• Yes we should conyinue it

    We should continue earth day because:
    That little bit of shutting off your AC for one day can make a HUGE change in the world sure, it won't save the earth but if everyone does it it just might keep it going for a couple more centuries or less or decades just that little change will make a huge difference

  • My favorite holiday!

    Yes keep it. Its important it encourages activity to help the planet and it brings people together around the most impirtant issue if our time. I think its a really great thing especially since it intriduces children to envionmental problems and how to help in an accessible way. Keep it going people!

  • Planning is so much easier when it is the same day every year.

    Earth Day is not exactly a holiday, so it is okay for it to fall on a different day of the week each year, as long as it is on the same date. That way, people can make plans. Also, a lot of the activities have to do with green workplace initiatives so it's fine to have it on a week day.

  • The earth deserves recognition.

    Yes I believe it is vital to be reminded of earth day as it once again refreshes in many peoples minds, the importance and relevance of our natural surroundings and how carefully we must interact with nature in order to maintain an acceptable living condition without compromise. Nature will only give back to us in proportion as to how we treat it.

  • Earth Day Celebrations Should Continue Forever

    Of course we should continue to celebrate Earth Day. It really isn't too much to ask that we put aside one day each year to honor the planet that gave us life. After all, we wouldn't be here without it. Earth Day is also a great way to educate people concerning how they can help preserve the planet's resources.

  • Earth Day is a diversion and a waste

    Capitalism is killing the world. Global warming is out of control. We are in an epoch of the sixth extinction. More species are being killed-off by human influence than has happened since the extinction of the dinosaurs sixty five million years ago. Earth day creates the fatuous illusion that something is being done to reverse the bankrupt policies of capitalism which are destroying the world.

  • Earth Day should be celebrated every day, not just 22nd April.

    Switching off your air conditioner for one single day is not going to save the earth. We should take action every single day to protect the environment. Every day, switch off your lights when you leave the room. Every day, sort your rubbish and recycle what's recyclable. Every day, buy products produced in green ways. The list goes on.

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