Should we continue to research and experiment with embryonic stem cells?

  • SURE! Religion is outdated! Hasn't saved anyone...but killed MILLIONS! So why do we have to listen to the outdated system?

    Religion is nothing more than a control system, for the mentally weak!
    Totally outdated today, as even today, it kills millions...yet fails to save one life!

    We really shouldn't let something so crucial stop us from saving REAL lives!

    We should consider than each living person is a real person ....whereas embryos are normal cells, like any cell that dies each day.

  • Religion should stay out of science.

    This is the future of the human race, and those who don't support it will soon be picking up stem cells from the pharmacy. I understand that you don't want to kill undeveloped babies, but I don't see why you would want to stop the advancement of the human race. It is fate and WILL happen so your argument is invalid.

  • This could save lives and improve people's living standards!

    I know that there are some ethical issues with this, but people should be able to see past them when told it could save or improve lives! Cells split 1-2-4-8-16 etc. If in between the four and eight cell stage in IVF, the scientists can collect half. One half can become a child and the other could cure Alzheimer's, cure the paralyzed or even more. Think of the technology and things it could cure! People saw the benefit of IVF and abortions, why not this?

  • Stem Cells Can Be Collected Without Destroying Embryos.

    There is a possible way to harvest embryonic stem cell without destroying it. Using en vitro fertilization is the best method to extract the embryonic stem cell. Overall, we should accept the facts and the potential benefits that embryonic stem cell research can do for human beings. It is the future.

  • Stem cell research is good!

    I believe stem cell research is good because just imagine one of your loved ones are dying and you know you can do something about it- what would you do? Would you use stem cells or let him or her die? Also it is not a developed human yet, it is a cell that has not entered the uterus. Stem cell research also holds many possibilities for curing diseases, injuries, and physical disabilities.

  • These are not embryos. They are from in vitro fertilization. These are eggs not embryos. Other things are used as well. Umbilical cord blood is used.

    In addition to extra eggs from vitro fertilization sometimes umbilical cord blood and placenta. In other words the material in the mother that helps the baby grow. Umbilical cord blood is extracted after a healthy baby is born. The mother and baby goes home. Parents don't take the umbilical cord and the placenta home because there is nothing to do with it. Within Cord blood and placenta many cells have been found including embryonic cells.

    Not embryo's, eggs. I am a Stem Cell Research and Treatment Advocate and have been for the last 12 years. A long struggle to finally get this research that has so much promise. Children and adults have waited for this research for a long time. Children have suffered and died waiting for this research. Other medical research has not found cures for any of the suffering debilitating diseases.

    I contacted President Obama to be their voice and the critical stem cell research we need to find the cures. Too many children suffer with Cerebral Palsy and Autism trapping them in their own little bodies. Children with Muscular Dystrophy and other diseases that rob their lives. Adults with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, MS, COPD. etc. President Obama is a great President. He looked at items I sent him and he made the stand to fund and move this research forward. It was a great day. I received emails from the Parkinson's Association, Alzheimer's Association, American Cancer Society, Disabled Children, and others. Every email said"We Won" Thank God for President Obama.
    While many were so happy, a group of hateful people attacked President Obama for doing the best thing he could do for this country. Hope and cures. That is when I found ALEC. ALEC is funded by corporations and they fund Republicans. They are also Anti Choice.

    This research should have began 15 years ago. We only got it to start in 2011 when the Supreme Court upheld President Obama's Executive Order. Finally the research is going on. They are getting good results on many things. All of the diseases including blindness. It will take a while to get clinical trials and get this research validated. At least we are finally going forward and I hope soon children that are robbed of a childhood and suffer. Cures for them.

    I will not let ALEC or someone else take it away. I am a Christian. I care a lot about people and have always tried to help others. I made a Vow to God that I would give all I have to get this research to help his children. I don't have to tell you anything about my Vow with God and why.

    We needed this research earlier. I still receive emails from all of the Associations all with the Subject "We need Cures Now Susan". Before the election all were fearful that Mitt Romney would win so I got all of their anxiety. They were so fearful that this research finally going forward would be outlawed by Mitt Romney. It is not unethical.

    I would like you to spend a lot of time with children that suffer and their parents. Spend time with them. They are more important than an egg. I did spend time with them and their parents. We need the cures and I know all are waiting because of the constant communication from them.

    Susan Pateracki

  • It should be a choice.

    People have a right to choose what they do. The law should not be able to restrict your option. Some people are against it because of religion and some because they see it as dangerous and unethical. I see it as dangerous and a threat to a potential child's life and I don't know if I would do it if I could. That's also not saying that people would want to do it to help science. Some people don't feel bound by their religion or their moral code to not do it so it's not a big deal. It would take away their right as an American to choose. I think it's right to not have any government funded organizations do this as it would drive up our spending which we already have a problem with. However, I think it's ok if people want to seek a private entity for this. It's their choice and I just urge that if they are having this procedure done, they read up very fully and become very informed with the risk reward. Other than that, it is up to them.

  • Stem cell research is important.

    Although embryonic stem cell research is unethical in the sense that it depreciates the possibillity of a new life from forming, it is highly crucial in the field of science today. Several of our tissues are highly complex and delicate, yet crucial to survival. Such tissues include nervous tissue and muscular tissue. Damage to these tissues can severely minimize the quality and meaning of life and so does to this day for millions of people. The destruction of a life which has begun to live is often far more solemn than the destruction of a life which has yet to step into this world.

  • Benefit those needing help

    Stem cell research is beneficial to all those who have physical and internal disadvantages. Think of all those people who have never experienced life to the fullest because of problems that are inflicted upon them not because they did something wrong but because they were born unlucky. We have no control over defects we are born with but we now have the power to help those with currently "incurable" diseases and defects.

  • It will help many people

    Imagine. Imagine you're sitting there, in a hospital, with your child lying in front of you dying from a disease or illness that can be treated by stem cells. What would you do? Would you allow your child to die in front of you knowing that there is something that can be done, yet you don't want it to be done because you think it is morally and ethically wrong? How can you sit there and watch them die because you think it wrong? Stem cells can help so many people across the world if only we had enough people to go and support this cause. We can stop suffering and pain, everywhere!

  • Ofcourse NOT!

    i think we should sop because practically we are killing someone and we are not getting any results since the 1960s, even though we are trying to find a solution its still risky because its not SAFE AND ITS VERY VERY RISKY!!!


  • Human embryos are human

    If we are against experimentation on humans, why is it ok to experiment on human embryos? Embryos are not just cells. From the moment of conception, the embryo has his/her own unique DNA, that's an independent entity that are not owned by the parents! "Unwanted embryos" are human. Whether their parents want them or not, they are human. It's as simple as that.

  • Stem Cells come from embryos which are the origin of human life

    Stem cells are not just clumps of random cells; the full name is EMBRYONIC stem cells. These stem cells come from embyros which are the beginning of human lives. Determining that these human embryos can be aborted (killed) to help further other lives opens up a plethora of ethical dilemmas. Should the elderly (whose lives are going to be over soon, anyway) also be used for research and scientific advancement to help cure diseases and other human maladies/conditions? Their lives are less valuable, just like embryos, aren't they?

    What about the mentally handicapped or those who are retarded? Should their cells be used to help stop diseases and find cures since they can't live their lives to the fullness of most "normal" adults? I say no.

    When people agree to the use of embryonic stem cells, they are choosing one form of human life as more valuable or more worth saving than another. It opens the door for all sorts of other heinous alternatives. Just because human life hasn't YET taken a fully developed form doesn't mean that its potential should be aborted to help support other lives. It's an ethical slippery slope and one that could lead to the destruction of human civilization as we know it.

    We shake our heads at the atrocities committed in German Concentration Camps: scientific experiments conducted on the "racially inferior" and one the mentally handicapped and pregnant women. How is fetal embryonic stem cell research any different? It's a complete disregard and lack of respect for human life.

  • We should not experiment with stem cells as they are taken from foetuses which are human beings too.

    Just because an embryo is not a fully formed baby does not mean it does not have life. The moment a foetus is conceived, it has life and is a human being. Embryonic stem cell researchers have no regard for this life and any such research is immoral, unethical and inhuman.

    Posted by: danoneeno
  • It ends a human life.

    The use of embryonic stem cells for research brings an end to a human life just the same as an abortion, the research can and should be done with other methods to achieve the same end. For example, I know that there are stem cells in adult humans, they should be used instead of embryos because they can be harvested without the death of the donor.

  • What if it?...

    What if that baby was you? That embryo youre murdering has the chance to become a person. Someone who can feel, and see. Someone who can cry and laugh. The world as we know it is very populated. Disease and death is natures way of balancing it out. But the world is no longer balanced because of all the cures we (people) have discovered. The need for stem cells from one person is not reason enough to kill for...

  • Patients body may reject

    The first reason on why I am against stem cell research is because they are derived from embryos that are not the patient’s own, and after surgery the patient’s body may reject it. The reason this is a problem because if the derived embryos are rejected, the doctors will then have to give the patient immenseness drugs. The drugs inhibit or prevent activity in the immune system. If the immune system stops working the patient could die from the common cold, because you’re susceptible to anything. Also the side effects of the drug is that it can, A common side-effect of many immenseness drugs is immunodeficiency, because the majority of them act non-selectively, resulting in increased susceptibility to infections and decreased cancer. There are also other side-effects, such as hypertension, liver and kidney injury. The immenseness drugs also interact with other medicines and affect their metabolism. Therefore I am Against Stem cell research.


    When we use stem cell research, it is practically the same thing as aborting a baby. Those who support this and say that "they're saving its life", they are actually just using it for a different purpose. They may look at it as moral to poke and prod into a human embryo, but the life that came from you is harmed in merely performing research. It is immoral, and wrong, and should be put to an end.

  • We shouldn't experiment with Embryonic stem cells.

    Here's the harm: Deliberately killing someone in order to benefit yourself cannot be excused on the grounds that you were going to kill this person anyway. Suppose I murdered my father in order to get my inheritance sooner. Would a court say, Hey, if I had killed him in some fit or irrational rage that would have been wrong, but if I did it for money, well, it's okay then.

  • Why do we need Embryonic Stem Cell Research?

    Why not use Adult Stem Cells? Or Cord Blood Stem Cells? What results have been given from the time Embryonic Stem Cell research has been going on, the stem cells can be rejected (to prevent this the patient must take drugs for the rest of their life), they have caused side affects and they spontaneously cause tumors!

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