Should we criminalize people that used sexual offense as a matter of joke?

Asked by: Debatergrim
  • Sexual offense in not a joke

    Someone has been attacked, someone has been offended sexually, example, rape.
    And then they become trauma because of this sexual offense that attacked them. And then the victim tried to close themselves from the society, or even worse, they died because of this kind of thing happened. Is it rational for us to make a joke over them?
    And also, this kind of joke will create a stigma and paradigm among the society that this kind of thing, this sexual offense is justifiable, and this sexual offense is not a big deal if it happened because people can still make a joke over it.
    We should support and motivate the victim of this sexual offense, not mock them after what they got.
    It will harm them more,

  • YES, we ABSOLUTELY should!

    Sexual offense, regardless of gender, is NOT something that's okay to joke about! People who get sexually harassed/abused/assaulted, REGARDLESS of gender, have to carry that horrifying experience with them for the REST of their life! People who go through sexual offense become seriously traumatized by the violent situation! It does not matter what gender you are because sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and sexual assault can happen to ANYONE at ANY TIME! Anyone who actually humorizes sexual offense must be seriously f***** up because this is not something that you can just joke about! So, in my defense, YES, people who joke about sexual offense should be criminalized in some sort of way! And yes, accusing someone of sexual offense still counts as joking about sexual offense because you don't even care about the sh** that the innocent person will go through! You just care about your own personal benefits in the situation! No, I am not accusing anyone of doing this, unless they actually did, in which case, they deserve to spend the rest of their life in prison!

  • It just a joke don't take it to heart

    First of all people put yes WHAT
    secondly when you tell a joke it not going to kill you and when you make it funny it okay look at it this way do you make jokes at animals that did something stupid you should be jailed did you look at someone who dressed weird and laughed jailed it is the same thing so where is it bad when it is rape

    p.S. Everyone i know that is under 30 would be in jail

  • Democracy.Free Society comes with Freedom of Speech.

    No matter how offensive or verbally disturbing, no one should be criminalized for stating their opinion (even if it is offensive). Unless such opinions are inciting actual violence or physical danger to an individual or a particular group, it's important to maintain our democratic principles. We don't live in a totalitarian regime, and therefore, shouldn't even dream of policing ideologies.

  • That is offensive,

    And I want you arrested for asking that.
    Just because you don't like what someone says does not make it criminal. If it was, everyone would be behind bars.
    If a comment or joke is intended to cause criminal action, that may be a different story but just offending someone should not be criminalized.
    What do you call a bus load of republicans/democrats going off a cliff?
    A good start.
    Some may find that joke funny but people of the opposite party or the friends and family of Clyde Angle (a politician who died as a result of his car going off a bridge) may find it offensive. Thing is, the joke was not intended to cause others to kill politicians.
    Some people take some things way too seriously. Some times, the best way to relieve tensions about a topic is to poke fun.
    If you can laugh at a joke that is directed at you, or a group you belong to, it just shows that you don't take the remark seriously. I grew up in a family were we constantly made jokes about each other. It was all meant in fun so nobody took offense. The idea was, if it got you angry, it must be true. If the remarks not true, why take offense?

  • Defend freedom of speech

    Unless a real and not fictitious sex crime is used as part of the 'joke' then it should not be considered criminal. We can talk about whether a person should make such jokes, whether these jokes are crude or in poor taste, but regardless they shouldn't be criminalized.

    The people in the "yes" column need to learn about a thing called "precedent". If the Supreme Court decided that we could criminalize jokes about rape for being too offensive that opens the door to many more free speech restrictions, some of which may lead to you being criminalized for speech you want to express.

    It could set precedent to ban anti-war speech for fear of offending veterans. In fact they did that during WW1.

    Or we might ban speech against social benefits for being anti-poor. Or speech in favor of social benefits for being anti-rich. Justifying a ban on speech based on "it's offensive" sets a precedent that would allow whoever is in office to just censor their opponents' messages. There are many regimes in the world that have formally democratic systems even many legal political parties that contest elections but which are de facto dictatorships because the leader censors his opponents to the extent that they stand no chance of unseating him. If we want democracy then we must have freedom of speech.

    Furthermore, some jokes about sexual offenses done right are actually funny. In Family Guy Peter reads a flyer Meg brings home from a school assembly on "Abstinence" and decides to make an abstinence pledge. Then Lois rapes Peter. You'd have to see the episode to understand but it's hilarious and it serves the purpose of lampooning the "abstinence only" ridiculousness. It's not real life, and anyone with an IQ above that of a goldfish knows it's not endorsing rape (although if the genders had been flipped a lot of extreme feminists would've reacted as though it did).

  • Freedom of Speech

    As bad as jokes like this are, there is this wonderful thing called freedom of speech. The only exception to freedom of speech is if you say something that present a clear and present danger like yelling "Fire!" in a crowded area. Should sexual jokes like this be considered bad? Maybe, if the joke is done in a completely unprofessional way. But taking away part of our freedom of speech is completely unacceptable.

  • We should not criminalize offensive jokes.

    Just because you think that a joke is in really poor taste, doesn't mean it should be illegal. Nobody deserves to be criminally prosecuted for offending others with what they say. We should NOT sacrifice freedom of speech in order to protect people from emotional distress / offense.

    If you don't like rape jokes, you're welcome to excoriate the people who joke about sexual offense.

  • Are you nuts?!

    It's the reason why racial slurs are not illegal yet. Not saying that I support racism, but to criminalize people who make sexual offences as a joke is not only extremely pointless but will take HUGE amounts of time and resources. Already the justice system has trouble and is backed up with hundreds of cases of heinous crime. Why should we waste resources on offensive sexual jokes? Could you imagine the trial of the murder that took someone in your family being put off because some asshole made a rape joke, and that demands a trial? Not to mention your best proof against a sexual joke is a witness, which history has shown that having crimes that can only be proven by the witnesses is a terrible system. It would be Salem witch trials all over again.

    This is absurd, almost to the point of comedy. Regardless of how much sexual offense jokes hurts and creates horrible emotional pain, it's just simply something that you can't criminalize. Not only because it is impossible to track and we simply don't have the time and resources to waste on this, but because it borders Big Brother levels of speech control. Free speech is one of the GREATEST things that separate democracy and a representative republic from a dictatorship.

  • Offence is Taken not given

    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Free speech is the most important part of democracy and we will not survive as a country if it is restricted. To impose this kind of rigid control over speech on any subject will have disastrous consequences for intellectual discussion of the topic.

    Mark Twain once said something along the lines of "Their is no laughter in heaven". Comedy exist to make fun of the crude , evil and stupid tendencies of society. A rape joke, while offensive, is itself not justifying rape.

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