• Embryonic stem cell research can help a lot of people.

    I do believe there are good uses for it and that it can help a lot of people get better. Embryos can come in many ways and are not functioning children for a little while. I think the benefits out way any negavve people can think of about the reseach.

  • In A Controlled Way

    I believe advancing the medical field is important and I think we have evidence that embryonic stem cell research could potentially treat diseases. For that reason, I feel we should conduct embryonic stem cell research. I know this is controversial and I think it should come with a lot of oversight, but the benefits may be astronomical.

  • In the name of science, yes.

    Yes, as a matter of fact. I don't see any ethical problems with using embryonic stem cell research to treat diseases. I know it gives the pro life people the willies to think about it, but the advantages to studying those cells are enormous. They might even lead to a discovery of other ways to treat disease that rely less on stem cells. Imagine that.

  • Embryonic stem cell research is a worthwhile endeavor.

    The use of embryonic stem cell research will produce more good than ill. However, there do need to be careful protections in place when harvesting this material. Stem cells which are developed by means other than harvesting are ones that should get priority use, but harvesting embryonic stem cells shoudl be carefully monitered.

  • Yes, I think we should conduct embryonc stem cell research to treat diseases.

    Stem cell research has always been a very controversial area but it can be an incredibly useful and helpful branch of science that can save thousands of lives, I fully support the use and future research of Stem cells and Stem cell treatments in general, I think it's to important to let controversy surrounding it kill off this branch of science.

  • Embryo is a person too

    An embryo is a person from the moment of conception. It has a right to be born and should not be terminated so people can take it's cells. I believe that every person has a fate and if the embryo is killed before being born, then that means that it's fate is to die. This is wrong and should never have even started.

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