• Black history month is for all

    All white people have a traditoin now black people have to have a tradition noot just white people

    i hate green beans i like carots and my daddy is the tooth fairy tooth fairy and i go ohh ohh oh wanna see my pen i put is in my nose

  • We must respect this month and honor all the black people in this world that ended slavery!!!

    For those people that said no, you have no respect. If you are black and you said no, you should be ashamed because other people like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks have helped end slavery and discrimination for black people and if that didn't happen you would still be a slave and probably made fun of because of your color. There. Said it in u guys face so honor those brave blacks in history because you are just talking SHIT.

  • You celebrate everybody else

    China,Mexico,even Gays is celebrated,so why not blacks and they always get the short end of the stick.Black people was stolen from Africa and made slaves in the United Snakes of America,and are disrespected more than anyone.Then people wonder why they act like they do.So do not take their month away.

  • Yes, Keep Black History Month!

    Why I think it should stay because it’s a time when black people get to learn about their race in a whole new way and to show people who stood up for others that couldn’t it’s a whole new experience to other people and maybe teaches young black people new things.

  • Because people need to know where they come from.

    Because they want to feel like they belong with society and want to feel freedom as they were with society they want to feel if they can be friends with other people that are not color or Mexicans they just want society to accept them in to their own community

  • Yes we should celebrate black history month

    African Americans helped save our country for an example Martin Luther king jr has created all of the races together now with his I have a dream speech and with that it will keep going until we all die for another example Abraham Lincoln’s civil war he was fighting against slavery for the civil war many things happen. Slave keepers made the slaves fight with them and die with them while other slaves if there owner dies another slave owner decides to own the slave. After the war slavery was no more see so many things happen with blacks included we should celebrate black history month.

  • Obviously yes we should

    Black figures are ignored in british history, only this year’s gcse introduced a poem about it. Before then, many black kids didn’t have a chance to study their history in school whereas white kids did. It’s a great idea and it celebrates a huge part of culture that diserves to be recognised.

  • Absolutely we should and must

    In America, we are surrounded by so much hate, distrust, and bigotry. People of a darker skin tone have always been treated less, they have been treated like they aren’t human. But that’s the thing, we shouldn’t treat others differently because of their skin color, we are all human. Celebrating black history month is a good way to honor them and show our respect for people of different race and attempt to undo the hardships they have endured.

  • Celebrate every race,

    I think that we should celebrate every race because we have all made good accomplishments. We should definitely celebrate Black History month, and we should also celebrate other races too. We need to celebrate all races, no matter the skin color. We need to celebrate all good, and different people.

  • Of course we should

    Yes because saying that white people need their own month is just bad because white people enforced segregation which is a horrible thing. Black people went through harsh days, everyday for a long long time. Not everyone agree but this is my opinion and I think that we should have black history month.

  • I’m Mexican last l

    I’m Mexican and I really care about me Mexicans lol we Mexican Mexico has been exposed for the past two hundred months of this week but I gotta is it to josh and he is gonna he was a good night and I wanna know how much he is doing.

  • No we should NOT

    Just watch this short clip of an interview where this question was brought up to Morgan Freeman. He puts it very well, and it makes a lot of sense. . I have to write nineteen more words to finish this, but I think Morgan Freeman says enough so I’m not gonna my it o add to it.

  • Defeats the purpose

    We want to be equal but then we want a month devoted just to the African American race. Yes they went through many trials and tribulations and there are many hero’s that should be celebrated. However, we do not have a Native American month, an Irish American month (many came over as slaves check history), or even Chinese American month. I personally think designating an entire month hinders. Ultimately I just wish people could live by the golden rule of due unto others as you would want done to you. It’s simple let’s not be assholes, but alas there will always be differences.

  • Um sorry but no.

    If there isn't a "Asian history month" "Mexican history month" or a "white history month" then we don't need a black history month. We are all equal so its about time to stop playing the victim card. This is just my opinion and what i believe. Its okay to be anything not just black. Sorry not sorry.

  • It shouldn't be a thing

    We are constantly arguing that we need this and that that isn't necessary. Well this black history month isn't needed. We should celebrate our history as our own. The AMERICAN history, not segregate our histories when we don't have to, its a celebration that isn't needed. I think we should learn everything equally.

  • Why is there not a Asian month? Why isn't there a Hispanic month? Why is there not a Caucasian month?

    Why do we set an entire month of the year just to "celebrate" black people? America was built by Europeans who came here, declared independence, and fought the mighty Brits. Sure blacks picked the white mans cotton but now they are pretty much a drain on society. Look at any major city now and you can see blacks just sitting around doing nothing but collected their monthly check from the government. It took long enough for a black man to get elected at president.

  • Being black is not a religion or means to be treated/celebrated differently.

    The whole topic of black's rights through America's history centered around all races being treated equally. To have a month dedicated to the history surrounding blacks specifically is a segregating act in and of itself. In reality, all history is important. Race does not matter. If we teach history as only fragments or portions, the truth is lost or bastardized. So to have a month on only the history of blacks is one that harms all races. Stop thinking as race and begin thinking as citizens. Should we do that, we will cease with the talk on whose lives matter and instead say that we matter. Through such unity, a better future is birthed.

  • I believe in the individual, that to say these people were great simply because they were black is false and only promotes seperation.

    People need to understand that they aren't celebrating these people because they were fantastic individuals, they are celebrating them because they are... Black? Sure racism exists, but it's not like the general public is actively discriminating against african americans (there isn't any evidence you dimwits). I think it should be American History month, where we acknowledge great American individuals who contributed to growth and freedom.

  • Great in theory, but I feel lately it can be divisive

    Celebrating your background, culture, history, etc is great, something anyone and everyone should do. I applaud the intention behind it, and how people learn about those who were before them that paved the way to where they are today, something very good. However, I feel lately it has become another way of creating division and tension, thinking of things as black or white, etc. You don't hear much about Latin American/Hispanic history month, Asian history month, Native American history month, and never will hear white history month. Again, in theory, Black History Month is good, but I feel it ultimately makes us see skin color and race rather than people's character. We should love each other regardless of how we look or where we are from.

  • It singles out

    For example, at my school there aren’t many black kids. So when everyone is celebrating/talking about black history month and your one of the only black kids wouldn’t you feel different. Especially when you are a young kid going through middle school. It’s already hard enough to feel like you fit in on a daily basis.
    I also recently moved from Australia to America and we don’t celebrate black history month because it’s black history month in America. So maybe if they changed it to black history month for the world, it wouldn’t single people out as much.
    Except, then there’s another topic, why isn’t there a month for every other race?

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Jtevans70 says2017-02-26T13:04:19.237
I'm always reminded of just how messed up the world is. Every year without fail, at least two to three very perturbed and ignorant persons will ask me, "why do black people need to have a whole month to celebrate their history; no one else gets a whole month to celebrate their history..."

The questioning is truly telling of who the person is and what they really think of black Americans, because "Black History Month" is only "28 days long" actually making it the shortest nationanally celebrated heritage month for any group of Americans.

Here are other national celebrations of Americans heritage, on average lasting 31 days long:

March (31 days)
Women's History Month
Greek-American Heritage Month
Irish-American Heritage Month

April (30 days)
Sikh Heritage Month

May (31 days)
Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month
Jewish American Heritage Month
Haitian Heritage Month

June (30 days)
Gay Lesbian Pride Month
Caribbean-American Heritage Month

September 15 - October 15 (31 days)
Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month

October (31 days)
Italian-American Heritage Month
German-American Heritage Month
Polish-American Heritage Month
Filipino-American History Month
Muslim Heritage Month

November (30 days)
Native-American Indian Heritage Month
Alaskan Native Heritage Month

Oddly, none of these other group of celebrated American heritage gets that same questioning of being too long nor told it's unimportant and irrelevant...

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