Should we Criticize People for their actions in the past, Even if they have apologized for it?

  • It depends on the situation

    It truly depends. Someone lying about not brushing their teeth is forgivable but someone lying about being raped/sexually assaulted is not so forgivable.

    Also, If the person has harmed other people (physically or sexually), Or has been violent in any way, Or has abused animals- then they are going to get criticised. Other people have every right to want to avoid them/not want to associate with them.

  • Apologizing or not, It still happend

    Just because someone apologizes, Doesn't mean they won't act that way again, They could be trying to save face. If their intentions are true, We should gradually reduce punishment and scolding, Not drop it all at once. If someone just needs to say sorry to stop people from scolding them, Then it won't mean anything anymore.

  • Actions speak louder than words

    An apology can never ensure someone's behavior will end. Many convicted criminals apologize in court but they only do it to try and get less stricter sentences. We know this because they were never sorry until they were caught. Truth is, People are only sorry when they get flack for their actions. They never truly feel for the people they hurt.

  • Apologies are usless

    Often an apology is not sincere at all, If a person shows through actions too they are sincere then maybe after many years they can be forgiven, But a simple apology proves very little if anything at all, Anyone can mouth the words i'm sorry, It isnt proof they are sorry

  • Yes, Of course

    Yes because if they did it once, What proves they won't do it again. For example, Kevin Hart had homophobic tweets, But even though he apologized for his actions we know he still has a part of him which is homophobic. Hart is a nice man but his tweets are very disgusting and it should not be tolerated.

  • People can change

    If someone has stolen something when they were 25, And gave it back the next day, And regretted it. He is now 45. Should you not give him a job because something he did 20 years ago? No! Furthermore, Even murderers and rapists can change. They're idiots, Yeah, But they can change into good people. There are various cases in which people didn't go back to being a criminal after getting out of prison. This is the stuff idiots like Turkey Tom use to criticize Mr. Enter, Don't focus on a person's past, Focus on who they are NOW.

  • We only have one life

    Yes we all make a fool of ourselves at some point, That can be
    something minor or a bit more serious.
    One thing is an action being done and another is learning/move on from the mistake that may involve guilt.
    We only life once and all I'm saying is that even if a person sins it aint nice if others like to remind a person of their past actions.

    I am not taking into account rape, Murder, Torture etc

  • Unless your jimmy saville

    As long as you support apology with action and not just a orchestrated attempt at redemption. Again unless your saville or rolf harris in which case nah go fuck yourself some things are unredeemable i think. But ignoring extremes apologising then actually changing behaviour is a respectable and probably hard thing to do.

  • No, As long as their actions in the present reflect the apology.

    We are always growing as human beings. We make mistakes and we learn from them. An apology alone isn't enough to fix a wrongdoing. You need to show that you have learned from your past mistakes by changing your behavior/actions. If actions in the present reflect real change, Then forgiveness can be earned.

  • Concerning the matter of forgiveness.

    If you have truly forgiven someone, You will not hold them accountable for their previous wrongdoings. If you criticize someone for their previous failures, Even if they apologized, Then you have failed yourself. Forgive, Move on, Buy a puppy, And live happily ever freaking after. No really buy a dog it'll solve all your problems.

  • Bird takes risks when they learn to fly

    If someone apologises, It tells the other person who criticised him/her that he has fully understood what's wrong. If he/she does the wrong thing again, There is no point nagging them until they get it right, Because now they would rely on your criticism to get things right. Dependence on someone is dangerous, Because if that person is long gone, The ones who is dependent on him/her will struggle a lot, Especially in society. Kids should learn how to be independent since they are young, Not live on other's people criticism, Because sometimes people in the real world can be mean to them. And that hurts their feelings and hurts mine too.

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