Should we develop a paper alternative that doesn't use trees?

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  • Following the logical and technological...

    Progression, yes. Nowadays all media has been shifting toward digital displays. In the future, I believe all communications will take place telepathically via microchips or cyborg technology in our brains. Information will be able to be immediately accessed from the cloud by simple thought processes. Even phone calls will be conducted in your brain! Of course this is assuming that we aren't all annihilated by warring religious psychopaths within the next few centuries.

  • Yes, we should.

    Because it will save forests and the animals habitats, and it will cause less pollution and climate change to the world also we need trees to survive because we use it to breath and for foods like fruit and farming. Also because it would make our world a little cleaner with a little mess.

  • Yup. We can convey our appreciation for trees by adopting some alternative paper source.

    I think this would be a wise decision. Trees already provide us with wood for building and construction material, and they provide us with oxygen. I think we can convey our appreciation for trees by adopting some alternative source for paper. Trees already provide us with so much - let's not overburden them.

  • Yes, we should.

    Possible alternatives to paper can be made out of cloth (similar to money "paper") or a plastic-based substance made from recycled water bottles.

    Scientists should continue to make new materials and technology that can make paper a thing of the past, such as paper substitutes, or perhaps simply switching to e-ink, paperless packaging, bidets, etc. To eliminate paper..

  • There is no reason not to

    We as people are much more innovative than we are acting with paper. Hemp and bamboo are already very reliable ways to create practical replicas to tree based paper. These sources are faster growing and produce more fibre than trees. For example bamboo can grow up to 4-5 times faster than any tree.

  • Save a tree and make paper from Hemp.

    Trees produce most of the oxygen in the world. Without tress the world would be full of Carbon dioxide The water would be acid and all animal life will just fade away. There will be no more green mountains and blue waters. So why kill what is keeping us alive?

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