Should we create a new political party in America that would focus on common grounds between the left and the right?

  • Along with a package of other changes

    1. Multiple parties
    2. Restrict the use of the filibuster AND require that any time spent in fillibuster be added upon Congress' work time.
    3. Allow line-item based voting and a line-item veto (there is no constitutional problem as long as both Congress and the president have this right)
    4. Allow a petition within Congress to override any senior officers and put a bill to the floor.
    5. Enable multiple parties with instant run-off voting.
    6. Enable a bill to have "options" for certain aspects of the law that members of congress can vote between with an instant run-off system.

    There are many voters who would love to be able to vote for some issues on the left and some issues on the right, or even be able to vote more for a more left or more right candidate. Instant run off voting would eliminate the fears of a spoiler effect and so express the public's real opinions more accurately.

    The other measures would make it easier to pass legislation quickly. Using instant run-off for line-items in passing a bill would allow the multiple parties to reach a "best fit" compromise between their views. By allowing voting on individual line items pork and shady wheeling and dealing would decrease and politicians would be voting more based on their actual beliefs on a given matter.

    7. Make all campaign finance data available to the public.
    8. Make the recall of candidates including the president a possibility.

  • Two parties = limited choices

    Why don't many American's vote? One reason is that candidates are extreme in their views, which doesn't accurately represent most individuals. This also leads to blind party loyalty, where a person who is registered to vote within a certain political party, doesn't stray from that party. Most democratic countries have multi-party systems. This means that views don't have to be necessarily molded to fit a mainstream view for the sake of casting a net to get votes. Having parties work together to pass legislation could only serve to balance the country better.

  • A major third party would only create more gridlock in American polictics.

    There are some glaring flaws in the current two-party system; but, the establishment of a third party would only serve to weaken the effectiveness of State and National governments. Party-Independents voters often vacillate their support between the two parties. A third party would likely gather up these independents into a voting block which would complicate attempts at political compromise. The result could be a drastic increase of gridlock in the passage of legislation.

  • No, we don't.

    What we need in America is for the Democratic party to move a little bit more to the left and for the Republicans to get out of the far right and back to the center and right. When you have parties situated like that, you do not need 3rd parties or anything else.

  • The current party system tends towards common ground.

    As much as there is focus on partisan divide, Congress has been able to pass laws when they needed to. The recent use of executive action to pass non-controversial measures that both sides would agree to has increased perception of lack of common ground. People need to become more involved in the primaries if they want to change the way Washington works.

  • Not at all

    NO, this would just make things a whole lot worse if you wanted to make a new party to try and fight up against the two sides that we have now. I think that it would end up messing up the whole thing that we have going as it is today.

  • Yes, this would solve a lot of government arguements.

    Having a party that is on both sides would be the best thing for the government. There are many important battles that the Democrats and the Republicans have not been able to overcome, due to the differences that they have. Having a third party who does not have any rancor towards the other, would be able to provide clear insight on issues such as health care and immigration.

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