• Yes, take evolution.

    As we humans evolve and revolutionize. I think we seriously need to consider our options in advancing our education. The next few generations have great potential to reach massive heights in science, mathematics, geography. Back in the 1800's, school was but a simple little house in the field that taught how to read and write. Now it's the 21st century. Schools are now massive complexes. Some holding up to thousands of children. So, as we continue to evolve as a race. Our education needs to evolve with us.

  • Teaching for a better future

    In the early 21st century we find ourselves facing a number of unprecedented challenges which will lead to a future markedly different from today, both locally and globally. We know this because climate change, peak oil and the limits to growth all point towards the urgent need for a post-carbon future. The long transition to such a society will not be easy. One of the key tasks of education therefore is to help young people meet the challenges that lie ahead with confidence and vision.

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