• What are We Celebrating Exactly?

    Christopher Columbus, although the first paid explorer to set out on behalf of the Kingdom of Spain for new trade routes, Was not the first to "discover" this land we now call America. He was not the first to bring inhabitants there either. His exploration may have done more damage than good to some gorups of people

  • Columbus Day Should Be Change

    Yes, Columbus day should be changed as Christopher Columbus was not a man to be celebrated. First, he was a slaver and a con man. Second, he did not even discover the Americas first. That honor goes to the Norse. Therefore, a holiday celebrating this man is asinine and should be changed.

  • Cruel and Enslavement

    He was nice at first to the Taino people and then he started enslaving them and started bring them back to Spain where they were slaves in Spain to the people. Also, when he and his men came to the New World they brought over disease s such as small pox and measles. That caused an epidemic which killed many of the Taino people to die.

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