Should we continue to watch the movies of actors and directors who have engaged in immoral or illegal behavior?

  • The people who did wrong weren't the only people who made it

    It would be a different story if this were a book or an album, because then they would be one of the only people who made it and would profit from it. But with a movie, hundreds of people have worked on it, including any victims of the person's wrongdoing. Not supporting it would not only be not supporting the person who did the wrongdoing, but everyone else too, including those who didn't know anything about it or were victims. It's a different story if the movie comes off as a bit immoral though, like if the main actor turns out to be a rapist, and then when you re-watch it you realise that the character they're playing is quite predatory. But whatever you decide to do, I'm not going to stop you, this is just what I'd do.

  • An act or trait doesn't define a man.

    Focus on the message not the messenger. Every saint has a past. Every villain has a future. No one is totally bad or completely good. Each act must be treated on a case-by-case basis. We should be careful when we judge. What if we are wrong? We should always give the benefit of doubt.

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