• Beaners aren't real Americans.

    We need to deport the beaners back to Mexico. They have dangerous drugs that they can smuggle all over the country and give YOUNG CHILDREN serious illnesses. The real americans are Black people, White people, Native people and Asian people, Beaners are subhumans. So yes Trump, Please either genocide the beaners or deport them back to Mexico.

  • No? Y'all stupid.

    If they're Mexican Americans they're legal citizens of the United States. Therefore they can't be deported anyway. And even then, We shouldn't deport anyone. Anyone who comes to the United States is just looking for a better life away from war and other things. It's ignorant as f**k to think about deporting people who just want a better life for themselves or their family.

  • That's messed up.

    The majority of Americans are descended from European immigrants. So technically, If you want to deport all Mexicans, You should do the same for European Americans, African Americans, And any other Americans save the Indian Americans. Why would you pick on Mexicans? Sure, Some cross the border illegally (mainly to escape the drug war), But most Mexican immigrants are totally legal and there would be no reason tho deport all of them based on a minority who may or may not own drugs. That's like culling everyone in the Netherlands because weed is legal in bars in Amsterdam. That's pretty fucked up.

  • It is just natural selection

    They have more children they steal jobs and they can live in poorer conditions that white people.
    They work more hours than white people and they already are mixing with other people.
    Its more common for white people to even have Mexican last names. Like Hernandez or Nunes.
    And for all the talk of Mexican bringing drugs white people consume the most drugs at off all Americans. They break their arms just to get some pain pills.
    Face it white people no longer have the advantage they did 300 years ago. They are losing without a single bullet fired by the Mexicans.
    And even trump your hero needs Mexican labor. It will never happen and by 2040 whites americans will no longer be the majority.
    So enjoy not even having a college degree son.

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