now with his I have a dream speech and with that it will keep going until we all die for another example Abraham Lincoln’s civil war he was fighting against slavery for the civil war many things happen. Slave keepers made the slaves fight with them and die with them while other slaves if there owner dies another slave owner decides to own the slave. After the war slavery was no more see so many things happen with blacks included we should celebrate black history month.

  • Obviously yes we should

    Black figures are ignored in british history, only this year’s gcse introduced a poem about it. Before then, many black kids didn’t have a chance to study their history in school whereas white kids did. It’s a great idea and it celebrates a huge part of culture that diserves to be recognised.

  • Absolutely we should and must

    In America, we are surrounded by so much hate, distrust, and bigotry. People of a darker skin tone have always been treated less, they have been treated like they aren’t human. But that’s the thing, we shouldn’t treat others differently because of their skin color, we are all human. Celebrating black history month is a good way to honor them and show our respect for people of different race and attempt to undo the hardships they have endured.

  • Celebrate every race,

    I think that we should celebrate every race because we have all made good accomplishments. We should definitely celebrate Black History month, and we should also celebrate other races too. We need to celebrate all races, no matter the skin color. We need to celebrate all good, and different people.

  • Of course we should

    Yes because saying that white people need their own month is just bad because white people enforced segregation which is a horrible thing. Black people went through harsh days, everyday for a long long time. Not everyone agree but this is my opinion and I think that we should have black history month.

  • Even playing field

    I think people don’t want it anymore due to the fact that people see all races as equal now a days. I don’t see a black person any different than I see a white, Mexican, Asian any different from each other other than what’s inside. If a black man likes the same things as an Asian man, They’ll be friends. I don’t see the same separation anymore and that’s my guess on why many people see black history month as unneeded at this point.

  • Identity politics is a waste of time. Here's why.

    Reason 1. The label "black history month" immediately separates people from their human identity and focuses solely on skin color which inherently racist. Reason 2. It creates a false victim mentality. When studying black history month it tends to focus on oppression and old jim crow laws (which are now abolished) and pushes the idea that modern day racism is a prevalent issue (which is false). This can and has lead to civil unrest and creates a divide between Americans. Reason 3. Black history should be taught as American history because racism and slavery were very prominent issues in our country for a long time. Getting rid of black history month and just leaving it as American history by teaching in schools along with the rest of our history. This would be much less dividing and leave people with a feeling of unification instead of creating division.

  • There should be no Black history month

    The reason I say this is because it creates a rift or divide in our society. Everybody needs to come together as one people and rectify the situation by standardizing educational curriculum in the schools by reflecting the diversity of our society. It is human nature that some people will feel alienated, As more attention is brought to a particular subgroup by expressly recognizing them in relation to the rest of society. The overriding theme to me is that it's just seems to be pushed into my face! I recognize the trials and tribulations the black people experienced throughout history. I don't need to have the situation exacerbated by continually reminding me about history that I had no influence on or with. It seems to be a month of atonement for the rest of society towards the Black culture that people living today were not responsible!

  • They’re Not The Spotlight

    Black people were slaves and forced to serve but what about everyone else that had to contribute to building this country. Hispanics and Asian are more hard workers to the public and they don’t get much celebration unless it’s “Cinco De Mayo” for one day while BHM is a months of torture yet black people don't care much about it unless there’s a free handout. So there’s no need to celebrate it just see it as a regular day.

  • It brings the color of your skin up

    This causes race to still be seen as a factor of what defines a person, It brings up race and that’s originally what caused racism. So we should just get rid of every celebration for race. If we do people won’t see color they will see a fellow human being. BTW TRUMP 2020

  • No, It supports racism

    Not being just unfair to other races as many died for the building of our country, Including that Chinese would be used as free/cheap labor very similar slavery and would often be horribly mutated during the building of railroads. And for the social aspected Japanese were forced out of their home and had to go to camps, Which is arguably worse then what many African-Americans faced. And lastly, It puts African-Americans over any other race, While still pitying them.

  • African American culture should'nt be tokenized by the shortest month of the year, Only to become stale over the next 11 months.

    Don't get me wrong, Black History should most definitely be taught. The history we are currently taught is predominantly white events, Even when there are many people of different races involved in these events! I believe Black History should be "History". Don't get me wrong, Black History should most definitely be taught. The history we are currently taught is predominantly white events, Even when there are many people of different races involved in these events! I believe Black History should be "History". One month is simply not enough time to learn their contributions, Which is why we always learn the same main events repeatedly, Leaving all the other contributions buried

  • All Lives Matter

    Racism will never cease until the black community ceases to demand segregation. All Americans have suffered persecution in some form throughout history either for their religion or race. The puritans came from England for for religious freedoms, Scots and Irish were enslaved, Jews and Indians were nearly wiped off the face of the earth. No one race deserves anything over another race, The black race included. We are all Americans, We are all a part of US history good and bad and our stories need told so the horrors are not repeated. But the injustices to the blacks were not above all others and should not be treated as such, They are part of history and we should not be segregating.

  • No group needs to be celebrated for an entire month.

    Groups should get only a day of awareness if any at all, But a month is ridiculous. Especially considering that black history, Being the shortest month of only 29 days, But it turns into 365 days easily when they never stfu about themselves. Either we are reminded of their struggle or about their achievements.

  • Forgive and forget

    “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, We are less prone to hate our enemies. ” This is one of Dr. Kings quotes. We should be treated fairly and not have a month for just black. We should have a plain month for black, It should be for at colors.

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Jtevans70 says2017-02-26T13:04:19.237
I'm always reminded of just how messed up the world is. Every year without fail, at least two to three very perturbed and ignorant persons will ask me, "why do black people need to have a whole month to celebrate their history; no one else gets a whole month to celebrate their history..."

The questioning is truly telling of who the person is and what they really think of black Americans, because "Black History Month" is only "28 days long" actually making it the shortest nationanally celebrated heritage month for any group of Americans.

Here are other national celebrations of Americans heritage, on average lasting 31 days long:

March (31 days)
Women's History Month
Greek-American Heritage Month
Irish-American Heritage Month

April (30 days)
Sikh Heritage Month

May (31 days)
Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month
Jewish American Heritage Month
Haitian Heritage Month

June (30 days)
Gay Lesbian Pride Month
Caribbean-American Heritage Month

September 15 - October 15 (31 days)
Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month

October (31 days)
Italian-American Heritage Month
German-American Heritage Month
Polish-American Heritage Month
Filipino-American History Month
Muslim Heritage Month

November (30 days)
Native-American Indian Heritage Month
Alaskan Native Heritage Month

Oddly, none of these other group of celebrated American heritage gets that same questioning of being too long nor told it's unimportant and irrelevant...

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