Should we decrease the funding for space research and increase funding to fight world starvation?

Asked by: Mr.Moves3
  • Help the people in our planet.

    We are spending millions of money to learn things about outer space that most of us doesn't even care about. Extraterrestrials doesn't even care about us so why bother finding out things outside our planet. There are thousands of people dying from starvation and we choose to use the money on space researches than helping people? Society doesn't even know about what astronauts and scientists have exactly found from the missions they made. We already have too much problems here in our planet, why worry about somewhere else? What would be the reason and the results of the findings anyway? Let's say for example that there are water on moon, so what? It's very pointless. But what if they used that money to enhance and pay for the water suppliers for/in Africa? Let's help our own planet first, before worrying about other things that we would not even need in our daily life.

  • World Hunger is not a financial issue.

    I have often argued, as an atheist, that people should stop praying for the children of Africa and actually do something about it. While this makes sense when first read, there is the fact that there are hundreds if not thousands of organisations used to help end world hunger. Billions of dollars of aid are given to these countries, enough to end the world hunger. While we will someday reach the point where the amount of food needed is greater than the amount of food we can provide, we have yet to get to that terrible day.

    Now, if it is not a financial issue, then why do we still have children starving and dying? The answer is the simplest, most deplorable of them all: Politics.

    In these regions where children are starving, you also see child soldiers, huge amounts of lawlessness, and in some cases, Genocide. It is the leaders of these countries, the leaders of these tribes of Africa, that cause hunger. The constant wars, corruption, and tyranny is what causes world hunger. We see that in North Korea, where the U.N. Sends tons of food via China, but the people still starve! Communism, war, and corruption are the real causes, not money.

    How can we fix this?

    All you have to do is end the lawlessness, tyranny, and corruption. Maybe if we gave the U.N. Some teeth and the security council would get off their asses and start worrying about the rest of the world, we could end the poverty of Africa. Until such time, we should use what little money NASA and similar programs are given to explore the stars and hell, maybe they'll invent space travel and find an alternate planet to live on for when we destroy this one!

  • Yes and no

    I'm all for helping feed the hungry, but government programs aren't the way: individuals who care are. Even if we did want government interference, we could reduce something else such as Medicaid or Social Security. I like these programs, but we shouldn't spend tons of money on these programs when we can't pay our current debt.

  • Absolutely NO that's absurd!

    Without NASA there wouldn't have existed enhanced pacemakers, and that is just one of thousands of examples that make our lives better. It is absolutely a terrible idea to cut budget for space science. If I ruled the world, increased funding for ESA and NASA would be my top priority. I would get the extra funding money from increased taxes on people with extremely high income.

  • We need our Astronomers

    No because if we do that then we wont have as many astronomers to study space and its many secrets. So if we get rid of most of the astronomers then what can they work as. We would also have to throw away most of our astronauts which is a stupid idea.

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