• Save the World

    If God didn't want us to he wouldn't have let us find out how useful they are. So stop listening to those who seek power and control over your life for personal gain and let the scientist do what they do. The benefits maybe great and the worst thing that will occur is god will be debunked.

  • Yes, The Reward Far Outweighs The Risk

    There is no argument about whether or not stem cell research helps cure ailments once thought incurable. That is indisputable. The argument is whether or not it is ethical to use the stem cells from embryos in said research. Whether you believe an embryo is a human life is irrelevant, when a woman donates eggs, a portion of those eggs are discarded. All these scientists do is artificially fertilize the egg and use the stem cells produced when it starts to grow. No potential for human life is eliminated, and the research saves lives.

  • No we shouldn't.

    We totally have to stop researching stem cells, stem cell could lead to cancer. People shoould born naturally. Embryonic stem-cell research is related to abortion, euthanasia and other attacks on innocent life. In the case of embryonic stem cell research, it is impossible to respect both moral principles.To obtain embryonic stem cells, the early embryo has to be destroyed. This means destroying a potential human life.

  • There are alternatives

    There are alternatives available. It was discovered in 2006 that stem cells could be produced from skin cells by 'zapping' them and causing them to become stem cells. The entire ethical debate can be circumvented while still allowing for continued scientific research.

    It's that simple. No ethical dilemma and no wasted opportunities.

  • No, it is morally wrong and is a waste of taxpayer money

    First off, there is a heated moral debate surrounding the use of embryonic stem cells. Many people believe that doing so is destroying potential human life. Second, they have not found very many useful things from stem cell research, and would not expect them to do so in the future either. Therefore, it is just expensive to tax payers simply so scientists can have a job. We should not continue the use of stem cells.

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