Should we deploy the U.S. Army to the U.S./Mexico border to stop mass illegal immigration?

Asked by: DavidMGold
  • Not to Deploy The Army is Racist

    If the U S leaves the Southern border open and does not simultaneously open the coast lines and Canada it is a discriminatory practice. Why would we keep all others out and allow Southern borders in? One reason: racism. Open them all or close them all. That is the fairest thing do do. However to do that would be national suicide just like the southern border slw bleed.

  • Secure the border now

    We need to secure our border because of international threats to our country. After it is secured, for a year, maybe two. We can pass laws to allow Mexican and Central American people to come here to work. Charge them a slightly higher income tax than US citizens, say 2 or 3 percent. It would help our deficits, force companies to pay them and their income taxes, or be in violation of tax law. No more under the table, fake ID's etc... They would be able to apply for U S citizenship after they have met the qualifications. It would be a win win situation.

  • Clearly we have a crisis..

    Americans should not have to demand that the Government fulfill it's constitutional obligation to protect and defend our borders against such a massive flow of people entering illegal as to constitute an invasion of our country. We should insist on the rule of law and the enforcement of our laws rather than accept politicians overriding the overwhelming majority of it's citizens pleas in a purely opportunistic ploy to gain both cheap laborers and votes. Even a modest estimate would put their cost to U.S. taxpayers at $113 billion a year. The reason we have a crisis is because the federal government has poorly enforced or willfully refused to enforce our laws or in the case of Obama's administration directly sold enticed it with advertisements that no immigration check is done for welfare benefits.

  • Deploy the National Guard to the Southern Border with Mexico

    The primary objective of the US military is to ensure the security of US Border. Our military secures the border of South Korea, and Poland, why not our own? Disagree? Then walk your talk and inspire us by removing your front door from its hinges as an act of "activism" to inspire us all with your dedication. After all your against secure borders.

  • It MUST be done if not just because of terrorism

    Not using every tool we have to stop a nuke or dirty bomb from coming across is retarded. It is like leaving your front door open in Chicago at night...You are going to die. The Mexicans and South Americans will never fix their own country ,if they get a free ride here. The Military would allow the border guards to do their job better. Also taking away the business license of anyone employing illegals would stop them from wanting to come....No jobs ....No reason.

  • Oh yeah lets kill poor children looking for a life.

    If we did this wed end thousands of lives. Our friends are probably looking at us disgusted. I think we should further worsen our reputation as a brutal, militaristic, racist police state. Were rotten but better than the latin american regimes, whom the "illegal" immigrants. All they ask for is a dump like america and we refuse it to them. This is what makes america great. Mrkelley you racist.

  • I think yes

    USA has right to defend its borders in case of anything without any explanation to protect its citizens against anything. Countries are established to protect its citizens. Not a foreigner or immigrant. To make US safer , the government should take action against illegal immigrancy for safety and better govermental services. And i think USA should not get the lower part. Should get people who can make something. Create some points to USA.

  • Make Hitler Proud.

    For a country that was built on immigration, people sure are opposed to it. The only reason we have the privilege of deciding who stays and who goes is because we slaughtered thousands of the Indigenous population to get here.

    The solution is regulation, something that few right wingers talk about. We need to get them in the system. The jobs they are "stealing" are jobs most people don't want to have. These are regular folks trying to make something of themselves, just like most non-indigenous North Americans ancestors did.

    Everybody talks about the costs of having these people around, as if we don't have the same costs, and nobody talks about the benefits. I read somewhere that if all the illegal immigrants left, food prices would triple.

    A legacy of bee ess, if you ask me.

  • The military and violence is NOT always the solution.

    We do not have a crisis. There were more illegals from Mexico coming to the USA during Ronald Reagan's era than Obama's; nearly twice as much. Obama's administration has deported MORE illegals than Bush ever did in 8 years and more than any president ever has in USA history and Obama hasn't even finished all his 2nd term. The idea we're having a crisis is, once again, an exaggeration and fear mongering by the right wing inhuman fascists. We don't have a crisis of immigrants, the border obviously didn't work because all the years Bush was president the illegals increasing rose and the level of absurdity to suggest that we need a militarized intervention is pathetic and ignorant. One minuet right wingers complain about the federal government being too big then they want a giant military to control everything. Maybe Rick Perry should man up and protect his state's border instead of being a hypocrite complaining about the 'evils' of big government invading state rights then crying like giant baby over a nonexistent border crisis.


  • What Threat Does a Group of Children Pose to the most heavily armed Country in the World?

    Look. People say that we have a crisis. We don't. Most of the illegal immigrants are children. Fleeing from tyrannical regimes in South America. They have a right to live a life and pursue happiness as we do.
    Even if there were too many people coming in, they actually fill in jobs we don't like to do, like meatpacking in Texas.
    Also, why do we need an army to detain children???

  • Why is this even a thing?

    We're a country whose very reason of existence was so the best minds of other countries could come to a single place and innovate. Last time I checked, we (seemingly) aren't Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy. Stuff like that belongs in the past. Not to mention the absolutely enormous waste of money and effort that would be. It's pointless. People who want to do harm would just find another way into the country.

  • There are easier ways of solving problems

    Sure, people feel very strongly about illegal immigration. But deploying the army is completely wrong! Around the world, Americans are viewed as unintelligent and brash, a stereotype which would only be supported by deploying troops on the border. Economic sanctions would follow such an act, causing major economic problems. Especially since so much the products we use is made in Mexico. Overall, this is a horrible idea that only the likes of Donald Trump should support. Sincerely, a Canadian.

  • The US army being deployed along the Mexican-American is a bad idea.

    First of all, why the army? If you really wanted to halt illegal immigration and drug trafficking, wouldn't you just expand the current border patrol? Second, what would the army do? I personally assume that the army's advanced weaponry would be utilized, which would use even more money than the famously inefficient border patrol.

  • Oi this country...

    Come on, the U.S. Army!?!? Like the us hasn't gotten any bigger problems right now( ISIS, Ukriane). Us Americans need to get our heads out of our asses, these people are poor and can't afford citizenship. They thing this country is amazing and want to leave tyrants and drug lords to go to a better life, and we're like "F*** off!!"

  • There is a much simpler way to do it, if the US government wants to

    If the US government really wanted to stop illegal immigration, all they have to do is implement a law called the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO. That law sets serious financial penalties for those who hire illegal immigrants, with persistent hiring of illegals even after fines resulting in Federal prison time for them and even possibly against the owners of said companies, even if they had nothing to do with actually hiring illegals.

    You start enforcing that law, companies will start checking who they hire a lot more closely. It will become nearly impossible for illegal immigrants to find work. Illegal immigration will drop fast, and the ones who are already in the US will go home in droves.

    The truth is, the US government doesn't want to stop illegal immigration. The millions of illegal workers provide a low-wage labor pool, willing to work hard and for less than Americans would, and often do the dirty jobs that Americans mostly don't want to do. The US government doesn't want to deal with the economic fallout of letting go of that cheap labor pool, so it does nothing. But if the US government ever decides it doesn't need illegal immigrants any more, it doesn't have to militarily fortify the border, all it has to do is activate existing legislation and that will be that.

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-09-07T12:01:28.513
Before Debating this sort of NONSENSE any longer, check out their Budget Problems!
The so-called "U.S. Government" apparently has a budget of maybe $4 Trillion, & Going Down.
They have an OFFICIAL Debt of over $17.6 Trillion, & Going Up.
Experts, such as Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff of
Boston University, claim that, because of their MASSIVE amounts
of Unfunded & Off-Budget Liabilities & Obligations, their ACTUAL Debt/ Fiscal Gap
is over $235 Trillion, & Going Up.
They have virtually ZERO $ for anything whatsoever.
Politicians all over the world are having SEVERE $ Problems.
DavidMGold says2014-09-07T17:12:32.970
I agree; perhaps we can remove the 50,000 or more U.S. soldiers and close down our military bases in Europe that have led Europeans to abandon their military priorities and fattening their social welfare. I would suggest this in countries like South Korea as well.
Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-09-07T17:44:22.047
For DMG:
You've misunderstood what I wrote.
You should go back & read & study it.
"We" don't have any soldiers , bases, etc.
"They" can't afford such things.
THEY are not only BANKRUPT but Head- Over- Heels In Debt & Operating Way In The Red,
There aren't any "military priorities" .
As I stated, politicians all over the world are having TERRIBLE Budget Problems.
turtletycoon7 says2014-09-08T02:42:33.737
Yes. Other countries don't use military because they want to use their money on other things. They don't focus on military because they can't afford it.
Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-09-08T12:00:46.730
For T:
Please don't refer to Gangs of Crazy, Stupid, Lying, Thieving, Parasitic, Crooks as Countries.
Please don't refer to $ STOLEN FROM the taxpayers, etc. , which, of course, BELONGS TO the taxpayers, as politicians' $.