Should we close zoos not holding injured animals?

  • Yes we should

    We should shut down zoos
    “Mommy let’s go see the lions then the elephants The the zebras then the….”
    “ honey calm down we only have till 2:00 it’s already 1:30”.
    We all love zoos don’t we? Well when we’re walking around seeing all the animals we don’t realize there conditions. I think we should shut down zoos because animals are exposed to a negative environment, there not getting basic need or enough of them, and lastly they were made to stay in the wild not in cages. So let’s get into why we should shut down zoos.

    My first reason is we expose the animals to a negative environment bringing them here. Some may say “ but it’s fun to see the animals” yes it is but think of what we’re taking away from them fresh air, family. How would you feel if you were taken away from your parents, forced into a cage and exposed to pollution! We have a bunch of. Factories and motor vehicles that make pollution! Plus think about all the garbage people throw into the cages that the animals sometimes eat! That’s one reason we should shut down zoos.
    My second reason we should shut down zoos is that the zoo doesn’t give the animals natural resources or enough of them. People think “ oh, they get feed enough there happy” and so on. Research shows that Adult elephants can eat between 200-600 pounds of food a day. Elephants can also drink up to 50 gallons of water a day about as much as a standard bathtub holds. But at zoos they only get fed 500 pounds a week that’s barely a pound a day! That’s two reasons we should shut down zoos.

    My last reason we should shut down zoos is they were made to stay in the wild. According to my 5th grade science and social studies teacher Mrs Cherek ( the best teacher ever) ;) “ We should keep zoos only for the injured animals and when they recover we release them back into the wild” her and many others have the same reasoning. Think about it sitting in a cage all day with nothing to do but eat garbage and not enough water or food. It would be horrible. Also what if your diet dramatically changed! That’s three reasons we should shut down zoos.

    There it is we should shut down zoos because animals are exposed to a negative environment, animals aren’t getting basic needs or enough of them, and lastly animals are made to stay in the wild. I know people will say but still we’ll never see these animals I know but think about it would you rather injure a animal or never see a animal. So let’s shut down zoos and keep animals out of cages and free.

  • We shouldn't close down the zoos

    The animals who have been raised in a zoo environment for their entire life have become domesticated, and the zoo is their home, and it's the only place they've ever known, and if they are forced to live in the wild, they will not be able to adapt to the new environment, and cannot find food, shelter, or ward off other predators, in order to survive.

    However, I do agree with the notion that if someone has found an injured animal from the wild, it could be taken in and treated for a period of time, and returned to the wild, since that wild animal has all the necessary skills to survive in that environment.

  • Zoos are like luxury hotels for animals

    Imagine that you're given the opportunity to choose between living in The Ritz Hotel or a homeless life. In the hotel you will have access to maids who will clean your room, chefs and servers that will deliver your food and a delightful place to rest in. In the case of the homeless life, you won't have any access to the aforementioned luxuries, instead you must worry and fight for your life in order to find food and adequate shelter. There will be times where you won't find those things for a whole day or even for multiple days. I'm quite sure that you would choose The Ritz Hotel without hesitation. I'm also certain that animals would rather live in a zoo, which is like their own Ritz, than a life in the wild. To conclude, I believe that zoos provide an overall better life for animals whether or not they're injured.

  • No, we shouldnt

    Just because animals that are injured are not accepted to some zoos, does not mean we should shut them down. I agree that holding animals in an enclosed environment is bad for them, but there are ways that zoos (that don't hold injured animals) are helpful.

    Zoos hold many animals that are dying out, ones that are becoming extinct. With these animals, they hold they are saving and reproducing them and send them back into the wild to do the same thing.

    Zoos also let scientist study them close up, and teach people about the importance of environments to animals. There are workers all around zoos that talk about the features and environments of certain species.

    Some zoos go so far to make the animals they hold live a happy life with others of their kind, not all are so bad as people seem and they hold great advantages even when they don't hod injured animals.

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