• Oh hell yee

    Halloween is the way I can communicate with my ghost friends and help them plan all their hauntings for the upcoming year. Also it is the only day of the year that the ghosts can walk freely among us, Therefore you never know who is living or dead, So you get a nice surprise when they walk through you. Any who that's me done, Well Good Luck Charlie.

  • It's not a good event.

    Why not good? Because they are celebrating the most evil event. Even if you like candy, this still need to stop RIGHT NOW! This event is just to lure kids into Satanism. Also the costumes, they are gruesome, violent evil and bloody. It also supports the Paranormal. So please stop NOW for one and forever.

  • Why not, whats the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although there are a couple of problems with candy and all but I can reassure you its a rare chance that your candy will be poisoned and there will be kidnappers, but that wont stop us from celebrating a one in a year thing because we don't have to dress up neither go trick 'or' treating we can just party!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Halloween is not as good as Christmas. But we should still celebrate it.

    Halloween is a chance for kids every year to be whatever they want, to follow their dreams. You're not going to get a chance to do that any other time of the year. Plus, you get candy and it's a holiday, and holidays are always good.

    But it's not as Christmas, because on christmas you get presents, you get time to spend with your family (which is a good thing for most people), and you get candy. Not from strangers too.

  • Yes, we should.

    Halloween is a wonderful holiday that brings reality and imagination together. We get to show creativity and get exercise while getting out of the house and spending time with our friends off of our electronic devices. Also, it gives us a chance to socialize with new people and make new friends. -Rebel

  • This is useless

    If you want to change this go out there a do something instead of arguing across the internet and you can go out with a sign and protest but you are doing nothing here and I like Halloween so I did this on this side to start the side here.

  • The whole concept of Halloween is awesome

    It is so amazing because we get free candy and its amazing because you get to rub it in your sisters face because shes to old to go trick or treating and then you really just get to hang out with your friends because its Halloween and why not i need another word so im going to stall

  • Yes, we should celebrate Halloween

    Halloween is important because it expresses creativity, it's also important, and it gives kids exercise. It expresses creativity by having kids wear their own costumes, instead of being bland on the one day they do get to express their creativity. It's also important to those who take pictures of their kids in costumes, and those old costumes could be forgot, so pictures of kids in costumes at school are an important part of photo albums. It gives exercise for kids walking around door-to-door, which will soon be an argument about the holiday Halloween itself.

  • It is fun

    Halloween is fun because you can get free candy and dress up as anything you want to and nobody can make fun at it. So if you don't want to celebrate Halloween that is fine just let other people celebrate. That is my option that Halloween should always be celebrated.

  • It is fun

    Halloween is fun because you can get free candy and dress up as anything you want to and nobody can make fun at it. So if you don't want to celebrate Halloween that is fine just let other people celebrate. That is my option that Halloween should always be celebrated.

  • What is the point?

    Really? Kids learn that candy is a reward for coming up to strangers. Also, scaring people and teenagers cause trouble. It's pointless. My birthday is on Halloweeen. I hate itso much. Maybe it's because of my christianity religion, maybe my parents have steered me towards hateing Halloween, but the more I think about it, I just cannot find a good reason to possible celebrate it. What is the result of this. Kids stay out late. You may argue it's fun. W

  • No we shouldn't

    Halloween is basically the opposite of Christmas. Christmas is a holiday celebrating the birth of the king Jesus Christ and we exchange gifts and gather happily. Halloween is celebrating demons, and do you want to do that? There are 2 things to halloween: Trick or Treat. Trick is that you don't get what you are looking for and experience trickery through pain. Treat is going door-door asking strangers for sweets. Do we really want that?

  • Because you'll go with the Devil in Hell.

    Because you'll go with the Devil in Hell.
    Don't dress up or wear costumes and also it's going to
    happen with Satan Devil go to Hell.
    Halloween night.
    And be careful it might Just come true like a prediction.
    And no one will know why. Sincerely, Barcafer Family.
    Sincerely, Barcafer Family.

  • No to Halloween

    I believe Halloween is a load of shit cause I get all these little pricks at my door begging for sweets and if I don't give them it then they cry like a bitch, Next time they come my house ill drop a gurner in their fuckin Twix
    sorry xoxo

  • No we shouldn't

    I rather not dress up like an idiot acting like a character that does not exist and going up to strangers home and asking for candy which might have poison in them or even worse knock on a pedophile door or a murderer's door. I can buy my self candy and stay home and be safe

  • Makes superheros look lame

    When little kids try to look like superheros they look dumb. Superheros are SUPER. They don't have snot running into a chocolate mess from shoving candy into their face. They don't eat candy. Kids that dress up for Halloween should only dress like dead actors or dead presidents or star trek characters

  • Completely Pointless Holiday

    Unlike other holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine's Day, Halloween - both from a religious and secular perspective - has nothing worth celebrating!
    On Thanksgiving, we celebrate our fortunes and the things we're thankful for. Christmas is a time of giving and of togetherness among family and friends. New Years can be a time of second chances and new beginnings. And Valentine's Day is a celebration of romantic love.
    What does Halloween celebrate? Cosplay and witchcraft. Asking for handouts and superstition. There is absolutely no redeeming quality about this holiday - we complain about Christmas being commercialized, but Halloween is much worse - Halloween celebrates nothing our society values anymore. We no longer believe in superstitious stuff like witchcraft. There is no need for this holiday.

    Instead, maybe we can celebrate a westernized Day of the Dead - using similar imagery to revere those who have gone before, instead of celebrating...What, exactly?

  • It definitely sucks!!!

    This is a waste of time because you get cold and toads sill be hopping around. You will get diabetes type two with all the candy you get. If you don't want to end up in the hospital don't do halloween but if you do go and do halloween.


  • It isn't safe

    We have always been taught to stay away, don't talk to strangers. Remember how we've always been told, "never take candy from a stranger."? This holiday is encouraging the exact opposite. Halloween is all about dressing up in costumes and walking door to door, asking people who you've never talked to before, for candy. The danger in this is obvious in itself: accepting [potentially harmful] candy from people we don't know, dressing up in costumes so we can't be recognized (what if there's a serial killer behind that door or behind that mask?), and the most obvious of them all: it's at frickin night. There is absolutely nothing safe about that.

  • Halloween should be banned

    I think we should not because its all about candy to make money in shops and in games. What if there was someone who has a heart attack because of pranking. In christian celebrating halloween is hgre vliudfuhfdhg ufduhfdhvfkjd uifdgvudh hgvdlkfgv fhbflkdhv fgvlkcfhv hvxch hvckh vhclkx hcfiu ghvchjxdhc hdfhd ghfhgv

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