• Elitism simply means you are educated.

    Elitism is one of those words that was never objectionable until Republicans with class envy made it so. They don't understand your world, even though you never asked them to try, and it makes them angry. When someone calls you elite, it really means "you use words I don't understand, and I am jealous of your education and social standing."

  • No, not popular to defend elitism

    It’s not popular to defend elitism because elitism itself is under a
    similar attack. The herd would love to consider themselves elitists, but
    in the time-honored tradition of morons everywhere, they get it wrong.
    To them, elitism means finding the most obscure band possible and
    browbeating the rest of us for not knowing about it

  • Elitism Promotes Inequality

    I do not believe elitism should be promoted. I think elitism is a major problem within the populations of America and I would have to assume it is the same in other parts of the world. It is very easy to find people who feel they are elite and I really think this is a dangerous notion. I also believe elitism promotes inequality and that is another major problem within the US.

  • No, America was ment to be a land of equal people.

    In the America that I grew up in everyone was equal, we did not send the Blacks, Mexicans, or Jews, to other schools, we allowed them to go to school with our own kids, to me that made the world a very equal place for everyone in the country that we live in.

  • Elitism should not be defended

    It is my opinion that Elitism should not be defended because it is a negative social trait that creates discord between those that consider themselves elite, and the general public. People who favor elitism are more likely to cause social issues than people who are more humble and not elitist.

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