Should we destroy the sun to stop global warming?

  • Yes we need to

    I think we need to because the sun is making earth way to hot, If we remove the sun the earth will cool down removing global warming. Global warming is very bad because it kills animals and more so we need to remove the sun from existence. OR we can throw water at the sun cooling it down because when you throw something cold on something hot the hot thing cools down

  • It's the only way

    Let's face it, Humans are enormous assholes and will never voluntarily reduce their CO2 emissions. It will be much easier just to get rid of the sun. Problem solved! Some may worry about how the plants will grow without sunlight, But it's actually simple. We just provide artificial light powered by geothermal energy. This is a no-brainer.

  • Yes we should

    If the earth reaches a certain point where it’s super hot then we can destroy the sun and keep whatever is warming the earth up that way we don’t have to rely on the sun anymore for warmth and we don’t have to worry about global warming because we eliminated another source of heat, Our only problem will be light. But at least nobody will have to convert to solar!

  • No you morons! We will get plunged into an infinite Snowball Earth!

    Destroying the sun is definitely not a good way to stop global warming. All the heat on earth right now would A: stay on Earth because there already is too much CO2 or B: go away and plunge the temperature on Earth.
    Although Geothermal heat will stay active, It won't be long until the core cools down and the Earth becomes uninhabitable. Forever.
    Destroying the Sun is not only absurd, But very hard to do as well.

  • We need the Sun

    The sun is best source of Vitamin D and it also more importnant. The earht will loose light in 8 mins. Electricy will be out. We will died to stravations and animals as well as us humans. Our bones will be easier to break. There is barely any food. There will be all night and zero-day. Freezing temperauture. That people will started to died. You will died destory the sun as Mercury and even earth as posiblity. The plants will died and that means animals who eat plants will died. Those animals who eat the other animals who eat plants will died. The scavenger and other bacterial infromations will eventally died of due to freeze death.

  • If we want to freeze

    Well this is a dumb idea. First i doubt we ever could "destroy the sun" as its huge, But lets imagine it were possible.
    OK, It would DEFINATELY cure global warming, And pretty quickly too! But aside from the whole planet going dark, It will get VERY cold since we will have no source of heat. Within years, The planet will freeze over and all plants and animals will die. Eventually, Even the atmosphere will freeze solid and the temp will drop to below -260c! SBut, I guess on the positive it would solve global warming. . . . . .

  • No, Absolutely not.

    And i would like to see you try.

    I assure you, Your tactic, Even if successful, Would serve to do nothing but rub salt into the gaping wounds of our earth.

    It's like blaming the mere existence of water for those perilous event like floods and tsunamis which transpire, And seeking the thorough annihilation of this substance just to render the living world safe of such occurrences.

  • No sun = no life on Earth.

    And also, That's not how global warming works. Global warming works because you have greenhouse gases - gases that are able to trap radiation of a lower wavelength and retain it in the atmosphere, Hence increasing atmospheric temperatures. If you destroy the sun (assuming that it was even possible), You would destroy all life on Earth because the sun is the ultimate source of energy in many societies and ecosystems around the world.

  • Come on, Seriously?

    You do realize that global warming is completely normal and expected, Right? Technically, We are in an ice age right now because, By definition, An ice age is when there is ice found naturally at the poles. Also, How do you plan on destroying the sun? You can't even get close to it. If we destroy the sun, The earth shriveled up and freezes. All life dies. Oh yeah, And without the sun as the center of gravity, There is nothing to keep the earth the entire solar system would probably explode or something.

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Critikos says2021-03-18T08:22:03.547
I'd be worried if this wasn't satire

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