• Yes cheer leading is a sport.

    Cheer leading takes hard work and sweat. It's hard and hurts. But if your determined you can make something awesome. Some people say it's not a sport but it 100% is. Cheer is amazing and even tough there on the side lines at games they work hard and are determined

  • Cheerleading should be a sport

    Cheerleading should be a sport because of one the hard work and dedication we put in to be a TEAM. We tackle so much. We tackle injuries like other teams. But we use our muscles Flyers are using their abs to hold themselves up and locking out so they can be still up in the air to show how tight they are. Bases are working their butts off by having that top girl or flyer up stabling her foot but we use our legs and our arms to shoot the flyer up in the air and backs they are pulling the flyer up and stabling their legs and if the flyer ends up falling we all can catch them so they won't get a concussion.

  • You think cheer leading is not a sport well your wrong.

    People all ways ask "is cheer leading really a sport?" well i'm going to answer your question. Okay so we know cheer leading meets all athletic requierments. One coach say "all my girls work hard every day and we compete against other competetive teams and get a lot of exersize in" it IS proven that cheer leading is a sport.

  • Yes cheer is a sport

    Is cheerleading a sport? This is a question that has been discussed for many years. The actual definition of a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Cheerleading meets all of those standards. In this essay I will prove how cheerleading is a sport.

    The first thing that it says is that it must involve physical exertion. In other words that means the activity of exerting your muscles to stay fit. In cheerleading you have to use your muscles to lift people up in the air and to do backflips, frontflips, and other types of gymnastic tricks.

  • Yes it is a sport

    Cheerleading is a very physically demanding sport. Cheerleading is second in highest amount of catastrophic injuries. Most schools demand a B average or higher to attend in sports. I don't think they'd be kicking girls off the team if cheer isn't a sport. I don't think schools would be having pep rally's for sports team and allow cheerleaders to be in it.

  • Yes, we should

    If you have ever been to one of these show, you know how crazy they are. Its a combination of dancing and gymnastics. The fact is you have to be in shape or skilled to perform on a competitive level,but I doubt it will ever be considered an olympic sport.

  • There are worse sports

    How is curling considered a sport? Cheerleading is pretty physical with all the running, jumping, and throwing people in the air. They have competitions and are judged on how well they perform. Kind of sounds like Ice skating, except it is not on ice. Might as well make cheerleading a Olympic sport like all the other crazy sports they are coming up with.

  • Yes, it's athletic.

    If curling is an Olympic sport, cheerleading should definitely be a sport. The skills they perform take a lot of physical ability and are not easy to learn. It is my understanding that this is the definition of a sport. It's unlikely that cheerleading will ever compete with football, but it is a sport.

  • Cheerleading should be considered a sport.

    Yes, cheerleading should be viewed as a sport just as much as any other sport. The cheerleaders learn routines and perform tumbling activities, which is not so different from organized gymnastics. People generally don't questions whether gymnastics is a sport, so for that reason, cheerleading should also be considered a sport.

  • Why ljckfblihvb nfeklvnsierl

    CHEER ISNT A SPORT THATS MY EVIDENCE I DONT Think it is the end thank you for your time and don't ask further more questions... CHEER NOT BE SPORT YOU NEED TO GET IT ACEOSS YOUR MINDS, it's not a sport and it's because cheerleaders don't do physical activity and they don't sweat during practis

  • Let me justify my claim.

    I want to first start out by saying that I respect cheerleaders. It is a very difficult task to do all of these acrobatics and I am sure it takes a lot of practice and skill. But, I must say that I believe cheerleading is not a sport. Let me elaborate...DI was asked in a survey by a bunch of girls if I thought cheerleading was a sport. When I told them no they had to take a step back in disgust. They hated me for saying it and wanted an immediate justification. So, i stated:

    When you play a sport, It requires you to use you skill and athleticism to out work or out play your opponent. By doing this, you are to use your knowledge of the sport to your advantage to ultimately outdo your opponent. At the end, the one who does the best is the one with the better score. Now, what I said there may have sounded like all of the characteristics that cheerleading boasts. But that is untrue. Cheerleading requires you to, let's say cheer as loud and as best as possible. With choreography and a little bit of gymnastics, you are able to accumulate a score, now listen, based on the idea of the JUDGES. A real sport is based upon scores you accumulate throughout the competition and you try to do this in the allotted time given. In cheer, yes there is a time limit, but that is to your routine. It is not for ending the game. You win a game after the final buzzer has sounded and you see the difference in the scores. You win, based on your performance with no need for judges opinions. There is no shot clock, no game winners or buzzer beaters in cheerleading leading me to believe that cheerleading is not a sport for this reason. Now that you have had time to digest that let me move on to my next argument. If you think of any sport, any type of sport, you think of the equipment that goes with it. A football, a baseball and a bat, a basketball with a hoop. These are just some examples of equipment pieces used in popular sports. Cheerleading does not require the use of any sort of equipment to perform the activity making it not a sport. You play a sport by using that equipment and the person or team to use that equipment the best is the person or team to win the game or competition. When it comes to jerseys or pompoms there is no argument there. Those pieces are not used to help you win the competition. Look at any sport. They use equipment. On a final note, those cheerleaders I mentioned earlier, for a last ditch effort, tried to tell me that there are injuries in cheerleading just like in any other sport. They told me to explain, so I did. I stated that you know if I were to climb......

  • No, It's dangerous Sport

    I think it is. It requires a lot of energy and strength to be a cheerleader. It's also really dangerous.
    No doubt Cheerleading is a sport!! Cheerleading is one of the toughest sports and is the top sport for injuries! It is physically demanding and takes a lot of commitment and effort, but it is an extra-curricular activity only.

  • Its not a sport

    Its not a sport l l l l l l l ll l l l l l l l l l l l lll l ll l l l l l l l l l l ll l l l l ll l l l ll ll l l l l

  • No it shouldn't

    I think is shouldn't. Bear with me, So when cheerleaders perform. They aren't the ones doing the sport, It's the players. Cheer isn't the sport, They cheer FOR the sport. Cheerleading is not commonly considered a sport because of the inability to compete against an opponent. . . . Statistics show that only 15 percent of the cheerleaders in the United States compete; therefore, Cheerleading should not be considered a sport.

  • Cheer shouldn’t be considered a sport

    Cheerleading should not be considered a sport for many reasons. I do believe cheer can be hard and you practice with a team but there are other factors to a sport than just it’s hard. Many people say cheer is a sport because it is hard but i think a sport requires more than just “Its just as hard as other sports”. Firstly a sport isn’t something that is supposed to be judged. Cheer is an activity that you practice to be judged and it is the judges decision on who wins. There isn’t rules on how to do your routine and it is very confusing because the judge decides who wins and not an official score. Many maitakes could have been made i. The routine but if the judge didn’t see it then your score would still be high. A sport has an official score that can be counted and recorded and not DECIDED. Secondly, cheerleading is hard but just because it is hard doesn’t make it a sport. There are many things in life that are hard but not considered a sport. If you go to the gym for a hard workout would you consider your workout a sport? No. So if you practice and train a routine and condition it can still be called an activity not a sport. Lastly, cheerleaders don’t use equipment to make them better instead they make themselves pretty and dress up in their uniforms to increase their score. This makes it different and difficult to become a sport because you can look beautiful and have a decent routine and the uniforms would increase your score. Other sports would use the actual results of the game/meet or other instead of judging on how they look. In conclusion, this shows how cheerleading shouldn’t be considered be a sport

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