• We Should Colonize Mars!

    We should colonize Mars because one day our planet will no longer be livable, It must not be over a thousand years but we need to be prepared for the unfortunate also people are complaining about not having any oxygen, We OBVIOUSLY WOULD! The people that are looking to go explore mars are obviously going to set living material, And they would obviously give us enough food.
    Mars is also the only planet we can go to because the Moon is way to small to hold the human race and any other planet is not livable. . .
    Thank you

  • We should go to mars

    We should go to Mars because it's the closest planet to us. The Moon is to small to support the human race . Either way we go the human race will die one day. We should just take a risk and go to another planet. Precisely, Mars because any Kepler that can support life my not be possible to make it there unless we were the speed of light. Sometimes, you don't have good options to pick from but, you always go with the best option. In this situation the best choice would be Mars.

  • We must Colonize Mars

    Earth is our home but it was never meant to be our only home. Mars will be the started of a interstellar empire for mankind, it take of a lot of money yes but we shouldn't keep all our eggs in one basket. Let me end my argument with something I say "We may have been born here but we were never meant to die here"

  • Yes We Should

    Mars is a planet with many minerals on it that could be useful to us. For instance, iron, aluminum, nickel, and copper. These minerals could be used to build machines and aircrafts. Another reason to colonize mars is because of the potential for alien life. The human race has always been interested in the idea of there being other life in our galaxy. If we lived on Mars we could explore that theory.

  • Definitely. Lets do it!

    IF an asteroid hits Earth again, we will all die. If pollution takes over, we might die. If the world has overpopulation, then I don't know what will happen. But we will have to move. If we move to Mars, then those problems will mostly be gone. (Hopefully). Think about it.

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  • We should colonize mars

    We can have new safe place because the bad guys would stay an earth and we would stay on mars or the opposite way.And there are suppose to be water on mars but the scientist said that if it was a shoreline they would be at the sea level but the volcano can move the sea level by making mars spin excess and that would move it a few kilometers high

  • No we should not

    We already have a planet to care for and there are enough problems here .Why increase more. There is starvation, homelessness and war. If this repeats in a another planet altogether wouldn't matters get worse? What if this mission fails, the people would die and all the effort and money would go to loss,

  • Why shouldn't we?

    The sooner we start colonizing other planets the better. Earth will not be able to sustain us forever and neither will the sun. Now I'm aware we have several thousand or billion years until that whole sun swallows up earth thing and dies, but if we spend those years exploring space building technology to do so we don't have to worry about our species ever going extinct. Plus then i could be Star-Lord!

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  • No, no, no.

    Well, first of all, we wouldn't even be able to survive on Mars. Secondly, even if we could, we've already fûčkěđ our own planet up so much that we'd destroy Mars too. Now I am just adding more words to fill the minimum word limit. Herp a herp derp derp.

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  • We should not

    The atmosphere of Mars has a lot of carbon dioxide, the surface of the planet is too cold to have a human life, and the gravity of the planet is 38% of that of the Earth. In addition, the atmosphere on Mars is equivalent to about 1% of Earth's atmosphere.

  • What we do with Mars will define what we are.

    I am all for progress of the mankind. And the thing I am sure about is that colonizing Mars will be a clear demonstration that our species is no longer changing. Modus operandi for human societies and civilizations to this day has been expansion, acquisition, consumption and indulgence. Throughout the history this approach to life has resulted in countless conflicts, greed, wars and misery. Space colonization and resource harvesting is simply the continuation of our traditional ways of quenching our thirst for consumption. Resources are not, however, infinite and this strategy will force us to expand further until no more resources are available, or end up in military conflict with each other, or even other civilizations. I think the true progress will be the development of the type of civilization that will be able to more or less sustain itself using the renewable energy sources that are available here, on earth, and will be capable of ensuring the comfortable existence of each of its citizens. Fighting diseases, hunger, corrupt politicians and corporations and discrimination should be our primary objective. Big businesses getting rich off the resources on other planets will simply prolong the nightmare we have been living through for the millennia .

  • Too much money and waste of time.

    Since in order for us to colonize Mars, we're going to have to send people first. If those people go, they would have to have great mental focus since they're going to need to be away from them for so long and they are going to be cramped into a tight space so yah.

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  • Life Imitating the Movies

    Like in the movie Independence Day the aliens go from planet to planet stripping each one of all it's natural resources. Now we are talking about doing that same thing to Mars. It's not about making sure our species survives but about Big Business making money. We are stripping this planet so now lets go strip a planet that is similar and strip that planet of everything of value.

  • No colonizing mars is not a good idea

    The surface of Mars does not offer protection from radiation that the earth's surface shields us from. Some radiations that can reach human body could cause cancer and other diseases. Moreover, low gravity affects our health in a negative way, as it could decrease our bones density and muscles mass.

  • Colonizing mars would be a cool but,

    We should be helping save this planet we currently live on instead leaving it to suffer. Besides if we colonized mars we would have to constantly be in space suits and we if colonized mars we would look out our window and instead of seeing trees, grass, animals we would see dirt and space capsules

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alron says2015-09-29T19:28:49.817
Mars should only be used for scientific research