• Too much freedom causes societies to self-destruct.

    Perversions and sicknesses should be censored, e.g. porn. Most people aren't well educated enough to know what is good for them or society. Look at the US today - a cesspit of debauchery, selfishness...

    Only selfish people want unbridled freedom. They care about their own feelings, and not society as a whole.,

  • Lots of bad things happening...

    I guess this topic, it could be ridiculous maybe..
    I wanted to know about your opinions and also, I am a Korean girl student so maybe you won't like this but I wonder what others think. There are a lot of bad things happening and we should try to solve it so I guess yes, we should censor the Internet.
    Don't blame me pleas...^^;

  • By government body? No. If a group wants to do it to their sites exclusively? By all means.

    If the government steps in to censor the internet, we get issues. You know, little things like "I, John Q. Example, run an ambiguously anti-government site that covers such topics as corruption and other issues that politicians would not want coming to light. Wait, why did my site just get shut down by government order?" That power would be too easily abused.
    Now, a private site run by private citizens will often have a little clause in their Terms of Use which says that all things posted on it become their intellectual property, which they may do with as they please, such as publish it, delete it, or simply let it stand. If they say "Okay guys, you can't talk about X," then the user understands that they're attempting to cater to a certain crowd, and hopefully acts accordingly, by following ToU.
    A government-mandated modification to ToU would depend on the issue. If it's stuff like CP, everyone will jump aboard because they don't want that trash, and possession can get you sharing a cell with a large tattooed gentleman named Bubba. However, if it's stuff like attacks on other members, that cannot be regulated under government, it's up to the people in charge to deal with it, because that is between two members of the site. Because the site wants people on it, they'll take steps to stop that behavior, because people being chased off are people not looking at the ads that support the site.

  • It's already censored.

    Every day, thousands and thousands of websites are taken down, in violation of U.S. Internet Laws.

    The internet is already censored. The current laws in place are sufficient, and there is no need to further censor the internet. The internet should be a place of freedom, I don't want any government or corporation to say what I can and cannot do.

  • That is a bad thought

    The Web has brought us many great things and bad things. However, the Web is not making bad things happen. We the folks of this earth are making bad things happen through the Web. So the Web has nothing to do with the bad things. We have to do something about those bad things.

  • Why should we censor anything? Seriously. Are we a free nation or only free after certain things have been chosen for us?

    How stupid to even consider censorship. Were not living under an oppressive dictatorship? We're America and we're supposed to be free. Do we want to censor art and music and books? The mere thought of it pisses me off. Who are you to decide what is ok for me to see, study, enjoy? I find it ridiculous that we stare blindly at our televisions every night watching shows filled with violence and murder and that's the norm. God forbid Janet Jackson's nipple is exposed and it makes the cover of every news story in the civilized world. Really? A nipple? We all have them....So what's so shameful about them that they are censored? Look at your naked body in the mirror and ask yourself, what is so repulsive about me that it should be censored but it's OK to show people getting murdered on every cop show on prime time tv? We can't look at a non violent naked human form without it being covered up but we can watch blood splatter and gunshot wounds and think that's OK? I say we do away with all censorship. I mean ALL OF IT and let each individual or parent decide what they choose to watch. I know I'd much rather see two people having sex then two people killing each other.

  • Fuck that shit

    Get out of my business get out of my business get out of my business get out of my business get out of my business get out of my business get out of my business get out of my business get out of my business get out of my business get out of my business get out of my business

  • Government should not limit free speech

    Sorry Government shouldn't have the right to do anything unless it is breaking the law example if someone uploads a video of them raping a girl that is against the law and shouldn't be permitted but if it's within the law then all is fair. These are rare cases but the government should step in.

  • The Internet is the source of information

    The Internet is the only source of information, that can't be controlled completely by anyone, thus it can't be used for benefits of one single person, corporation, government, etc. Isn't that good?
    Any other mass media is corrupted, the Internet is the last stand of truth.
    But if it will go down, people will find new ways

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