• cloning is good

    Cloning is good because then people don't get depression after losing a family member and by doing so they can have a clear image of that person with all the time. Cloning is all so good because then we can experiment more on human gene's and animal gene's at the same time that we do so.

  • Why not?

    Cloning doesn't harm the animal subject at all, and has no negative effect on them. No case of cloning harms the cloned subject. The only possible harm could be on the clone, but that harm is not a result of the cloning itself, that is a result of maltreatment of the clone. There is nothing wrong with cloning!

  • Reasearch is important

    As long as it didn't harm the subject, I don't see why not . Science is making leaps and bounds and new facts are being discovered every day. I can't see why this is such an issue for some people. People are always freaking out over animal extinction and then say it's immorally wrong to bring a species back to life? Come on.

  • Yes, people are doing it anyways, might as well make it legal.

    If we start cloning animals, the medical world will be improved. So why not! Perhaps by cloning an animal that has a bad sickness doctors can clone the same animal to determine the nature of this sickness. You never know if an animal can safe anyone's life. I'm for it.

  • Absolutely we should

    We should be allowed to clone organisms as many species have become endangered or even extinct due to human interference in their natural habitats and behaviors, which has led to many species decrease in population. If cloning was allowed, we could be able to give these organisms more of a chance to survive in the wild.

  • It would be beneficial to clone animals

    I'm not particularly concerned with the cloning of extinct animals because they were meant to die because they could not adapt to the changing environments, I think that we should clone endangered animals that we threaten by our own expansion because the animals are suited for their environment, but we are driving them away from their environment. We can also utilize cloning for study purposes. There has been a lot of debate over whether personality is by nature or by nature. By studying basically the same identity we can determine which is the actual reason behind our personality.

  • Yes, we should.

    People complain how we're killing things left and right, things that are irreplaceable. Now we have a way to replace the wrong and people don't like it, I don't see how it's not a reasonable solution. For example, the deforestation of trees, overall the subject was solved when it was decided that; one tree would be planted for every tree destroyed. Same concept, and if you disagree on the social position of life between plants and animals, try telling that to an environmentalist.

  • This could be used to our advantage.

    We have already discovered cloning, but if we use it to our advantage continuing with our research discoveries could be made that could change our lives forever. Think about this in relation to animal cloning. We can research how complicated our world really is. We can also discover information that we have never seen. Something like this could be revolutionary.

  • It would be beneficial.

    We should clone animals because then we will have certain types of animals that are resistant to disease and are good for food and other things. Another reason that we should clone animals is that we could have cows just for meat and just for milk, and we could make more seeing eye dogs.

  • Yes, we should.

    We already discovered it, but if we use it to our advantage continuing with our research, discoveries could be made that could change our lives forever. I mean think about it with animal cloning, we can research how complicated our world really is. Discover information that we have never seen. Something like this could be revolutionary.

  • Cloning should be banned

    Cloning should be banned because it is out of God's permission. God does not give humans the authority to recreate living people, plants, and animals. People who do that will be punished... They should know that God has the right to recreate humans. No humans on earth have that power.

  • No we should not clone animals, it is playing God.

    Cloning animals is like playing God when you are just a human. Cloning is also bad because then you have a cloned pet you could abuse them, kill them, and then get another just like them. It's just plain bad. So that is why cloning should not be used by scientists

  • Geneitic problems and mutations, desieses early, premature death

    I am addicted to the topic of cloning, and I think it is one of the heights of human biology and science. But, I am also against it until scientists work out the kinks. "What 'kinks?'" You may ask? Well, first of all, Most clones end up with mutations, such as Twisted or missing limbs... this is including their faces. Also, They can generate desieses, like arthuritus, earlier in life. Like Dolly the sheep, most clones die prematurely. Now THIS is wrong. Scientists should not clone at all until they are sure that they have worked out the kink. Some people may say:"Cloning can help endangered species and possibly bring extinct animals back to life!" Professor Archer is trying to clone the extinct Thylacine, most commonly known as the Tasmanian Tiger. If he succeeds, the clone will probably be mutated unless he figures out the problem with the cloning technique that he is using. So I count this as animal cruelty, though the scientists don't intend on the animals to be mutated. But they should work on the technique, and when they think that they have the solution, then try it. It's much more humane.

  • not humane

    We humans think that if there is something wrong with us, we make a medicine, and do what? test it on animals. Just because animals are not people does not mean that they do not feel pain. They do feel emotions, and they like or dislike certain things. Now, imagine, that animals ruled the world, and they were the scientists, and humans were nothing but a bunch of scared creatures running around in cages, not knowing what will happen to them. And imagine that we humans were the ones getting tested on, operated on, and experimented on. how would you like that? You would feel pain, stress, scared, and other emotions. Yes, Animals have emotions! And I am shocked that the people who do this to the animals do not feel any guilt about what they are doing! It is not humane!So the animals should not go through the mutations and disease; just because humans what to get smarter. How would you feel if you were a cloned animal with a mutation or a disease. How do you think you would feel, suffering the physical pain, the disability, and stuff like that. Some people say:"Winter the dolphin is going through this!" Well, Winters tail got stuck in a lobster trap, and she had to get her tail amputated, so she would not die. That's the complete opposite of mutating an animal genetically, and the animal clone suffering DOES die prematurely. It is just not right in any way, shape or form, until scientist work out the kink in cloning. When they do, it will be humane. But animal testing? That will never be humane.

  • Forget about ethics and it being unnatural, it is not fair on the animals we have left which will be left without conservation efforts.

    If enough people had cared in the first place, most of the increasingly popular animals on the brink of extinction wouldn't be in their current situation. And when you start cloning extinct animals, where does it end? More importantly, bringing back animals in this way will significantly reduce future conservationists because everyone will hold the view that we can merely clone them instead. Cloning isn't righting a wrong - it's an absolute cope out!

  • This is an inhumane practice.

    Although it may be beneficial in some ways, it has become obvious that we have become selfish in a disrespectful manner. It is as if we are playing with "Gods plan". We are redesigning his plan of nature. Just because we can doesn't mean we should. Some animals that come from animal cloning suffer from birth defects! This causes them to die shortly after and is not worth the risk.

  • These creatures, not animals

    The FDA approved of this... Really? These things are born with problems. They don't function well...They have disgusting birth defects. That's a big no no. We all know the saying you are what you eat. I say we aren't clones. If you say yes you could risk the human race because of your stupidity. Keep real animals safe. Keep raising cattle. Think about our kids future. This isn't Star Wars people... That's fantasy. We live reality.

  • Cloning of extinct species bad for wildlife's ecosystems.

    Not cloning extinct animals is the best thing for the wildlife’s ecosystems. Once a species disappears, the ecosystem has to change, therefore “Erasing Earths Evolution”. The ecosystem soon changes and the wildlife gets used to it. If they start bringing back extinct wildlife, and putting them back into their original environment they have to change again, this could make it worse; more species could become extinct or endangered. They could prey or compete against current wildlife, disturbing the ecosystem.

  • We can't play God.

    Animals that have become extinct have done so for a reason. If they went extinct on their own then it was meant to happen. If humans killed off all the animals, we have to leave them all gone, or else we will have never learned anything at all. If we can just bring back what we kill, then it will become more common to not care at all. We need to learn to keep the animals we have already and move on.

  • In my opinion, animals should not be cloned.

    This type of scientific research can be misused and abused. There are rules and regulations in the United States but outside of our borders there is no control. Additionally, advancements and/or refining the cloning of animals will ultimately lead to the cloning of individuals. Cloning animals is the engine of the runaway train that will ultimately lead to consequences that can be construed as immoral and unethical.

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Anonymous says2013-04-24T12:14:27.350
No we should not clone animals that is hurtful