• Yes We Should

    Black History Month should definitely be recognized and celebrated. There are many African Americans that did great things and had big contributions in our society. Many of these individuals do not get the credit they deserve or get mentioned enough as they should be. Black History Month provides an opportunity for that to happen.

  • Yes We Should

    In an ideal world, equal time would be given to every aspect of history. We aren't there yet, though, and as such it's still important to make sure we're recognizing important black figures. Additionally, black Americans traveled a very specific path towards freedom and this month serves as a reminder to all Americans where we came from.


    Yes We Should In an ideal world, equal time would be given to every aspect of history. We aren't there yet, though, and as such it's still important to make sure we're recognizing important black figures. Additionally, black Americans traveled a very specific path towards freedom and this month serves as a reminder to all Americans where we came from.

  • Very Important month

    How can we not celebrate Black History month when every other month is white history, present and future. We have to honor our heroes who fought for us to have the right to attend the same schools as white people, who fought for our rights to vote, who fought for our self confidence. After all we didnt ask white people to force us out of our own land to become slaves to theirs. That being said, black people are still experiencing mental slavery as a result of many years of oppression. Our Heroes left a legacy and died for our rights so what are the new generation of black people doing to elevate what was started. Blacks are too soft and content these days. We are not free yet, we are not considered equal yet, we still have lots of work to do so lets get together and get ours.

  • Yes, it is an educational matter.

    At least in the schools, there is still a need to celebrate black history month. Given our awful history of slavery in the United States, we need to stop and remember the contributions of a people who emerged to show their drive, gifts, and talents. Our children especially need to know this so that bigotry will get eradicated.

  • Yes we should

    We should celebrate black history month because this is the day most African American can celabrate the day they were able to live the way they were not allowed to live in those years. They were used as servents and slaves, not able to have the life they dreamed for their children to live. I agree it should be celabrated. And for all you other white men and weman dont be upst becuase they are celabrating the day you guys were turned down and had to follow the rules that were made for you to live an equal life.

  • White History Month?

    People's usual argument against Black History Month is "What about a White History Month?" Um...Did you go to school. Every month is pretty much white history month! You learn a very Eurocentric view of history, ignoring everything that came before the Greeks and everything that isn't European...Unless Europeans went there. You learn all of British History but when do they teach about the Song and Tang dynasties in China? Or the Abbasid empire of the Middle East? Or the great and rich empires of Benin, Mali, and Ghana in Africa? Black History Month is needed and will continue to be needed until America decides that American History doesn't equal White History...Cause that is where we are right now.

  • It is Still Important

    As a K-12 student, I learned about MLK Jr., Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman. These lessons lasted for about a week and happened every year from kindergarten to 8th grade. In high school, I read Roots by Alex Haley and poems by Phyllis Wheatley, the first Negro woman -and slave- to have her work published. I read speeches and stories by African-Americans whose biographies and accomplishments I can now roll off without a moment's notice. However, the lessons I learned I taught myself. My parents were old enough to remember the Jim Crow South; my father had to change trains when he went to North Carolina as a child and my mother's friends were some of those students who started the sit-in is Greensboro, NC. I didn't learn from my teachers, which I would have loved. Now that I'm an English teacher, I let my students know about African-American authors, actors, singers, etc who contributed to blazing a trail for all people who were discriminated against.

  • Yes we shall continue

    I say yes because even though i wasn't born back then i know a lot about this. We pretty much celebrate white history month all year. Why can't we celebrate black history month all year. All the things african americans did for us shows alot but the white people just treat us like slaves. Thats not how we really are

  • Yes...Our nation recognizes Hispanic,native Americans and women month why exclude African Americans

    We celebrate Hispanic month native Americans and woman's month.I don't see why we shouldn't celebrate Black History.The library of Congress set this observation of Black History month in place so we should respect that. They feel its necessary to observe Hispanic, Native American, Womans month and BLACK history month too...And so do I.

  • No, there should not be a Black History Month.

    Yes, black history month shows the struggle African-Americans went through in the US. Did white people go through struggle too? Did Native Americans? Hispanics? Asians? If there was a White History Month, a strong majority of those supporting BHM would be against and possibly protest it. All the month truly does is protest racism.

  • Why don't other races have history Months

    Other races also have history, so of course there shouldn't only be black history month. African Americans are just a race in America just like Indians? If every race had a history month then there won't be enoughs months of the year to celebrate them all and we can't create a thirteenth month. So celebrating black history month is unfair to non blacks

  • Truly educate people

    Chinese were abused in this country just a much as African Americans. American history is American history and it involves every race. If we keep black history month, we should teach who Margaret Sanger was and what she really thought and why she is a bad person. Then people might question why democrats like her so much.

  • Why just black?

    So what if blacks are slaves, there were others of different color that were slaves as well. If the "Blacks were slaves" is the reason from some of you then why not dedicate a month for the history of slavery. We should have American history. History based on people who made a difference in making America a better place. This month of black history seems one sided to me. Argue to me on how I'm racist and my opinion is ridiculous for you can't change my mind...

  • Why Just Black

    I get that back then blacks were slaves and it was a dark time but blacks weren't the only slaves. We should be celebrating American history. History which tells of the people who made a difference to making America a better place. You don't have to take my word for this is just an a opinion of mine.

  • American Heritage Month

    We should celebrate all nationalities/races that have made this country strong. We don’t have enough months to dedicate a month to each, so let’s celebrate EVERYONE’S heritage during a single month. Since Black History Month is already established, let’s replace it with American Heritage Month. I think the Vikings (including Leif Eriksson) would appreciate a little recognition for building this country, and the Native American’s might appreciate a little recognition also; without whom the Pilgrims would not have survived even the first winter. The Pilgrims, without whom civilization may still not have reached North America, need their accomplishments highlighted also. And let’s not forget the Chinese, who built the railroads, without which the transportation of the cotton that the Blacks cultivated would not have been possible. And without the influx of the English, Spanish, Italians, French, Germans, and so many other nations, this nation would not have been founded at all. So, let’s celebrate all nationalities/races that made this country the country it is today, and may God bless everyone that has contributed to its success.

  • No, we should just teach about black people and everyone else.

    Don’t relegate 1 month to talk about black people, talk about all people. There’s no Mexican History Month, or Asian History Month, so why are black people special. We don’t need to be colorblind. Express our differences, that’s what makes us human. Even Morgan Freeman says we should just stop talking about racism.

  • A Derogatory Holiday

    Why should we celebrate a holiday that only shows the importance of the things that Black people have accomplished? Yes, while I agree that White people have done their fair share of mistreatment towards the Blacks, but what about other ethnic groups? Asians have been severely discriminated in the U.S. (ex. Executive Order 9066 during WW2, Japanese people are forced to live in internment camps), and I don't hear Asians screaming for the U.S. to celebrate Asian History Month.

  • Black history is American history

    Having a black history month is just another way of segregating black from white. It enforces the idea that black history isn't important any other time. Why should they get only one month when everyone else has a year. Where is white history month or mexican history month or jewish history month? Would you want a whole month dedicated to your race? I would not. Black history is American history and all cultures should be celebrated year round.

  • Celebrations being United.

    We should as a country more forward to all backgrounds. All Americans have had to endure hardships. To pick one background over another in itself can over time create a divide .This does not promote unity. If we are trying to right wrongs let's start at the beginning with the Indians.I would opt for January to begin the New Year as a reminder for all backgrounds to celebrate. I myself became a citizen in 1986 .The focus should be a positive experience of people who made a difference from all backgrounds.Black people definitely have contributions to celebrate but join vs dividing and go as a American month for all.

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Jtevans70 says2017-02-26T13:04:19.237
I'm always reminded of just how messed up the world is. Every year without fail, at least two to three very perturbed and ignorant persons will ask me, "why do black people need to have a whole month to celebrate their history; no one else gets a whole month to celebrate their history..."

The questioning is truly telling of who the person is and what they really think of black Americans, because "Black History Month" is only "28 days long" actually making it the shortest nationanally celebrated heritage month for any group of Americans.

Here are other national celebrations of Americans heritage, on average lasting 31 days long:

March (31 days)
Women's History Month
Greek-American Heritage Month
Irish-American Heritage Month

April (30 days)
Sikh Heritage Month

May (31 days)
Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month
Jewish American Heritage Month
Haitian Heritage Month

June (30 days)
Gay Lesbian Pride Month
Caribbean-American Heritage Month

September 15 - October 15 (31 days)
Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month

October (31 days)
Italian-American Heritage Month
German-American Heritage Month
Polish-American Heritage Month
Filipino-American History Month
Muslim Heritage Month

November (30 days)
Native-American Indian Heritage Month
Alaskan Native Heritage Month

Oddly, none of these other group of celebrated American heritage gets that same questioning of being too long nor told it's unimportant and irrelevant...

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