Should we celebrate International Human Rights Day?

  • International Human Rights Day says a yes.

    I believe that people should be more aware of the rights they have no matter what. Sometimes they forget that they have these because some people are too full of them selves and too focused on their surrounding areas and what going on in the news. If we get enough awareness on such a debatable topic we can do this. Human rights need more awareness!

  • We should celebrate International Human Rights Day.

    It is important to celebrate International Human Rights Day. This holiday spreads awareness about human rights abuses in the developing world, and it celebrates advances that have been made in the past. By spreading awareness, we can help to educate the youth about what problems remain to be fixed in the future.

  • Human Rights are Essential

    It is important to always recognize the value of human rights, and the entire world should take at least one day to come together and think about what it means to value and uphold human rights whether it is at home or abroad. Think about the travesties that take place all over the world, we have a responsibility to make sure that we never allow ourselves to become so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget the suffering of others.

  • Yes, we should celebrate international human rights day.

    The protection of Human Rights around the world is indeed something to celebrate; but more than that, I think calling attention to how much we've done for human rights also illuminates how much more there is to do. Human Rights violations are committed every day, and all around the world; perhaps a day that reminds us of this would empower us to act.

  • Yes, we should

    It obviously won't solve problems in countries that aren't interested in treating their citizens correctly and we need to do more than celebrate the day, it would be a good gesture to see a majority of the planet together show support for the concept of human rights. It's little more than a gesture but at least we could try to embrace being a global community for a day.

  • Indepndence Day = Human Rights Day

    Our founding fathers created the only holiday needed to celebrate international human rights, when they signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776 - and we celebrate that every year. The founding principles expressed within the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution are based upon basic human rights. Thus there is no needed for a redundant holiday.

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