• The "Fine" Arts support oppression against women.

    If we continue to carry the "Fine" Arts program, we are objectifying women and children as "Fine". If schools continue to objectify women, is equality actually existent? The "Fine" Arts programs make our country worse than that of the vacuum of space. If we are to allow this to continue in schools, we should make a new country on the Moon. My proposal is to make an all gender nation (Excluding men) called, New Individual Girls Generating Equality Radically. Let's make it happen.

  • Taking Away From Important Classes.

    Yes, we should cut fine arts in schools because it is a large distraction in a student's educational carrier. Most fine art classes do not include extra practice for core (math, science, english) classes. There for, yes we should cut fine arts from schools across our educationally talented and great nation

  • Ridiculous waste of a credit

    I don't understand the purpose of having a fine arts credit being required because quite frankly they neither teach you life skills or even skills needed for the entertainment industry. I was once a member of school theater and was so fed up with it's incessant ridiculousness that I opted out of it. Since I have to graduate with 1 fine art credit I've chosen Art History which a few months ago I would've laughed at how unlike me that sounds. If you want to do fine arts that's fine, and many public schools even offer clubs for various fine arts anyways.

  • Art isn't a required skill

    If kids want to take an art class they can go somewhere else but school. School is where children are taught math, science, and English.
    Art costs a lot which leaves less money for actual subjects.
    I also think some sports should be cut, for the same reason. Its just entertainment, unless they all become Lebron James' and (enter famous football player name here) its unnecessary as well. You may hate me because I am home schooled

  • I'm only 14...

    And I think fine arts are very important. I may not be that great at drawing and I may not be a good musician, but I do drama and it helps me with my acting, of course, and it helps me know how and how a director (which is what I am training to be when I graduate) gets think done, since we are supplied a great director it makes things fun and enjoyable. Fine arts are also very cheap when it comes to things like drama or dancing.

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  • We should not cut the fine arts.

    Having the fine arts as a student helped me be able to more easily get a grasp of what I was learning in my core classes. Choir taught me stuff like rhythm and tempos which helped with math, Singing in other languages helped with what it sounds like, And I learned new terms and poems which helped with english. Painting and theater helped me with history and science depending on what paint I had to mix or what time period the play took place in which also helped with english. I've come so far thanks to them and I want others to be able to do the same.

  • Waste O' Time

    A lot of kids have very tight schedules and don’t have the time or the money to do these programs. Students are more interested in other programs like sports and clubs (that do not include fine arts). Many students are not joining these programs because they are not seen as the most obvious money-maker.

  • We need the arts in our life

    Students who study art are 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement and 3 times more likely to be awarded for school attendance. Multiple studies have concluded that curricular and extracurricular art studies and activities help keep high-risk dropout students in school. Arts helps us learn better.

  • We should not cut fine arts from schools.

    Did you know that studies have shown that fine arts help you to succeed? What about the fact that playing an instrument and learning to read music help you learn quicker? Drawing and learning the skills of art allow you to open new areas of your mind? All of these arts allow you to do well in other topics like language, English, math, and reading in general.

  • Art is not only a wonderful career path, it can be an outlet for stress for students.

    I graduated from high school in the spring of 2015 so some may discount what I have to say. However, I believe my experience is relevant. Through four years of high school I continually had English, Math and Sciences that were at least one year ahead and my primary outlet for stress was my involvement in the music department. The more time I spent trying to improve my musical performance I felt justified and capable of improving my abilities in core classes. Another reason I valued the arts departments is I was not just a test score but a person trying to express myself.

  • Music is life

    I think that we should not cut it. I am a violinists and I love it and I am also a singer. If we cut fine arts in school a lot of people would be disappointed. Throughout the day I get tired when im in my daily classes but when I get to my orchestra or choir class im awake and alive. So no I don't think that we should cut it.

  • Fine Arts helps students in all aspects of education.

    In difficult economic times, fines arts funding gets cut because it isn’t seen as important as core classes (i.E. Sciences, maths, etc.) or physical education, despite proven advantages and effects it has. “Low-income students who had arts-rich experiences in high schools were more than three times as likely to earn a B.A. As low-income students without those experiences. . . . Low-income high school students who earned few or no arts credits were five times more likely not to graduate from high school than low-income students who earned many arts credits.” Not only that, but research has also shown that arts education helps improve standardized test scores. A study done by The College Board, a nonprofit association that works to make sure all students in the American educational system are college-ready, found that students who take four years of arts and music classes while in high school score 91 points better on their SAT exams than students who took only a half year or less (scores averaged 1070 among students in arts educations compared to 979 for students without arts education.)

    Hawkins, Tyleah. "Will Less Art and Music in the Classroom Really Help Students Soar Academically?" Washington Post. The Washington Post, 28 Dec. 2012. Web. 18 Nov. 2015.

  • No, I need my fine arts.

    I am a high school student and fine arts classes are the only reason I'm still sane. Not only that, but those classes have helped me in my common core classes by helping me think more critically and from different points of view. Singing makes me happy and helps me handle my ADD, dancing helps me clear my mind and think about what's important, acting helps me think about how others think, and creating art helps me think ahead and express myself. I would have never met the majority of my close friends had it not been for the fine arts, I'm not a very social person, but the fine arts help me get out of my comfort zone and they help me communicate my thoughts.

  • We Need Fine Arts!!

    Fine arts are very beneficial to students. Programs like art, chorus, band, and drama allow students to make connections, get out of their comfort zone, and express themselves. Along with social and growth benefits, fine arts also is proven to improve academic performance. Students that participate in fine arts are three times more likely to be recongnized for academic excellence and also more likely to get a higher degree in college.

  • Art Matters !

    Fine Art is currently being bashed in the current day, and I think we need to stand up for it more than ever. There are countless good and sturdy reports and studies on the positive effects of Art in ones life, including, better cognitive abilities, better mental health, a clearer outlook on the world, not to mention the benefits of creativity in todays economy. For some students it gives them a place to be themselves and feel safe. We don't need to cut it completely out, we need to revamp it, and the only way to do that is to support the current Art teachers coming out of University and Colleges, because they are the people who are passionate about the real causes and meaning of art.

  • They open students's minds to a world of creativity

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  • Uh hell no...

    I am in high school and through the fine arts i have found the freedom that i have always wanted. I draw, read, write, and play instruments and they give me the freedom to express myself.
    Fine Arts teach skills that, while could easily be learned in a classroom, are focused on more directly. Art classes, orchestra, band, whatever it may be that one could be interested in are important. The Arts are an outlet of the soul.

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