• Thanksgiving has nothing to do with genocide

    I don't know where people get this from but it's stupid. Just because it occured on the day of some massacre once doesn't mean it somehow celebrates it. This is an association fallacy. It is a day of thanksgiving for the harvest and that's all. Seems a perfectly good way of celebrating it, especially in more rural places.

  • It's not about genocide.

    Thanksgiving has absolutely nothing to do with Native American "genocide". This is what Thanksgiving is about:

    The Pilgrims were at Plymouth Rock, starving to death. Many had resorted to cannibalism (This is contrary to the long-held belief that the Pilgrims had food and shared). The Native Americans saw this, and even though there were deep differences between them and the settlers, they decided to extend the olive branch to the Pilgrims and give them food to survive. It is not about the Pilgrims arriving and forcing their culture upon the Native Americans. The food they ate wasn't very good either: boiled goose, corn-based oatmeal, boiled gourd, and other not-so-delightful food. Again, this is not how we see Thanksgiving today.

    Yet this holiday is central to our core beliefs as Americans. The Pilgrims and Native Americans faced a question: How do we come together to survive and define ourselves as Americans? This questions was seen with the Civil War. After the war, President Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday to invite people to unite together for the common cause of union.

    Yes, I do not support the killing of the natives by Christopher Columbus and the other explorers. But why does that mean that I cannot celebrate a wonderful holiday with my friends and family?

  • Thanksgiving is anyone's holiday to celebrate

    Thanksgiving is not about chanting in pride over Indians getting slaughtered. It's not about eating a delicious turkey. It's about expressing your graditude for what you have. Christians can celebrate it, Muslims can celebrate it, Catholics, Pagans, you name it. Everyone has something to be thankful for. Anyone of any religion or faith can celebrate turkey day.

  • This genocide you speak of is after the fact...

    This is a time to give thanks for all you have. You are bitter because of the genocide that proceed after words which is not entirely the fault of the white man.
    First, disease killed more than the sword and yet you go crazy over the fact that it is the white mans fault. Next, Thanksgiving is about the pilgrims giving thanks to the Native Americans and god for sparing them from the past winter in which half of the pilgrims died. Their is good reason to have such a holiday. It is like the passover except for the destroying angel.
    I have visited many reservations and that isn't a place you want to be and I recognize the wrongs that the Europeans did. But you can't justify the ending of thanksgiving because of a genocide that happen years later...(Much later because reservations really started with Jackson and was continued by Polk and Pierce). This is allot of bad in the world but people need to bring some joy and hope or we all will just whither away into angry, hateful people.

  • Thanksgiving "Today"!!!! Means to you ?

    You should celebrate thanksgiving ...Not for the history or what that day meant to the pilgrims or Indians ,,,,but what thanksgiving represents today.....Which is thankful for freinds and. Family.....I am 36 years old.....Never had a thanksgiving where someone thanked for the massacre of Indians or the the thanks that the pilgrims survived a horrific winter.......People had days of thanks and celebrations long before pilgrims and Indians .......Thanksgiving Day is what YOU are thankful for !

  • Yes we should.

    I don't get the whole genocide thing. The Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving with the Indians, or Native Americans. It was to celebrate the surviving of the harsh winters. I don't know, I may just be a not it nothing idiot, but that is my view on things. And yeah. Yup. Yeah.

  • We gives thanks.

    Thanksgiving is when you give thanks to whatever god you have. It is also the time where you take a break and remember the good and bad times of your life. Also, eating turkey and mashed potatoes. You see, i think thanksgiving should be celebrated. Have you given thanks ?

  • Thanksgiving has Meaning.

    We celebrate it (Thanksgiving) as a way of giving thanks. You may reason that the holiday is a disgrace to descendants of Native Americans who were killed by the colonists. You have to realize that the holiday does not thank the massacre. We instead thank the kindness of other people.

  • It is traditional

    Yes it is a traditional holiday and part of the beginnings of our nation which should be rightfully respected. It is a part of our history which is important in my opinion and it is a symbolic holiday in the U.S.A. I think it is a worthy holiday for the U.S to celebrate.

  • Yes we Should Celebrate Thanksgiving

    The United States is still one of the richest countries in the world and Thanksgiving is a time when we can remember to be thankful for our blessings. I think there are some aspects of Thanksgiving that can be offensive to Native Americans and I think those should not be glossed over, but I don't think the holiday should be suspended entirely. It's still a great time for family and gratitude.

  • Drops of Powhatan blood in me says "No, thanks"

    My people were killed off in real life while their history was rewritten by the Disney Corporation. First People in North America deserve recognition, not the stereotypical versions and propaganda supported during my lifetime. Visit a reservation. Donate time or money to what the "Pilgrims" left...And don't get me started about Columbus Day.

    'Nuff said.

  • Bad and stuff

    I lno like it cause it bad and make me sad and stuff. I no like turkey and stuffing and patties and yams and gravy and mash po-ta-toes and biscuits and butter and pie, such as pumpkin, apple, blueberry, pecan, chocolate cream, sweet po-ta-toe, and cherry. They taste yuk yuk. I no like them that's why.

  • We don't celebrate the holocaust!

    A group of people were taken advantage of, tricked, and massacred and we celebrate these accomplishments. You should take the day and make new Native American friends and dedicate the day to them. Cook them dinner and start righting the wrongs that were created. This nation should be theirs plain and simple!

  • Celebrate the slaughtering of Native Americans?

    How about no. Every Thanksgiving is a reminder of just that. And why do we need one day to "give thanks" when we should be thankful every single day. The same goes for Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, and hell, even Christmas. We don't know for a fact that our Lord and Saviour was born on Christmas. Per the bible, it seems he was born closer to spring.

  • I like booty

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  • Too commercialized it is

    Im thankful everyday. I dont need to have a national holiday to tell me to be thankful or commercialism to tell me why and how to be thankful for anything. I say that nov. 27 is falling the way of Holloween and christmas. Veterans day and memorial day is looking less and less about military vets and more about, honor your vets buy a car and shop 30 percent off sales... Sacralisation yup

  • Happy "Animal Holocaust"??? I THINK NOT!

    (I copied this from another user, but it explains exactly how I feel!!!) I'm not thankful for genocides. I fail to understand how an entire country could celebrate a secular holiday put in place by the US government that not only feeds the socioeconomic industrial complex, but also pretends that a genocide, by every definition, did not occur. It is disconcerting that such a celebration is common practice in mainstream society. It's "tradition" because the hierarchy of a white-suppremacist society has made it so. Holocaust means, "destruction or slaughter on a mass scale." This mythology you traditionally celebrate is blatant holocaust denial. It's sad that people are so vapid as to not be able to embrace our awful history and set aside one day as a day of Atonement. Instead people choose to stuff their faces full of food. America's priorities are nothing short of skewed.

  • Thankfulness & Gratitude Everyday

    Thankfulness is for everyday not just once a year. I also cannot support the mass lie & cover-up of my ancestors for the profit gain of a country. We are all connected to this earth and to make it a better place and take care of it. Live everyday in thankfulness and gratitude and doing that which will make the world a better place. My ancestors understood the deep meaning of this.

  • They Should make thanksgiving a day of mourning

    Thanksgiving is YOU celebrating the GENOCIDE of Native Americans! If you want to be blind and follow the government's definition of that holiday then you are living FALSE low vibrational lives. Shame on you. Would you celebrate the day Adolf Hitler Genocide the Jews!? Then why would you celebrate thanksgiving! Be smart not stupid!

  • No, we shouldnt.

    On the first thanksgiving, the "pilgrims" held a mass genocide against the Peqout tribe. They held thanksgiving feast for a celebration of victory. So why should we celebrate it? It promotes that genocide or the bullying of others is right when it isn't. But, then we teach kids none of that. We lie to them about what happened. If were going to celebrate it, we should at least tell the truth as to what happened rather than sugar coating it.

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themohawkninja says2013-11-27T19:09:04.167
Where the Hell is 'no' getting their genocide arguments from? Thanksgiving is about a joint Indian-European dinner with religious undertones added from Lincoln. It is nearly the polar opposite of a genocide.
TheOncomingStorm says2013-11-27T21:00:57.087
When you find out let me know.
ararmer1919 says2013-12-04T12:26:21.033
Lol the no section is hilarious. And I'm pretty sure the anonymous postes are all from the same guy. They all sound way to similar in writting.
PhantomKIng77 says2014-12-01T15:33:17.660
We were not celebrating a massacre in fact the Native Americans brought 90 WARRIORS so if we said that we would kill them. THEY WOULD KILL US. They thought that it wouldn't be a celebration but an attack.

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