• Continue the evolutionary process, we can't stop now!

    Innovation is key! We cannot just stop because people think it's wrong. If we did we would still have slaves. America would still be under Britain's rule. Women would not wear bikinis. Women would not be able to vote, have health benefits, or even a voice. Don't do what's better for your image, but what's better for humankind.

  • Yes we should

    If we had clones, we would give people a chance. If there was a couple who couldn't have a child but wanted one, they could clone the father or mother and have a clone baby. It gives people life. We've already created in vetro fertilization, so why can't we clone? We've done so many things, like find cures for harmful diseases, so why can't we clone?

  • in a limited fashion

    Cloning humans could provide much needed medical donor material. this could save many lives and improve the quality of many more. Cloned humans could be cloned in such a way that they are not alive, not cognizant, conscious, living beings, but instead simply collections of harvestable tissue and organs. These samples could be cloned in isolation and be no different than growing a plant on a windowsill. As long as humans are not cloned in some science-fiction way, where people are created and manipulated and killed, than it is scientifically sound.

  • We should Clone Humans

    I think we should clone humans because it can benefits us in many ways. Also it would be very interesting to see someone with the same DNA as you but acts different then you, has a totally different personality then you. It also can help fight diseases.

  • Yes, we should clone humans.

    Yes, I believe that we should clone humans. Without discussing all of the egregious ethical violations involved with cloning humans, there are many benefits. The main reasons to clone humans have to do with curing diseases and the betterment of medicine. There are endless possibilities that come with cloning humans in the name of medicine. Not only would we help millions of people who suffer from deadly diseases by finding cures, but we could also get a better understanding of the human body and how it works.

  • Human cloning will not make everyone the same

    Human cloning will not get to the point where people are all the same person, in fact, it will never get to that. Think about twins. One is the clone of the other, and they are always different people with different interests. Twins have never caused any more harm than people that aren't twins, and people are ridiculous for saying otherwise. There will not be evil clones, or a world where everyone is the same normal howdy neighbor person. It won't happen.

  • Why Not?

    Make sure we figure out how to do this safely first, but after that, yes.

    It's just like IVF, just another way to do reproduction.
    OBVIOUSLY, the person would be a person. It's paranoia to the highest degree to think that clones would receive different legal treatment, especially to think they would become property. We have this thing called the 13th amendment to put a stop to that.

  • We Should Explore This

    Taking a life is legal (abortion) but creating one (cloning) is not? That makes no sense. I think that cloning will greatly help us understand environment. You will have people with the same dna who experience different things and turn out different ways. Cloning could help us admit things about nature that many aren't willing to. We think people are unsuccessful because of their personality and don't really factor in environment as much as necessary, so the weak get blamed for being weak and they never get any help. It will be hard to blame anything but the environment on the different ways clones end up

  • We nneed more women to make us bisexual men happy

    We are slowly running low on our supply of good looking women. This is evolutionary. As a bisexual male, I believe this chnge is essential for mankind. I am currently in the process of cloning my mother in my basement. The earth is also flat, So according to Wikipedia we need more weomen.

  • Cloning is long

    An advantage that cloning offers includes a new way for couples that can’t have babies to try to have their own baby. Fertility doctors believe that they could be the safer choice to help clone couples looking to have a baby, mainly because of their experience as being fertility doctors

  • Cloning is Man acting like GOD.

    How dare we, in our weak, pathetic, know it all, existence believe or think we are superior to GOD who made us? This isn't a "religious" belief, it's a GOD belief! God has NEVER been about religion...MAN made that nonsense up and as such, he has also come up with the most vile, disgusting, immoral acts known in history! Cloning isn't against religion, it is an abomination to the LORD ALMIGHTY! But be ever aware my friends...GOD may have given us the will to choose...but be ever so enlightened that WE WILL SUFFER the consequences of our choices... and they will be ETERNAL!

  • Because my class says so...

    The fifth graders of Room 210 took a vote and ironically were split 45% yes and 55% no. After a quick debate, the split became 14% yes and 86% no. Their reasons mirror many of the comments on this page. They suggested that we post this onto the page for all to view.

  • No we should not clone!

    Cloning people can bring upon the end of the world because with too many people on the earth we will run out of natural resources. Clones can steal the identity of the original organism. Clones can be used to commit crimes. Cloning is dangerous and should not be done, it is bad!

  • Cloning is wrong.

    Imagine that you, a fully functioning human being, as born in this world as nothing more than an organ farm. People think using clones for organs is ok, but would you like to be created only to get your kidney cut out? No. How is doing medical expiriments on a clone any different than doing it to people? A clone is a person, a copy of one.

  • It is unethical and might lead to health issues.

    The clone might have a different personality, but if you have 5 clones of yourself, you are going to feel completely not unique. Also, it would be hard to not treat the clone like a real person. Everyone says, "It's just like having an identical twin." I personally wouldn't want an identical twin, as you are basically an exact copy of them and besides environmental personality differences, most of your personality would be the same. Think about going through your whole life thinking, "I'm a clone. I was created to be exactly the same as someone else. I am not unique." Also, when siblings marry and have kids, it leads to many bad conditions and diseases. If many people become the same, it will be closer and closer to siblings.

  • I Read and I Thought

    Before reading.. I myself thought that cloning was something we shouldn't do. After reading, I really think that cloning is something we really should not do. First I'll say this- Cloning is creepy. Another person out there just like you.. That freaks me out. You might say that there will be differences, but for the most part, it is just freaky.. Just today I was having a conversation in class and a peer of mine asked about if there was a clone of yours but it was the opposite sex and you had babies... What would happen? Ew. I just wanted to bring that up so that anybody reading could contribute there ideas on that subject or just think about it. Anywho. Think about what one of the other people said. The economy. We as humans are not ready for something of this level. We still have so many issues in the world that we have not solved. Not even come close to solving. Why spend money on something like this when we can be using it for something else. When you stray away from medicine. What do you have? What purpose? How would using it for medicine even work? What are the clones going to have that we already don't? I know they say practice makes perfect, but how about before they do this they do a bit more research so that we can at least have one successful clone. So far every clone that has been created (not born) has died. And you are saying that you can clone a child if it died? But they haven't perfected it yet. Why would someone want to go through the hurt of losing their child not once... But twice? And even then.. There child won't be the same child that they were before. Overall. I really cannot think of cloning as something positive. I may only be a 14 year old girl, but I can give some good insight into almost everything I feel strongly about. Thanks for reading all of this

  • I Read and I Thought

    Before seeing this page, I wasn't for cloning humans. After reading all of the arguments on this page... I have come to agree with no. I see what is being said about medicine and understanding the human body and what not, but how? How is making a clone going to do that for us exactly? What do and/or are they going to have that we don't already have? I am not saying that I agree with that whole 'we will suffer the consequences' thing, but I do think that we should not do it. Think about what at least on of these people said, our deficit and how there are already so many problems not being fixed? Why would I get a second helping if I have not even finished my first? And also, I think it would be creepy to have someone who looked exactly like you. It is one thing to have an identical twin... You are two completely different people with different thumb prints and personalities. With a clone, you aren't getting a twin, you're getting a you who might express a few things you don't. Think past medicine with cloning and think about humankind.. We aren't ready for this, and who knows if we ever will be.. -A 14 year old girl who likes to think outside the dome society and others have trapped us in

  • No, the world is overpopulated as it is.

    To put it simply, the world already has problems with hunger, thirst, and providing the basic needs for life in a large portion of the world. There really is not a valid benefit to this. If anything, it is creating another life/person that could potentially have a horrible life and be treated very poorly.

  • It's not natural

    No, I do not think humans should be cloned. It's just not natural. When a human is cloned, who would control it? I mean, would that person be considered a person and have free will like rest of us or would they be considered property, like a science experiment, and controlled by the scientists that made him/her. It's just too complicated of an issue and I have trouble seeing many benefits of it.

  • That just seems like an abomination to me.

    I really don't think we need to clone humans. What exactly would be the purpose? One of the most amazing things about humans is how we truly are so unique to one another. I don't think we should corrupt the nature of making real children with science and cloning humans.

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penguin4466 says2013-12-04T00:26:49.020
Just asking, just will you trust your own clone?
erayn says2015-12-12T15:03:10.357
We should clone humans.
Maybe,It is not natural and It is not ethical but we need clone.There are two reasons of using cloning.The first one is medical treatments.In my opinion,Unfortunately,there are a lot of patients who want donate and they will not find donor because there is shortage of donation in the future.For this reason we must use cloning.Another reason is that needs logical people.Imagine that We have had another Einstein.It has provided to invent or discover a lot of new materials or inventions
erayn says2015-12-12T15:03:21.797
We should clone humans.
Maybe,It is not natural and It is not ethical but we need clone.There are two reasons of using cloning.The first one is medical treatments.In my opinion,Unfortunately,there are a lot of patients who want donate and they will not find donor because there is shortage of donation in the future.For this reason we must use cloning.Another reason is that needs logical people.Imagine that We have had another Einstein.It has provided to invent or discover a lot of new materials or inventions
caglaakpinar says2015-12-13T13:37:51.203
Many people believe that cloning a human being is "playing god" and it should not be done under any circumstance. In my opinion, there are some points which society need. Firstly, infertile couples would be able to clone themselves in order to have a biological children. Second one is organ transplant. Many people pass away from their illness before organ transplant. Organs could be cloned from the person's tissue and it could be used for transplant.