• What the heck!!!!!

    Yes we should keep black history month because it is the only time when black people really get to learn their history, and if they take it away it would just be like it was back then and there would be even more racism.

    P.S i am in fifth grade. I am mexican. I am 10 yers old and that is my opinion.

  • Black History Month? Absolutely!

    Without these 28 days devoted to learning about African Americans' contributions, sacrifices and accomplishments, all Americans won't know a large part of American history built on the backs of one of the most undervalued groups of people in the world. Knowing African-American history is knowing American history! It's a shame there is still a need to carve out a month to recognize what blacks have contributed to this country, but no one would know our story without a dedicated period of discovery. Heightened awareness makes us ALL (black, white, brown, yellow, red) more enlightened and who doesn't want to be more enlightened? Knowing what blacks have done for this country would do wonders in eliminating the ignorance of racism.

  • More Black Recognition

    There are so many things throughout the year the recognize things that the whites have done. Think about Thanksgiving for example. That day, while it may be filed with great food, family reunions, and wonderful laughter, that day is still remembered to some as the day the Pilgrims slaughtered the Indians. Christmas celebrates a man who most believe is white, dying for our supposed sins. There are many other things centered around the white community, so why can't the black community have a thing of their own? White cops, kill black people and rarely receive prosecution. Whites are running most of our legal affairs, our empires, managing our money, they're doing all these things, have all the things for them, so why should we give up the one thing that is truly ours? The one thing that actually helps ease our insecurities about being an African-American?

  • Yes we should!

    I think that we should have black history month because a lot of white people think why don't we have white history month? That's because white people started this state, but black people didn't so, basically we celebrate black history month because they made a change for racism. Yeah sure people don't think we should celebrate black history month, but black people helped create this state.

  • Why black people need a month

    Listen, giving blacks a month isn't saying support black icons for one month then abandoning afterward. BHM gives a special focus on the black historical figures who've changed the world. Considering whites dominate history books for the other 11 months, BHM tells people, "hey, stop a pay special attention to a minority who had to fight their way out of slavery and civil discrimination." Saying we shouldn't give blacks MORE attention is honestly asinine.

  • What the Heck???

    I cam on this site expecting like, 99 percent yes. And what do I find? 64 percent! I mean, COME ON!!! Thank goodness there weren't any racist remarks! And for the people who think I'm crazy, the entire black population is on my side. I'd like to see you beat that!

  • Why shouldn't we celebrate the achievement of our ancestors?

    The answer to the question is the same repeated over and over again, Black History Month is antagonistic to other race of people. Well if other races feel threaten by our celebration no one stop them from creating one of their own. Think about it. Out of all the races in the world wasn't black people treated the worst and still today aren't we struggling to survive. Then please allow us to soak up our history so that we can use it to empower ourselves. Black people do not be mindful of what others have to say this is the time of year that we must stop to reminisce,plan and act on our desires to improve ourselves.I pray that the celebration of Black History Month will go on and on until every Black Person have fulfilled the purpose of its establishment.

  • Key Parts of History Have Been White-Washed The Truth Will Help The Black Youth, In-turn Helping You

    Ifind it ridiculous to ask this question considering everyday is White history month in this country, just like every channel is WET and every college is a HWCU white college. Are you people this simple? Can we not have one month? The shortest month of the year by design

    The question is why do we start the celebration off every year with slavery and the Civil Rights movement, we as a people pre-date the both of these incidents. We didn't begin with slavery(speaking of slavery Blacks should know that we are not Slavs as in from Yugoslavia where the word slave comes from, we are not Europeans so we cannot be Slavs, our ancestors were prisoners of war and indentured servants, as well as prisoners) we only went through slavery. Why do we start off every year with Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King Jr., whom I think was promoted by Whites because he was non-violent as opposed to Malcolm X. We adhered to Kings doctrine for 500 years throughout the slave fields and the Jim Crow, look where it got us, no where. Malcolm X' s and the Black Panther Party for Self Defense's "By Any Means Necessary" doctrine which arose in the late 60's proved to be what caused the Whites to step back with the mass harassment of the Jim Crow, KKK days.

    Getting back on MY subject, why do we start off with Tubman and MLK?

    Why not start off with the African Moors AKA the Blackamoors who civilized and ruled Southern Europe for 800 years? They were Black, it was history, Whites always lie and say the Moors were Arab, Arab is not a race, it is an ethnicity just like Spanish, the Moors accompanied Columbus on his voyage

    Why do we never bring up Mansa Musa and Mansa Abukari II of the Malian Empire who sent a group of 200 out to see what was on the other side of the Atlantic in the 1300s? Only one ship returned of the four sent out.

    Why do we never bring up the fact that not all Native Americans were from Siberia? Some of the Native Americans were Black Aborigines, as in Austrailian Aborigines, they're Black and they have their own version of the Black Panthers and the Black Power Movement. They don't care what Whites classify them as. As a matter of fact why were we never taught about these races? In school we were never taught about the original Polynesians, Hawaiians included, their royal family was Black, Aborigines, Melanesians, Micronesians, Negritos, none of them because they are proof that Blacks were sailing the world thousands to millions of years before them spreading civilization, we are native to every where. Why do we never discuss any of the Native Black populations in Asia?

    They have separated, murdered, and white-washed genetic pools of Black people from all over the world. We are the original people, we are everywhere, there is no one way to be Black.

  • It is for remembrance of the great African american leaders.

    Black History Month is a special month to learn, appreciate, and celebrate the achievements of African American men and women throughout history. After all in the beginning, black history month has always been celebrated in February. The beginning of Black History Month started with an African American man named Carter G. Woodson. He was the son of former slaves, and was too poor to go to school as a child. Although he was not given the opportunity to enroll in school he taught himself the basics of a school education. Later at the age of 20, he went to high school and completed it all in just two years. Furthermore, he went to the University of Chicago and got a bachelor’s and master’s degree. At the age of 37 he earned a doctorate from the University of Harvard and was only the second African American to earn a doctorate from Harvard. Later, Woodson loved education so much that he pushed the limits of his hard-earned education and taught both in public schools and at Howard University. At the age of forty Woodson made a trip to Chicago to participate in a celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the end of slavery. Woodson loved the idea of black history and life so much that he became inspired and continued to study black history all year round. Nevertheless, before Woodson left Chicago, he and four others created the Association for the study of Negro Life and History. The next year Woodson believed and understood that all the textbooks at the time ignored the history and achievements of African Americans. Therefore, adding on to the journal created, Woodson promoted the idea of a “Negro History Week,” which was to be held during the second week of February. The idea was so great, that it spread all around the United States, and since there was enough resources and research, the ASNLH began to produce pictures, posters, and lesson plans to help teachers use the history and teach black history week in schools. Twenty six years after Woodson’s death, Black History week was expanded to Black History Month. Around the country Black History Month is always celebrated in February. However, what Black History Month truly is, is an African American history Month in America, and other countries for remembrance of the important people and events in the African history. It is celebrated annually in order to never forget the pass.

  • Yes because it all came from the heart

    I think we should because we should realise what people have done for a race o people to be free to be treated like normal people .Life's have had to give up their for freedom we would still be in racism today if is what not for strength ,pride and confident. My point is that we as a nation of people should be proud of what some people can do, but we should also as a community should take the mimic of word s and make fun of slavery and racism because back in the slavery days people would die to be in are pointing's. But we take advances of it and don't realise that we started form no where

  • I’m Mexican last l

    I’m Mexican and I really care about me Mexicans lol we Mexican Mexico has been exposed for the past two hundred months of this week but I gotta is it to josh and he is gonna he was a good night and I wanna know how much he is doing.

  • No we should NOT

    Just watch this short clip of an interview where this question was brought up to Morgan Freeman. He puts it very well, and it makes a lot of sense. . I have to write nineteen more words to finish this, but I think Morgan Freeman says enough so I’m not gonna my it o add to it.

  • Defeats the purpose

    We want to be equal but then we want a month devoted just to the African American race. Yes they went through many trials and tribulations and there are many hero’s that should be celebrated. However, we do not have a Native American month, an Irish American month (many came over as slaves check history), or even Chinese American month. I personally think designating an entire month hinders. Ultimately I just wish people could live by the golden rule of due unto others as you would want done to you. It’s simple let’s not be assholes, but alas there will always be differences.

  • Um sorry but no.

    If there isn't a "Asian history month" "Mexican history month" or a "white history month" then we don't need a black history month. We are all equal so its about time to stop playing the victim card. This is just my opinion and what i believe. Its okay to be anything not just black. Sorry not sorry.

  • It shouldn't be a thing

    We are constantly arguing that we need this and that that isn't necessary. Well this black history month isn't needed. We should celebrate our history as our own. The AMERICAN history, not segregate our histories when we don't have to, its a celebration that isn't needed. I think we should learn everything equally.

  • Why is there not a Asian month? Why isn't there a Hispanic month? Why is there not a Caucasian month?

    Why do we set an entire month of the year just to "celebrate" black people? America was built by Europeans who came here, declared independence, and fought the mighty Brits. Sure blacks picked the white mans cotton but now they are pretty much a drain on society. Look at any major city now and you can see blacks just sitting around doing nothing but collected their monthly check from the government. It took long enough for a black man to get elected at president.

  • Being black is not a religion or means to be treated/celebrated differently.

    The whole topic of black's rights through America's history centered around all races being treated equally. To have a month dedicated to the history surrounding blacks specifically is a segregating act in and of itself. In reality, all history is important. Race does not matter. If we teach history as only fragments or portions, the truth is lost or bastardized. So to have a month on only the history of blacks is one that harms all races. Stop thinking as race and begin thinking as citizens. Should we do that, we will cease with the talk on whose lives matter and instead say that we matter. Through such unity, a better future is birthed.

  • I believe in the individual, that to say these people were great simply because they were black is false and only promotes seperation.

    People need to understand that they aren't celebrating these people because they were fantastic individuals, they are celebrating them because they are... Black? Sure racism exists, but it's not like the general public is actively discriminating against african americans (there isn't any evidence you dimwits). I think it should be American History month, where we acknowledge great American individuals who contributed to growth and freedom.

  • Great in theory, but I feel lately it can be divisive

    Celebrating your background, culture, history, etc is great, something anyone and everyone should do. I applaud the intention behind it, and how people learn about those who were before them that paved the way to where they are today, something very good. However, I feel lately it has become another way of creating division and tension, thinking of things as black or white, etc. You don't hear much about Latin American/Hispanic history month, Asian history month, Native American history month, and never will hear white history month. Again, in theory, Black History Month is good, but I feel it ultimately makes us see skin color and race rather than people's character. We should love each other regardless of how we look or where we are from.

  • It singles out

    For example, at my school there aren’t many black kids. So when everyone is celebrating/talking about black history month and your one of the only black kids wouldn’t you feel different. Especially when you are a young kid going through middle school. It’s already hard enough to feel like you fit in on a daily basis.
    I also recently moved from Australia to America and we don’t celebrate black history month because it’s black history month in America. So maybe if they changed it to black history month for the world, it wouldn’t single people out as much.
    Except, then there’s another topic, why isn’t there a month for every other race?

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Jtevans70 says2017-02-26T13:04:19.237
I'm always reminded of just how messed up the world is. Every year without fail, at least two to three very perturbed and ignorant persons will ask me, "why do black people need to have a whole month to celebrate their history; no one else gets a whole month to celebrate their history..."

The questioning is truly telling of who the person is and what they really think of black Americans, because "Black History Month" is only "28 days long" actually making it the shortest nationanally celebrated heritage month for any group of Americans.

Here are other national celebrations of Americans heritage, on average lasting 31 days long:

March (31 days)
Women's History Month
Greek-American Heritage Month
Irish-American Heritage Month

April (30 days)
Sikh Heritage Month

May (31 days)
Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month
Jewish American Heritage Month
Haitian Heritage Month

June (30 days)
Gay Lesbian Pride Month
Caribbean-American Heritage Month

September 15 - October 15 (31 days)
Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month

October (31 days)
Italian-American Heritage Month
German-American Heritage Month
Polish-American Heritage Month
Filipino-American History Month
Muslim Heritage Month

November (30 days)
Native-American Indian Heritage Month
Alaskan Native Heritage Month

Oddly, none of these other group of celebrated American heritage gets that same questioning of being too long nor told it's unimportant and irrelevant...

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