Should we change the breeding standards for bulldogs?

Asked by: ek123
  • No sex for anyone!

    Sex is wrong, immoral and disgusting. It leads to rape, and babies. All babies are evil and secretly teaming up with dogs and cats to kill us, and usurp the older generation. There is no more time to fight back. We must make our final stand against the bulldogs! Ground units forward!

  • Yes the dogs are suffering a lot and they can barely breathe.

    Breeders and the BCA ( Bulldog Club of America) deny health issues and
    people bred the bulldog to play up the cute effect. The bulldogs need to be saved if we want a bulldog at all. The bulldogs can hardly breathe
    and have a lot of complying health issues. I personally think we should change the standards for bulldogs.

  • These bulldogs are suffering and it's our fault.

    Bulldogs have been bred for over 100 years. Over time the bulldog has gotten shorter, fatter, and has more wrinkles. It's short legs cause extreme joint pain. The fatter the bulldog is the more weight is on it's joints. Yes, the bulldog would not look the same, but we need to save the breed. Would you have a bulldog or no bulldog at all?

  • Have you ever looked at a bulldog?

    Imagine having to walk and go about your daily life with that body. Think about those stubby legs, that awful to clean face, The infections, the joint problems the shortness, These dogs are miserable. Though cute, think about the dog for a change! Society is always about how something looks, not about someones personality. Now dogs have joined into that. It isnt Fair!

  • They may be DOOMED!!!

    You see, the poor things have many help problems because of their structure, such as hip dysplasia and joint pain. Their flat faces cause difficulty breathing. And their wrinkles cause skin problems and dirt and moisture get trapped in their folds causing bacterial and fungal infections. Plus, they may end up cuter with new standards anyway.

  • Bulldogs have a lot of health problems, even if they can be helped with surgery.

    The surgery is usually very costly, and do not completely fix the problem. I do understand that most people who don't want the standards to change will just go to puppy mills to get their bulldogs, but some, maybe even half of them, would be smart and get the newer, healthier puppies. They would still be just as cute. Plus, some people, including me, think that 'aggressive' looking dogs are adorable. Take rottweilers for example. They are adorable, and just because a dog looks aggressive, does NOT make it aggressive. I bet that more people would buy bulldogs if the standards changed, because they may be even cuter. Did you ever think that the changing standards would actually make them cuter? You probably didn't. Thank you for your time, goodbye.

  • Bulldogs are just fine!!!

    When people say that bulldogs are prone to diseases, like heart problems, bleeding problems, etc, they fail to mention that other breeds also have problem. Take the Golden Retriever, for example. This breed has cancer, which is at least as bad as the bulldog. If you say to change standards for bulldog breeding, than we should change standards for every single breed? In addition, if the standards were changed, then they would look too aggressive, which would not make them cute enough to sell, hurting many businesses. The BCA(Bulldog Club of America) says: "“Bulldogs today look good, have excellent temperament and are healthier than in years past as a result of good breeding practices.” So bulldog standards should NOT be touched.

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