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  • I don't think so,

    The reason that I think that it is not a good idea to criminalize something deemed blasphemous is because most things that are deemed blasphemous can be very subjective to the person who decides what is blasphemous whether it is written in The Bible or not. I also believe in the separation of Church and State for most matters.

  • Church And State Separate

    I do not believe we should make laws to regulate or outlaw something just because some people deem it blasphemous. A blasphemy is directly intertwined with the Christian or Catholic church and the United States agreed to separate church and state long ago. We should not use this as a basis for laws.

  • Blasphemy should be forgiven and forgotten.

    We should not criminalize something deemed blasphemous because it is still protected under free speech. Although blasphemy is not pretty, if we were to criminalize it, we would have more criminal cases in our country than we could ever realistically handle. People should forgive and forget for acts of blasphemy.

  • No, blasphemy is not criminal.

    Blasphemy is a lack of respect toward God or something sacred. Men are the judges of what constitutes blasphemy. Blasphemy to one man may not be to another. The term is too ambiguous and open to personal interpretation. What one man deems religious freedom may be blasphemy in someone else's eyes. It would be wrong to even attempt to define it in order to criminalize it.

  • We should always keep religion out of our justice system.

    If thing that were considered blasphemy were illegal there would be so many people who were charged. It is our right to have freedom of religion. Not everyone believes in God, and that is their choice. We have a right to believe in what ever higher power we want to. A law should not dictate that belief.

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